Tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget: Tips to be a more stylish man.

Tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget. A guide to shopping better, and be more stylish.

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I will share with you tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget. And I am sure it will help you blend your wardrobe look.

I am going to share how I have been able to have my desired wardrobe even on a low budget.

You might feel like who cares about your wardrobe, but trust me, you will surely get a hint on how your wardrobe should look like or you will be able to relate to some of my wardrobe accessories.

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I decided to give out some of my old clothes and accessories because they tend to be out of fashion. For me, I like to change in fashion, and I am sure that we all want changes in fashion as well. I easily get bored with a brand that does not come up with cool and new stuff.

Reasons, why I get rid of old accessories in my wardrobe

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Tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget.

1. I get bored quickly with old stuff

I am not the type of person that craves material things, but, the truth is after wearing a piece for a year or 2, depending on the quality of the piece, occasionally, shoes and wristwatches ” I get bored, and what I do next is to give it out.

Bored.Tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget.
Image source: Pixabay.

I do this not because I am rich, not because I am not contented with what I have, or because I love material things but due to reasons like;

  • Giving out an old piece indicates growth.
  • It shows that I know what to still be using and things that I have outgrown
  • This shows that I am aware of new trends and updated on the new trends
  • This shows that I evolve as fashion changes over time.

See, my friend, it does not mean that I had or have to break my bank account to purchase new stuff. I opt for pieces of stuff that has quality and stylish at an affordable price.

2. I evolve as my chosen brand evolves

I like a brand that evolves. I do a lot of vintage because of the quality of the materials used in producing it and it is a highly fashionable piece that makes a perfect casual day.

There is something I like about the brand, which is that; they come up with cool and new stuff.

So, whenever I get to know that there is a new product from vintage, I check it out and see if it fit in my budget and, if it does, I’ll go for it. But if it does not fit in my budget, I go for another brand and, that is if I must buy some clothes.

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That is to say, that vintage evolves, and easier for me to identify their product that is out of trend because I am well updated about the brand. So whenever I buy new clothing, I give out some of the old ones.

3. I want some changes in my style

At one point in time, people want changes in the way they dress.

You can imagine your wardrobe and clothes that were in your wardrobe 5 years ago and compare it to the clothes that are in your wardrobe now tell me, is your wardrobe still the same? No, I guess you have gotten rid of those clothes and have acquired new ones.

That shows that we all want to change in style and fashion.

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So whenever I feel like it’s time to navigate to another type of style and mode of dressing I get rid of my old clothes and give them to people that truly need them.

4. There is love in sharing

You might have also shared your things with people and might have seen people giving things to others. So, that applies to me as well. I happily give out the stuff I do not need any more to people and not just people, I give them out to people that truly need them.

Before you see your tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget, I will like to show you some tips that will make you spend less, shop better, and look all put together. I mean stylish.

Tips to be more stylish

1.Don’t buy things for just an occasion

I have done this before and sometimes I kept doing it over again but, it’s always under the condition that I could not say no.

Most of us find ourselves in some condition where we just have to give in and buy things that will just be worn in just a day or twice a year.

Who would say no when there are occasions like a wedding where there is Aso Ebi and you’re either a family to the groom or bride.

Or a get-together party at work where everyone is to wear the same attire.

The downside of buying the things that give us joy at that moment is that they cannot be worn than just once.

So, instead of falling into the temptation of buying things that won’t have another opportunity to go out more than once, try to buy more versatile things.

Why not go for something more simple, mature, and classic so that you will be able to wear it more often.

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All you have to do is to choose your accessories cleverly so as not to look the same each time you wear your piece of cloth again.

2.Don’t hold on to things that do not fit you

It is something you should not do. Give out those pieces of clothing that do not fit you again.

Some people even make the mistake of buying accessories that don’t fit them with the hope that they will grow taller, get fatter, or grow thinner just because they like the piece.

Look at our wardrobe and be sincere with yourself, if you’ve got clothes that do not fit you well, sell them or give them out.

3.Learn to make tough decisions

Learn to make real men decisions.

You and I have some piece of clothes that holds memories and for that reason, we don’t want to part with them.

Here is the truth; you should not hold on to every clothing item you love, most especially, things you can’t remember the last time you’ve worn them.

If you want to know that it’s time to part with them, look out for the amount of time you wear them in the next three months and, if you barely wear them, part with them.

