Top 5 dresses that go with sneakers in Nigeria and what you must know about them

In today’s article, we will take a look at the top 5 dresses that go with sneakers in Nigeria and what you must know about them.

Sometimes, you might get confused when it comes to choosing a casual dress to pair with your sneakers. Even some people get it all wrong when it comes to pairing the right color of sneakers and dress together.

If you are in this category of people, don’t worry, you are not on the ship alone and all you have to do for me is, get something to munch on as this will be a very interesting journey.

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Let us keep it simple by breaking every part down. Are you ready? Now let us delve in.

Ladies clothes that go with sneakers

 1. Maxi dress (red)

You got to try this combo out. The red maxi dress is an awesome piece of cloth and all you have to do is to find the perfect piece and the perfect fit. Then get a white or white and black sneaker to pair it with.

And if you want to give it a finishing touch that will drive your outfit to a notch, go for a white and black stripe hat and a black bag.

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Honestly, I do envy ladies that dress this way as it is a sexy, cool, and noticeable casual vibe.

Things to consider before wearing a maxi dress

Generally, the red maxi dress is a go for every lady. But some people complain that it is too bright while some feel like it does not have a good fitting on them.

So before you go for this dress/combo put some things into consideration.

1.Your skin tone

I have seen ladies with a dark skin tone that despise this particular dress.

I was opportune to go to a big birthday party and I overheard the celebrant say that“I have a dark skin tone and maxi red dress will make me look like a cultist, so I would prefer a fit and flare. Well, we all have a choice and it is good to know which dress is good and bad for us.

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If red does not soothe your skin tone and personality, why not try blue and see how it works.

2.Body shape

Do you know what is interesting about this part? It is that maxi dress fits almost every type of body shape.

Be it a rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, pear shape, and cone shape.

But, this dress fits ladies with hourglass shape most. I wrote an article on how to identify, dress, and enhance your body shape. 


It does not mean that the maxi dress does not fit every possible height; it does fit all, ranging from short, medium, and tall. But, it fits well on medium height and tall people. That is why I said earlier, in this post that it is good to know which dress fits well and those that do not fit too well.

I will advise that you rock a dress that has a perfect fit.

Advantages of wearing a maxi dress

Who does not want to hear the good part of anything? Nobody if I guess right. Without much ado, let us quickly take a glance at the advantages of wearing a maxi dress.

A.Maxi dress can act as good scar coverage on the leg.

Ladies are not used to having scars on the general body, but what of those that have gotten scars on their legs accidentally?

Now you get my point. Maxi dress generally can be used to cover scars on the leg.

B. Hide hair on the leg

Funny, isn’t it? Having a hairy leg or skin is not a bad thing, it could be due to hereditary or just the nature of a being. But it’s cool as a lady to shave the hair on the leg. If you don’t have time to shave, you should go for a maxi dress. Maxi dress will hide the hair on the legs.

C.Serves as a haven for pregnant women

You see, the maxi dress is a great piece of cloth for pregnant women. It can be worn comfortably without having to go through a lot of stress because it’s a one-piece type of cloth.

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Every pregnant woman wants dresses that will give comfort, clothes that won’t be heavy on the body and that is the reason why I will always recommend a maxi dress. Maxi dress gives comfort.

D.Good for all types of outing

Interesting, isn’t it? Maxi’s dress can be worn to almost every type of occasion, be it parties, meetings, church, and office.

 All you have to do is add your fashion accessories to give it a befitting fashion statement. I will advise you to put the type of occasion into consideration so as not to overdo anything.

E. Easy to wear

The Maxi dress is very easy to wear without having to go through the stress that all you have to do is to slip it on just as you will slip your gown on without burning out.

F.Maxi dresses can be paired with almost any type of footwear.

Ranging from sneakers to sandals, flip flops, and mules. It all depends on the color and style of your footwear.

As you can see, the maxi dress is a very good and interesting piece. You just have to find the right color, right fit, and the right sneakers to pair with. White and black sneakers fit almost every type and color of cloth.

All you have to do is to go for the color of your choice.

2. Tiered dress

Cool and ladylike. I so much like the tiered dress because of how it oozes elegance and confidence. You can go for any color and style that fits your personality.

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I like blue and short-tiered dresses paired with white and black sneakers. You can pair your tiered dress with sneakers especially the white type, light pink sneakers, and black.

But do not forget to wear a short underneath before you wear your short tiered dress.

And the most interesting part is that this cloth fits almost all types of body shape that what you have to do is to look out for the perfect color and not necessarily a blue tiered dress. But I like blue.

I use blue because it is my favorite color for a short-tiered dress. You can try pink, black, ash, and so on, just make sure that it fits and suit your body shape.

Advantages of Tiered dress

 1.It can be paired with any type of footwear

You can pair your tiered dress with, loafers, mules, wedge, sandals, flats, heels, and of course sneakers. All that matters is the style and type of your tiered dress.

2.The tiered dress can be worn to a formal occasion

Yes, you can wear your tiered dress for different occasions ranging from casual outings like a get-together party with friends or colleagues, weddings, and even formal occasions like offices. If you want to wear a tiered dress for a more formal occasion, choose the perfect length and style for such an occasion.

3.The tiered dress is made for every age

This is one of the reasons I like the tiered dress. It has a different type of style and pattern for different age categories. All you have to do is to find the perfect one for your body shape and personality.

If you are the type with many curves, I would suggest that you opt for a streamlined version of the tiered dress as it will make you sleeker and more elegant.

You can also try rounded pleats that will go straight on the body to bring out your curvy shape.

If you want to know more about the tiered dress, how to choose a tiered dress for your age and the best style. 

