Tips on how to be beautiful without makeup in Nigeria

Have you made makeup a haven? good enough, here are tips on how to be beautiful without makeup in Nigeria and the world at large.

A lot of people especially teenagers can not go a day without makeup and the funny aspect is that most ladies have made it a big part of their life.

Beauty experts and dermatologists have made it known that the result of using makeup products continuously for a long time is disastrous to skin health.

Either original or fake.

Beware: makeup can be of harmful than good to the skin if it is not used consciously.

Makeup is good, it can be used to bring out the beauty of a person, and that is the reason majority of teenagers count on it.

It can be used to cover up skin blemishes like a scar, acne, wrinkles, and fine lines.

But, you should also know that at most times, these skin blemishes are usually caused by wearing makeup.

Either wearing fake makeup or original makeup products, the chances of damaging the skin, in the long run, is high.

Those that make it a routine to wear original cosmetics, or makeup products are on the safer side and that is if they do not wear it often. And for those that have made it a habit to wear any type of makeup product find over the counter are doing their skin health a lot of harm than good.

According to research and findings, the cosmetic or makeup industry has soared high in the business world that every day, the consumption of makeup products are getting higher and makeup products are in higher demand.Want to stay unique? Subscribe today

Annually, the cosmetics industry makes a lot of billions. In 2017 alone, the industry estimated a whopping 66.4 billion dollars.

That’s a huge amount, isn’t it?

Because of that, different makeup brands are popping out every day just to have a share in the national cake.

The majority of these brands do not have customers in mind they just want to get a share of what the industry is making.

Most of these brands jampack their products with lead, mercury, E.colli, aluminum, arsenic, feces, and paint stripper(the effects of these things on the skin are, skin rashes, infection, anemia, eczema, and even kidney failure) just to make their product look enticing to you and me.

To worsen the matter, they minimize the price of the product compared to others just to have a way into the market, while they claim to have an average person at heart.

The bottom line is that you can still look extremely pretty even without makeup.

If you find yourself craving makeup on daily basis or have made makeup your only source of beauty you are in an endless battle to get beautiful and blemish-free skin.

Tips on how to be beautiful without makeup in Nigeria
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To make you use makeup-less and still have that great skin, still look enticing, beautiful, and confident rocking your natural face, I have compiled 20 tips on how to be beautiful without makeup in Nigeria and the world at large.

In this blog post, there is something for everyone. You will be able to get answers to every question on your mind. And we will tackle questions like; how can a teenager look pretty without makeup, how you can be naturally prettier, and proven ways to much more beautiful naturally.

Remember, no makeup, just natural you.

Let us delve in.

18 ways you can look beautiful without makeup in Nigeria and the world at large

18. Wash your face

Taking care of your face is crucial without any makeup products, your skincare routine is important and a major determinant of how your skin will look like.

Find a facial wash that is gentle on the skin and use it twice a day, in the morning when you wake up from sleep and at night before going to bed.

Also make sure to avoid bar soaps, because they tend to make the skin dry.

It is important to find a cleanser that works best for your skin type. If you have oily skin, a foamy or gel cleanser is good for you, and if you have dry skin, a cream cleanser is perfect for you.

Either way, I will recommend that you use micellar water.

Micellar water can promote skin hydration because the ingredients used in producing it, like glycerin that can help to retain the skin moisture.

Glycerin has been known to be effective at restoring skin hydration and help to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function.

Another thing that this cleanser does is to remove dirt and extra oil from the skin.

If you have had sebum or sebaceous glands, you will be able to get the hint of the work this cleanser does.

You should also be aware that extra oil in the skin and dirt can clog the pore, lead to a breakout, blackhead, acne, and other skin problems if not treated.

And that is why I recommend that you use micellar water as your cleanser if you want to get rid of any of the mention skin problems.

The most important and interesting aspect of this cleanser is that it is good for all skin types.

Micellar water has its downside too, which is that it may not properly remove heavy water-proof makeup on the face, you will need a face wipe to completely remove the makeup remains.

Lastly, make sure you wash your hands before washing your face so as not to fill your face with bacteria.

17. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating your skin is a wonderful and proven way to remove dead skin cells from your skin.

Exfoliating can help you look much fresher, blemish-free, and give you a natural and healthy glow.It can also help to get rid of extra oil, dirt, and acne because during the process your pores will be unclogged(open).

What you have to do is to find a good exfoliator and use it to exfoliate your skin.

As for me, I make use of raw African black soap to do the exfoliation by cutting a small chunk of the soap and rub it into my face. It works fine but the only downside is that it can dry out the skin.

To avoid this, I use a moisturizer immediately after exfoliating and don’t forget not to go way too much at exfoliating because it can lead to pigmentation issues, skin sensitivity, and irritation.