Keeping things that do not need to be kept will make your wardrobe look clumsy and jam-packed.

4.Buy things that suit your personality

I have once made the mistake of buying clothes that do not fit my personality or suit my style.

Although I like experimenting with clothes to see if it will have a good fit on me and several times, I have bought some piece of clothes that does not speak well of me.

I remember when I bought a very skinny pant just because it was on-trend.

And I saw so many people rocking it, so I gave it a shot. Mehn, people keep telling me that it does not suit my style and, not because people told me that it does not suit the personality that made me think so too, but, because I don’t feel confident and comfortable rocking the skinny pant from the moment I wore it.

So I gave it to a friend that rocks them better.

What I am trying to say here is that; if you have a thing that does not make you feels confident and comfortable, just get rid of them.

5.Don’t buy something because it’s affordable

Nobody is perfect. We all at some time made this mistake and later realize that we don’t even need those pieces of clothing we bought because they seem affordable.

Only if that piece is a must-have for you, never buy things that just seem affordable to you, or else they will just be lying in your wardrobe without being worn.

6.Don’t go on a frequent and extravagant shopping spree: Tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget.

Most of the time many of us will get bored with what we have in the wardrobe and feel like changing the clothing and the wardrobe itself.

Extravagant shopping spree: Tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget

And when this happens frequently, we tend to go on a big shopping spree and spend a lot of money on buying different trendy wears that some will eventually almost rot at the corner of the wardrobe until we want to go on another shopping spree.

You should not let it keep going like that. Instead, look out for things that you are lacking in your wardrobe and make a note of things to buy rather than going to square one every month than spending a lot on things that you may not even wear at all.

Frequently changing your wardrobe will not let you get familiar with your wardrobe and that alone can make it difficult for you to choose the best combo for different occasions. You will spend almost an entire day deliberating on what to wear.

Hence, changing few things in your wardrobe every month will even make your wardrobe more stylish, beautiful and on budget, rather than changing the whole wardrobe every month.

7.Be familiar with your wardrobe

As said earlier, before you go on extravagant shopping, beware of every single piece of clothing in your wardrobe.

Be familiar with your wardrobe.

There could be some clothes in your wardrobe that could have been living there for long without you even knowing and you just go on shopping then buy the same thing in your wardrobe again.

If you know your wardrobe very well, you will be able to make a perfect to buy list when next you’re going shopping and that alone will save you some cash.

8.Don’t invest in accessories that look alike

If truly you want to be more stylish, don’t make the mistake of buying very similar clothes.

Trust me; no one wants a wardrobe consisting of 20 black pants and 20 white shirts.

If it’s a must you wear just white, make sure each white is made of a different design.

Some could have a touch of blue, plain whites, or white with stripes.

Create a uniform of simple, classic, and cool clothing for yourself then adhere to it as that is what most stylish men and women in the world do.

However, don’t make it difficult for yourself to make the most use of what you have and create a uniform of what you look good and comfortable in, then rock them to the fullest.

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9.Fix things instead of discarding them

If you find yourself discarding your wears because they are torn, it is high time you stop already.

Why not look for places in your area where clothes or shoes are being mended and mend them instead of throwing them away because of mendable damages done to them.

It is worth spending some amount of money on things you already have instead of spending a huge amount of money to buy a new one.

10.Make sensible decisions

Stylish does not lie in having a gigantic wardrobe or wardrobe. It all lies in having a good piece of clothing.

You don’t have to invest in every piece of clothes you see in vogue.

What you need to do is to make good sensible decisions when buying your clothes.

Buy clothes you need, and what makes you feel comfortable, feel awesome, unique, and cling to them.

Those are tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget, now let us see what I have in my closet and how my wardrobe looks like right now.

Tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget: How my wardrobe looks like.

So guys let us delve into my shirts collection.

My shirts

Bottom down shirt (Oxford)

Oxford shirts: Tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget.
Image source: Jumia.

Buy now on jumia.

I so much like button-down shirts that I made sure to include them into my buy list whenever I intend to buy some shirts.

Oxford button-down shirts have a genuine and incomparable texture and I love them in plain colors like white, blue, pink, and black.

 Polo shirts

You will badly see a guy without a polo shirt that is to say that polo shirts are a must for every wardrobe.

I like keeping it simple by going for a two-button fabric and polo shirt

Tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget: Polo shirts.
Image source:Jumia.

