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All users should kindly go through our terms and conditions before making use of jamevic.com.

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Every visitor or user should be aware that jamevic.com may collect some data or information about them. We collect information’s like the name of visitor/user, email address, and activities of users on the website.

Details safety

Every visitor should make sure to keep their login details safely. Details like password whenever they subscribe to any of our fora.

Visitors or users should promptly notify us when they lost their login details or feels like a third party has breached their details. If this happens and the user does not notify us, visitors are liable for whatever happens next and, jamevic.com will not be liable for any damage or loss caused to the user/visitor.

Our properties

The services provided by us (jamevic.com) are our property and will remain the property of jamevic.com and its licensors.

Note that your comments on our post may become the property of jamevic.com as well.

Our links to other sites

Our contents may contain links to another website. Note that jamevic.com will only link to educative and reasonable websites and, we do not control activities on the third-party website so, we are not liable for whatever damage or loss that happens due to the links we provide to another website.

We would always advise our users to always read the terms and conditions of any website we link to before making use of such a site.

Termination of account

Jamevic.com can terminate your account at any time without prior notice or give reasons for the termination if you breach our policy or terms and conditions.

We do not tolerate illegal activities on the website, activities like providing links to sites that provide pornography or adult content. If a user or visitor is found with such material it will be termed as a breach of policy and, such person’s account may be blocked or suspended without prior notice or warning.

Disclaimer policy

All users are at their own risk Jamevic will not be held liable for whatever activity users/visitors get themselves into that could lead to loss or damage when making use of the website.

That is the reason we provided a contact us page in case users/visitors have an inquiry to make and to make sure that visitors do not fall into the hands of dubious people that may try to appear to our users/visitors as our partner.

We will always notify our users/visitors whenever we partner with any group, persons, and individuals.

Change of terms and condition

Jamevic.com and jamevic.com have the right to make changes to their terms and condition at any time. 

We will always notify users/visitors whenever we make changes to our terms and condition, privacy policy, and upgrade on the website generally.

If you have any inquiry to make, kindly contact us via Email