16. Moisturize daily

After washing your face or taking your bathe, follow up with a moisturizing.

Moisturizing alone can boost hydration in the skin and prevent flaking. It can also produce a protective layout that lasts all day long but that is if you carefully choose your moisturizer.

If you have sensitive skin go for a scent-free and gentle moisturizer, and if you prone to pimples and breakouts go for a product that is not oily and light.

And for those that have dry skin, go for a heavy moisturizer that contains skin suiting ingredients like Aloe Vera and Shea butter.

These natural ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter can help to boost collagen in the skin and also have beneficial properties that are good for the skin.

Looking for tips on how to be beautiful without makeup in Nigeria, don’t overlook the effects of moisturizing daily.

15. Wear sunscreen every day

Since your face and skin are exposed to the sun everyday It is important to wear a broad spectrum of 30SPF or higher to prevent sunburn and other skin problems attached to exposing the skin to the sun.

This part is very important for people leaving in very hot areas, like northern parts of Nigeria.

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UVA rays can break the skin and damage it, especially if you are not wearing makeup, your bare skin can be affected by the sun.

Exposing the skin to the sun can lead to skin peeling, burn from the sun, uneven skin tone, and premature aging.

Wear sunscreen products of SPF 30 and above every 2 hours of being in the sun.

Good enough, some moisturizers offer two things; moisturizer, and SPF.

You should give them a try and see how it works.

14. Use a toner

Toner is a skincare product that is often skipped by people, and that is something I joke with sometimes ago when I didn’t understand the importance of using it but now I do.

Toner, when used the right way can help to improve the skin texture and works like magic on the skin.

Not only it improves the skin texture, but toner can also rebuild the skin’s natural PH balance.

Opt for a toner that is alcohol-free as it helps to even out skin tone and they are less drying.

For example, toner for acne-prone skin or oily skin can unclog pores and vanish extra oil in the skin, toner for dry skin can improve hydration and irritation.

Use a toner after cleansing and before you use your moisturizer for the best result.

13. Exercise regularly

Woman exercising her body
Image source: Pexels

Get your body moving and blood pumping every day because exercise drives blood to the surface of the skin to enhance your skin cells.

It won’t only make you look fit, it also makes you look well and beautiful.

A person that often exercises will surely have beautiful and simple and glowing skin.

Exercise also makes us love ourselves (self-worth) and improve our confidence level.

You can start with jugging, skipping, and dancing. Did I just say dancing? Yes, dancing. This is when you turn what you love to do into something beneficial to your skin and general health.

For men, you can include pull up, deadlift, and some abs training exercise.

Exercise alone can boost your testosterone level and keep your body balance.

12. Sleep regularly

I understand the nature of your job, and I know you may not have the chance of sleeping during the day.

But, the truth is that if you want to be beautiful without makeup, you should find time to sleep(rest well) period.

Even if you eat well, wear the most expensive cloth, have a nice hairstyle, and have the baddest swag in the world and you don’t sleep well or create time to rest during the day, you will age quickly and have stressed looking skin.

11. Drink a lot of water

This is prescribed by dermatologists and beauty experts. They know the importance of keeping the body hydrated, and that is why drinking water is the first agency and bedrock of beauty.

You should drink water to keep your skin vibrant and great. It is crucial to replenish the water that is lost in the body to keep the skin soft and supple,

Another thing is that water flushes out the body toxins and keeps the body balance and function well.

To achieve this naturally, drink at least 2 liters of water every day starting from when you wake up in the morning and frequently during the day.

Tell me, how would you feel when you are dry as a dessert? Your lips will be dry, crack and bleed due to moisture loss.

More so, you should avoid drinking beverage that contains a lot of sugar. It is common for people to ask for a cold drink after coming from the hot sun.

As good as it seems to drink cold beverages, so does its negative effect on the body system. healthy and look healthy

Have you ever been told that what you eat is who you are? If you haven’t been told yet I am telling you today.

Eating healthy is one of the tips on how to be beautiful without makeup in Nigeria and every part of the world.

Tell me, what is the better way to look pretty and healthy if not eating a healthy diet? If you have been snacking on foods like doughnuts, pie, fries, and pizza you might not feel energetic and vibrant, you will feel sluggish and slow.

Eating processed food is one of the sure ways to make the body look tired and old.

If I may say, trade those junky foods with fresh vegetables and fruits like banana, mango, orange, carrot, and apple because of the richness in vitamins that can help boost the immune system.

Consuming some greens like broccoli, saint leaf, bitter leave, and cucumber can fight off the attack ( disease) from the body system and regenerate body cells.