Buy now on Jumia.

It is a cool piece.

I know how much it has served me and many times it has been a haven to me. All I have to do is to pair my polo shirt with chinos and a flat goes to where ever I want to go. I have cool colors like deep blue, ash, pink, white and black.

Flannel shirt

You just can’t imagine how much I like this piece. Very stylish, trendy, and cool piece. Flannel shirts are my hit in winter.

Vintage shirt:  Tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget.
Image source: Jumia.

Buy now on Jumia.

All I have to do in the cold season is to wear round neck underwear majorly white and dark chino trousers then put on my flannel shirt to keep me warm and stylish.

There is a reason why I hardly get rid of my flannel shirts which is that; it never goes out of style. Trust me; this piece of cloth is evergreen. You can try them out as well and get to know what I am talking about.

Another reason is that it is unisex. It is for men and women. There was a time a friend of mine came to my apartment with his girlfriend and she mistakenly got an oil stain on her back.

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What I did was to give her one of my flannel shirts and she rocked it in an awesome way that I was surprised at how the flannel shirt fits took it home and later call me to ask if she can keep one of my favorites but I had to say yes just because I knew how much it fit her.

If you want to consider flannel shirts, just make sure to find the right piece that will make you look relaxed and stylish and of course a good fit.

No matter the color of my flannel shirt, I make sure to keep things simple by wearing dark trousers be it jeans or chinos.

You can imagine how my wardrobe looks like right now with flannel shirts included.

Vintage shirts

I do a lot of vintages. I like the brand so much that I made sure to get updated on them.

I make sure to check on the time to time to know if they have gotten an amazing piece as ever, and if they do, I’ll check if it fits into my budget and if it does I will buy it and if it doesn’t, I keep my money or buy other things.

Vintage shirt:
Image source: Jumia.

Buy now on Jumia.

Right now, I have a handful of vintages in my wardrobe. Vintages like casual luxury long sleeve vintage, stand collar short sleeve vintage, and vintage T-shirt.

Whenever I wear vintages it gives me a casual vibe and yet a relaxed feeling that I have always wanted. I get rid of my vintage shirts because

  • I have outgrown them
  • Some out of trend to me
  • Some have worn off.

Vintage is a type of fast revolving brand and they produce a lot of trendy and stylish outfits every the only thing I don’t like about the brand is that some of their products get out of so quickly.

It will only trend for some time and people forget about them. Although it’s a natural phenomenon and it shows that they are on top of the styling game and they don’t stop producing amazing and mouth gaping attires. If I must say, Vintage is a great brand and I like vintage a lot.

Short sleeve classic shirt

I like how this piece of cloth gives my wardrobe the look it has right now. Normally, I don’t like wearing short-sleeved there was a time I saw one of my cousins rocking it with a cargo short and an espadrille. I marveled because he oozes elegance.

Classic short sleeved shirt for men.
Image source: Jumia.

Buy now on Jumia.

So I started to wonder if it will have a good fit for me, but there is only one way to find out and which is to experiment with different cargo shorts and short sleeve shirts to see if it fits me.

So I tried the combo with a flat brown suede shoe to a birthday party and guess what, everyone started complimenting my outfit.

I couldn’t believe how much it fits me and since then I started including a short-sleeve shirt on my to-buy list.

There is something I like about classic short sleeve shirts which is

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  • It has a good fit on denim jeans
  • It can be paired with chinos and pant trouser
  • They are awesome on cargo short

Classic short sleeve shirts have a good fit on guys that hit the gym as they will bring out the biceps and triceps and make the wearer look cool and classy.

I will advise that you try this piece of cloth out and see how awesome it is.

Most of the time, I pair a classic short sleeve shirt with a cargo short and suede I rock it with an espadrille mostly prefer a suede shoe because the combination makes me feel natural and calm.

You can experiment with denim jeans, chinos, pant trousers, and cargo shorts to know which combo makes a perfect fit for your body shape.

So guys, are my collections of shirts not awesome? If you like my collections why not add them to the existing clothes in your wardrobe if you want your wardrobe to look like how my wardrobe looks like right now.

Now, let us delve into my trousers collection.

Tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget: What my trouser collection looks like

Jeans: Good enough, almost every guy out there own varieties of jeans in their wardrobe because wearing jeans makes you look much more cool and simple.