Disadvantages of tiered dress

As there are good sides to things, so there are negative sides too. But tiered dress does not have a serious or much negative side as it only depends on the type of tiered dress you buy or wear.

  • If you buy a tiered dress with a lot of layers, it will add much weight to you. If you are the type that has a lot of hips just like a pear/triangle shape, it will add more weight and will make you look fat.
  • If you are short and slim, a tiered dress with a lot of layers will overwhelm you and may not add fitting to your body in any way.

3. Body con

Body con is a very casual summer vibe. It has a different color and length (midi and mini). Body con is a type of dress that brings out every curve, hips, and general body shape.

This body-hugging cloth can reveal parts of the body and comes in different styles and patterns.

Some come in an off-shoulder pattern, some are long sleeves, some are sleeveless and most come in short or long.

Every type of body con dress falls into the category of short and long and it generally fits ladies with curves mostly.

Body con can be paired with sneakers and all you have to do is to find the perfect body con for your body shape, color and pair it with sneakers that compliment it.

As for me, I like when a lady rocks the long blue sleeveless body con paired with white or light pink sneakers.

It all depends on your choice. So make thorough experimentation and find the one that makes you look cool, classy, suits your personality, and gives you a casual vibe.

If you like a body con dress and want to rock it, but you don’t have many curves then the gym is calling you. This type of dress calls for a lot of gym days to get your body shape fit into this cloth.

Body con can be a good cloth to show your curves and appear chic but it does require a lot of work and discipline to get in shape and keep in shape.

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Advantages of body con dress

1. Body con can help to show your smooth, fresh, and slender legs

 2. It helps to show how curvy and chic you are

 3. It can help to create awareness

 4. Body con can help to let you know when to add some weight or cut diet

 5. Body con can be easily paired with heels, pumps, and sneakers

 6. Body con can make you look younger

Disadvantages of body con

1. It cannot be paired with any type of footwear.

Body con cannot just be paired with any footwear especially flats. It can be paired with sneakers and heels, but it is a no-go area for flats as it will make you look childish.

2. It cannot be worn for formal days

Who does that? Nobody I guess. Body con cannot be worn to places like; church, meeting, and wedding.

Body con can only be worn to causal organizations like award nights, dinner parties, birthday parties, and shopping. If you do not want to be the cynosure of all eyes in a negative part, I will suggest that you should not wear it for formal days.

3. Bodycon does not give room for too many accessories

It is true to say that body con cannot be heavily decorated with fashion accessories.

You have to minimize the accessories you use. Just choose a few accessories and let Bodycon do the remaining.

4. Bodycon does not give room for eating snacks and beverages

If you are the type that eats a lot of snacks and drink a lot of beverages, Bodycon will not let you do that again. Big tummy I’m looking at you.

Bodycon is a type of fitness garment and if you want to stick to wearing Bodycon, you will have to cut snacks and beverages.

4. A-line dresses

A-line dress is another type of dress that works well with sneakers. I like the basic black and ruffled A-line dress paired with white and black sneakers.

For me, I love seeing ladies pair basic black ruffled A-line dresses with a mini pink handbag.

You must be wondering that what does a-line means, if you don’t know, it means that it’s fitted from the top, generally shoulders to the hips, and widen to the hem.

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At times it can be wide from the shoulder to the hem.

You can pair an A-line dress with sneakers of your choice and color. We all have what we like and don’t like. It’s a matter of choice.

I like the type of a line dress that is wide from shoulder to hem, but this type of line will perfectly fit ladies that have hips and a little chubby.

Advantages of wearing an A-line dress  

Let us quickly touch on the advantages of wearing an A-line dress

  • It gives confidence, adds convenience, and gives a more relaxed vibe
  • A-line dress creates room for the right attention
  • It can be paired with any type of footwear
  • A-line can fit almost any type of body frame/shape.

5 Addidas dress for ladies

Adidas dress is a super casual vibe. Adidas dresses come in different styles, patterns, designs, and colors. Adidas dresses are quite a simple piece that can be worn majestically for casual days.

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I like this brand because women’s dresses are made with the consciousness of the different body shapes. Every lady, everybody shape has something unique for them when it comes to Adidas. 

This dress comes in different length and style that all you have to do is to find the one that suits your personality and fits your body shape and give you a casual vibe. 

Whatever type of Adidas dress you choose will always go with sneakers because this dress is mainly made for sneakers. 

Types of Adidas dress 

  • Off the shoulder 
  • Cropped laced tee
  • Kimono
  • Tank top dress
  • Trefoil cropped tee
  • Adidas lace dress
  • Velvet dress
  • Spaghetti strap dress
  • Graphic tee
  • Sheer T-shirt
  • Cropped sweatshirt
  • R. Y. V Pants
  • Cropped Hoodie
  • 3 stripes hoodie
  • Trefoil tee. 

Trust me, the listed above are all sneakers friendly. I like the off-the-shoulder dress and tank top dress as they are ladylike and ooze with elegance and beauty.

Your type of sneakers will be determined by the color and the style of your Adidas dress. If you want to keep it simple and yet look chic, I will suggest that you go for a black off-the-shoulder dress and pair it with white sneakers, or you opt-in for a neon color type of an Adidas dress and pair it with pink sneakers. 

Conclusion on Top 5 dresses that go with sneakers in Nigeria and what you must know about them

These are the clothes that make our top 5 clothes that go with sneakers. All you have to do is to find the perfect color and the type of dress that suits your personality and body shape then pair it with the right sneakers. 

You can choose white, black, peach, blue, pink and a lot more. Just make sure your sneakers compliment your dress. 

Over to you

Do you have a suggestion regarding the top 5 dresses that goes with sneakers? Or have a question? Kindly use the comment box and let us rub minds together. 

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