9. Plump your lips

Plumping your lips is also one of the tips on how to be beautiful without makeup in Nigeria and the world at large.

You just have to keep your lips enticing and kissable.

Do it through the old-fashioned way by exfoliating the lips. Some lipsticks make the lips dry, and you should ditch them and go natural.

Exfoliate your lips with brown sugar or make use of the fastest method of lips exfoliation which is your toothbrush.

You should gently scrub your lips with your toothbrush when brushing in the morning.

8. Have a well-groomed eyebrow

Having a defined eyebrow can bring a lot of attention and focus to your eyes and a well-defined eyebrow can shape your face.

By regularly plucking those stray hair, your eyebrow can help frame your eyes and highlight your facial features without needing to turn to makeup.

There are numerous ways to get a well-groomed eyebrow either waxing or threading your eyebrow will look great.

If you cant do it yourself, you should visit those that are experts in grooming eyebrows, and they will groom it to your satisfaction and also give you tips to maintain it.

7. Enhance your eyelashes

Do you know that long and strong eyelashes can help to bring out your feminine side and style? And the awesome part of it is that you wouldn’t need mascara to enhance your lashes.

All you need is an eyelashes curler.

There are some other ways to get long and strong eyelashes and these ways are;

  1. Putting vitamin E oil or Vaseline on a comb and use it on your lashes
  2. You can also make use of Aloe Vera gel to hasten and promote your lashes’ growth.
  3. Gently massage your eyelid to help the circulation of blood on your hair follicle and enhance the growth of your lashes

6. Your dental hygiene matters

It matters because if you want to look pretty naturally, you will need to always wear a smile. And a simple smile from you can bring out your overall beauty.

With that in mind, keeping your tooth fresh is a must. You should start by visiting a dentist once in a while to get prescriptions on how to enhance your tooth health.

You can also start by thoroughly brushing your teeth twice a day by using a toothpaste that contains fluoride and calcium to fortify your teeth.

tips on how to be beautiful without makeup in Nigeria; dental care
Image source: Pexels

And don’t forget to pluck out food remains or particles from our teeth. Remember to always change your toothbrush every 3 months of usage.

These tips on how to be beautiful without makeup in Nigeria are very important and are proven to work fine, all you have to do is to follow them religiously.

For those that want to look beautiful for a guy ( funny but it’s true)putting on a smiling face is the biggest weapon in your arsenal.

5. Take care of your hair

A girl’s hair is her crown, just like it is written in the Bible that your hair is your crown of glory. You just have to take care of your crown( your hair).

If you don’t know the type of hairstyle that will suit your head shape, your personality, and the hairstyle that will make your man go gaga for you, I have a post on hairstyles that men love to see on women.

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Either your hair is long or short, there is a lot you can do with it. You can braid it, cut it into style, make a weave of it and keep a natural afro.

Don’t forget to make use of rich hair care products to enhance the radiancy of your hair.

Use shampoo and conditioners that have minerals and vitamins that will fortify your hair. And avoid using products that are harsh on the hair if you don’t want to break.

Lastly, wash away any hair gel, or hairspray regularly and before you go to bed to avoid skin blemishes like pimples, oily skin, and acne.

4. Green tea instead of soda

No wonder green tea is now very popular, it’s popular because it is richly packed with nutrients and antioxidants that can benefit the body.

Instead of taking soda that will make you add a lot of weight, why not go for a green tea that will help you burn out fats from your body and keep it fit.

This is the challenge; get yourself a pack of green tea today, prepare yourself a cup and drink it for a week starting from today and come back to tell me how it works by sending a mail or commenting on this post.

3.Take supplement

Have you ever heard the word “beauty from within” before? If you have heard it before you will understand the importance of taking supplements that will make you glow from within.

Start with vitamin C intake every day and you will be glad you did.

2.Dress smart

To be able to dress accordingly and look beautiful in them even without makeup, you have to find out the type of stature or body frame you have and dress it to the fullest.

give your body frame( either triangle shape, inverted triangle, or hourglass shape) the most fitting attire and rock them to the fullest.

1.Be confident

Nothing can be compared with being confident and having trust in yourself.

after maintaining a perfect grooming routine as a lady, the next thing is to step out confidently.

Be confident
Image source:Pexels

You have to believe in yourself, convince yourself that you are the most beautiful woman on the surface earth, smile often, and have your shoulder high.

Conclusion on tips on how to be beautiful without makeup in Nigeria

You can still appear more beautiful without makeup if you believe you are beautiful with or without makeup.

Looking at the result of wearing makeup alone is an indicator that you should minimize your makeup routine and do more of your natural face.
I will also urge you to stick to what has been discussed and you will be glad that you found this post.
moreover, always wear a smile, because it is your biggest beauty asset.

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