Jeans is a type of trouser made cool and mature people. If you don’t like jeans that you are not cool or mature as some people don’t like jeans reasons best known to them, a matter of choice and what you like or don’t like.

As for me, I like wearing denim jeans a lot especially blue jeans. Jeans make a perfect casual day and can be worn much time in a week without looking dirty or rough like other types of trousers out there.

At times I wear my jeans even for a month without washing what I only do is dust them with a wet piece of cloth and spreads them to dry then I fold them back into my wardrobe.

Doing this will make them lose their color or fade off.

So anytime I want to wear my jeans it always looks new and fresh.

Tell me, which type of piece can serve me better like jeans.

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Chinos are my number one thought anytime I have a special occasion to attend and for office days.

Men's chinos trousers: Tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget.
Image source: Jumia.

Shop now on Jumia.

To me, chinos are a haven because I can use them for formal days and even casual days.

I am the type of person that does not enjoy wearing pants trousers on my suit. So what I do is to find a perfect chino and pair it with my suit. I have my chino trousers in colors like black, deep blue, carton brown, gray and pale.

Cargo short

Whenever I wear a classic short sleeve shirt, the number one piece of trousers that comes to my mind is cargo shorts. I have a lot and a lot of them as they are superb pieces that can be paired with a classic short sleeve shirt and v-necks shirts.

Men cargo short: Tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget.
Image source: Jumia.
Shop now on Jumia.

Whenever I pair my cargo shorts with a classic short sleeve shirt, I complement it with a suede shoe and whenever I pair my cargo shorts with a V-neck polo, I compliment it with an espadrille.

If you want to give cargo shorts a shot, make sure to find the perfect one that fits your body shape and experiment with different types of shirts to find the combination or combinations that suit you most.

That is how my trouser collection looks like right now, although I am still experimenting with more trousers that fit my inverted triangle shape and when I find the type that fits perfectly I will share them with you.

I don’t want to have a set of trousers that will only sit in my wardrobe without being worn because it does not fit me that is why I take my time to see what works and does not work for my body shape.

Tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget: My shoe collections.

1. Sneakers

Those that know me well know that I have and rock a lot of sneakers. Although my shoe wrack is nowhere to be compared to Chris browns, I have some quality and evergreen sneakers that are ready to rock on casual days.

Men sneakers: Tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget.
Image source: Jumia.
Buy now on Jumia.

I make sure to buy at least 3 sneakers a year. Of recent, I bought shark bottom tide sneakers along with joggers, when I checked my shoe rack and it seems like I don’t have a kind of cool big shoe to rock with my joggers so I opt for a shark bottom tide.

Most of my sneakers are from Adidas because they are used to quality sneakers, although their products can be a bit expensive it always worth every penny.

I like sneakers because of how they feel in the leg. They are not heavy, they are fitted and ready to rock.

You just have to imagine how my wardrobe looks like right now with a different type of sneakers included.

2. Espadrilles

Espadrilles are almost similar to sneakers, but they tend to be flat and smart-casual shoes.

I have various types and I like them because of the good quality of the sole and material used in making them.

Casual shoe for men- espadrille.
Image source: Jumia.

Shop now on Jumia.

I most rock my espadrilles with V-neck polo and jeans or cargo shorts.

3. Oxford laced shoe

People hardly describe me nowadays because most of them know me to always rock sneakers and espadrilles.

But when they see me rocking Oxford laced shoes on a formal dress while going to work or any special occasion they hardly believe their eyes because most of them as never seen me rocking a laced business shoe before.

Oxford men business shoe.
Image source: Jumia.

Shop now on Jumia.

It shows that I am unpredictable when it comes to dressing. And it is good to be unpredictable.

I like Oxfords that are not too high and pointed. I like Oxfords like Retro bullock and men’s Oxford black shoes.

Retro bullock men business shoe.
Image source: Jumia.

Shop now on Jumia.

I love keeping my outfit simple, so whenever I want to wear a shoe, I love to pair it with cool chinos either deep blue or black, and a button-down shirt.

4. Cover palms

When it comes to slip-on, cover palms are my best options. I so much like a cover palm that I buy different types at least 5 times a year. Do you know why?

cover palm for men.
Image source: Jumia.

Shop now on Jumia.
  • They fit and have a good grip on my feet
  • They serve as a haven to my foot in a dusty area
  • They are cool and know how to grab attention to the foot in a way that whatever outfit I wear cool or not, my cover palm will do the talking and compliment my entire outfit.

Now you get the reason why it’s included in my wardrobe and looking at my list you can tell how cool my wardrobe looks like right now.

I am not trying to say that other types of slip-on are bad, I am only talking about what works best for me and what I like.

So, guys, that is how my shoe collections look like right now and I am thinking of adding sandals to my collection and when I do, I will surely update this article.

Now, let us take a look at my bag collections.

My bag collections

1. Pouch

I like pouches a lot and, I have some in my wardrobe. I like them because they are handy not too big and not too small.

Pouches are very useful to me on days that I want to hold all my everyday accessories in a simple and not stressful way, so what I do on days like that is to put my phones, power bank, cables, and a lot more in my pouch and hold it either with the round hook at the end or hold it with my hand underneath it.

I just added Comme des Garc pouch to my collections and it’s an awesome piece and interesting.

I like pouches because most of them are durable and water-resistant. There was a day I needed to attend a meeting.

It was a kind of emergency meeting and it was raining seriously. What I did was to put my essentials into a pouch held out. Although I was a bit wet my essentials are superbly dry because my pouch is water-resistant.

Cross bags

We are all familiar with cross bags as it is a type of small bag with a strap to fasten it to the side when worn.

Some men don’t like carrying this bag as some feel like it is for ladies.

Trust me; there are lots and a lot of cross bags for men, even very fancy and classic types.

As for me, carrying cross bags is my weekly routine as I love to rock leather and rectangle shape cross bags and I have them in colors like brown, black, white and black, and burgundy.

Whenever I want to hang out with friends I make sure to carry my cross bag.

2 strap bag

I have a few 2 strap bags, ranging from the laptop size and luggage bag.

It is either I carry my laptop and other essentials in my laptop bags or I take my big luggage strap bag whenever I want to travel.

So that makes them a few because I haven’t bought this type of bag for 3 years now.

What I made sure of when buying my bags is that I opt for the best quality and bags that will serve me for a long time even if it is expensive I’ll buy it. That is quality matters.


I don’t have a collection of perfume and I am not supposed to include it on my wardrobe list, but I included it because I want you guys to know how awesome the type of perfume I use is.

I have tried a lot of cologne and I don’t get the vibe I want not until a friend asked me to try blue jeans. When I did, I had to dispose of the little cologne I have in my wardrobe.

Image source: Jumia.
Shop now on Jumia.

I so much like blue jeans because of how it oozes with luxury and it has a very pleasant scent that can last the whole day with a little spray, I am set to go.

The most interesting part is that whenever I pass by someone, is either the person stops me to ask me the type of cologne I use or they turn back to look at me once again.

I have recommended blue jeans to a lot of people and I got nicknamed blue jeans.

My Fashion Accessories:Tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget.

So guys that are my tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget, but let me add the last category to it so that I can give you a clear picture of how my wardrobe looks like.

1. Wristwatches

I have two types of wristwatches in my wardrobe which are leather and stainless steel watches and I keep them to silver.

What I do is to keep the leather for formal days and use my stainless steel watches for casual days.

I like buying from Hugo boss as they provide a piece that lasts longer without getting rusty. I love keeping quality watches.


I have collections of quality leather belts and in different colors and sizes. But I like to keep colors like black and brown.


I also keep to quality cufflinks majorly silver for my shirt.

The cufflink is a type of piece I use most of the time, maybe twice a week.

It is a piece that a man that has a good sense of fashion uses and its evergreen.

You can also add cufflinks to your wardrobe too, and see how it will drive your outfit to a notch.

If you haven’t included any in your wardrobe, why don’t you find the type that suits your personality and include it in your wardrobe?

Before I round up 

I want to show you a few things that you may also find appealing and include them in your wardrobe.

Men generally look cool and elegant in casual outfits, every man should have a casual outfit that can be a lifesaver, even when they just wake up and need to hurry to somewhere.

That is, men should be able to pull out some outfits that will generally look cool and put together when paired up.

It might seem hard at times to exactly know which kind of casual staples to have in the wardrobe and how to team up the casual staples in the wardrobe.

Well, you can take a look at my wardrobe staples and add them to your wardrobe and keep reading to get some more cool stuff to add alongside the things you want to buy.

I know it is not something usual because some people are used to keeping things formal or do not find it interesting to wear casual outfits.

If it seems like you want to change your look and surprise your co-workers at work don’t worry, I am here to help you get that all put together casual vibe, all you just have to do is keep reading.

Why should you keep casual staples?

It makes you look cool and relaxed

  • It makes you look cool and relaxed
  • It makes your dressing style unpredictable
  • It gives you a new look and makes you look attractive at all time
  • It makes those around you know that you’re a man that knows fashion
  • It makes you understand what looks better best you when you explore every type of outfit

Do you know that when you know how to navigate between casual wear and formal outfits you will always appear cool and relaxed? I feel cool whenever I am in casual outfits and all put together with some certain fashion accessories to do the trick for me.

Accessories like sunshades, a cap, and my denim jeans. All that matters is how I team them together to give me a perfect and relaxed outfit.

You see, it just works fine and can give you a cool and good outfit when you know how to pair it with the necessary accessories.

It makes your dressing style unpredictable

Trust me on this guy, when you know how and when to put on casual wear and formal wear, your general dressing will look astonishing and unpredictable.

I have seen a lot of guys that I predicted what they will wear the following day and guess what guys? I got it right, I knew what they will wear maybe not exactly, but I was able to predict that it will be formal wear and I got it just right.

You see, if people can predict your next day outfit, it does not show that you are a man of style.

It gives you a new look and makes you look attractive at all time

Yes, this is it. When you can pair up a casual outfit for a casual day and you are also able to pair up for a formal day, trust me guys you will always have a new look and look attractive every time be it in your formal dress or casual dress.

It makes those around you know that you’re a man that knows fashion

If you are the type that gets it right when it comes to navigating between casual wear and formal wear, those that are around you will notice and will know that you got it when it comes to fashion and even, people around you might seek your opinion whenever they are confused when it comes to choosing what to wear for an occasion.

It makes you understand what better best looks for you when you explore every type of outfit

Being able to choose what to wear every day and exploring the type of clothes out there.

You will be able to know the type of casual wear that fits your body frame and the ones that seem to be a no-go area.

Now you get the basics.

Let us keep going

Casual accessories every man should have in the wardrobe

Here is the main deal, don’t worry, relax and follow along


Like I talked about it in the trousers category when I was talking about how my wardrobe looks like right now. Good enough, most men have now opted for jeans.

Be it blue or black, jeans has proven itself to be the king of all casuals, you can always pair your polo shirts with a jean trouser.

The right fit and style of jeans will always compliment your outfit and It can always match along with any type of top and can be used for formal days as well.

I once worked in an organization whereby no stated outfit is generally accepted, people even come to work in all casual, but what I notice most is that most men come to the office in mostly jeans and polo shirts.

All you just have to do is to find the right color, style, and fit, and like that you are ready for the day.


Caps are just so cool and add a relaxed and elegant look to the wearer, if you intend on buying a cap, don’t go for a cap full of studs or a cap full of designs. Go for a simple and not multicolored cap as it will drive your outfit to a top-notch.


Sunglasses are just cool all you have to do is find the one that fits your eye shape and opt for the right frame.

I like ray-bans a lot, we all have different choices to make. Sunglasses can drive your casual outfit to a notch.


Hoodies are nice casual accessories as they can be paired with jeans and sneakers and give you that street look.

Don’t go for too thick fabric, opt for a light type and pair it with the perfect jean and good quality sneakers, and just like that, you have made a casual statement.


Casual jackets are great for casual days, just make sure to wear a nice polo underneath and a good pair of jeans trousers with a nice canvass of sneakers.


Well, we should not say it belongs to the casual category, but trust me, there are some wristwatches meant only for casual wear and days such as a metal wristwatch. Anything leather should be considered formal and good on formal dress days. Trust me, these accessories will make a perfect wardrobe for you

If you add some of the listed above, your wardrobe will look like how my wardrobe looks right now.

Over to you

What is your thought on Tips on how to have your desired wardrobe on a budget? A guide to shopping better, and be more stylish. I know it’s a long post and I so much enjoyed writing it. I tried to make it out of my wardrobe and how I acquired my wardrobe under a budget that does not tear the bank.

Do you have some suggestions to make? or think some stuff should not or should make the list. 

kindly put it in the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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