Skincare routine for oily skin in Nigeria

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Do you have oily skin? Follow my skincare routine for oily skin in Nigeria to curb the oil.

I understand what it feels like to have oily skin as I have sisters and friends with oily skin and, I see how they struggle every day to get rid of the shine on the face and the problems that are attached to having oily skin like, acne and dark spot on the face.

It’s so annoying to know you have oily skin and it seems that there is nothing you can do about it as it seems permanent.

Well, there is something you can do to tackle it and have fresh, oil-free, and glowing skin and we are going to learn the tips and hacks of curbing the shine on the face.

Is a skincare routine good for oil-prone skin and why?

Our skin does a lot of work even more than we can ever imagine. The important aspect is that it serves as the body protector from outside attacks like the unpleasant and unfriendly Nigerian weather; it also helps to regulate the body temperature.

The skin has its part to play just as every part of the body has its role to play, the skin helps to prevent external attacks, so it is very vital to take care of the skin to make it healthy.

To achieve attractive and flawless skin even if you have oily skin, you must take good care of the skin by spending money on skincare products and going for skincare appointments with skin experts to give your skin the care it needs and deserve.

The skin faces a lot of difficulties day by day and that is the major reason to care for it by following your skincare routine religiously so that the skin will not get weak and lead to premature aging.

So yes! A skincare routine is good for oily skin.

Problems of an oily skin

  •  Pimples
  •  Uneven skin tone
  •  Dark spots
  •  Acne
  •  Irregular patches

Now let us see how my skincare routine for oily skin looks like before you adopt it too.

1.Wash your face three times a day

wash your face with a gentle soap in the morning, afternoon, and night. It is most important to wash your face in the morning so that your pores will be unclogged and free from any dead cells.

Most of the time, my sisters make use of African black soap (ose abuwe) to wash their face in the morning because of the wonders black soap does to the skin even when used alone.

Some people say that washing their face more than twice makes their face lose moisturizer and increases the oil production on the face.

I won’t say that it’s not true, it happens like that for some people, and washing the face three times a day does not strip some people moisturizers or increase oil production that Includes my sisters and myself.

So it should work for you too and if it doesn’t work as you expected, just switch to cleansing your face twice daily.

You just have to try it and see what works best for you.

2. Use a mild cleanser

As for me, I like to switch between my Cetaphil daily cleansers for oily skin and, raw black soap to get rid of acne, unclog my pores and, it works just as I always wanted.

The Cetaphil cleanser works great for my skin and can unclog clogged pores and tackle acne on the skin.

Raw black soap alone can also be used as a face cleanser, because of the organic, rich properties it’s made of. 

Raw African black soap when used alone can tackle acne, pimples, and every type of skin problem on the skin.

I will suggest you have and use raw African black soap and, see how it will help tackle acne and, other skin problems just on its own and you can interchange it with your cleanser.

3. Opt for a toner

Nothing gives me joy as my Neutrogena fight and fade toner because it does not only give me an even skin tone, it also serves as a cleanser.

The first time I saw this toner was when my sister bought it and, I did not like it because I thought that it will not work so well because of the dual things it could do to the skin and not until she started using it.

My sister used it for almost a month and I could see the changes on her skin then, I bought mine instantly and it worked just as I anticipated.

You should give it a try and thank me later.

4. Exfoliate

Exfoliating is one of the skincare routines for someone with oily skin in Nigeria. You should exfoliate your skin at least twice a week and, anything more than twice in a week is way too much because you would not want to strip your skin the natural oil or make it go dry.

What you want to achieve is balanced skin by exfoliating twice a week.

5. Use an eye cream

Using an eye cream will help to minimize swollen or puffy eyes and also help to tackle the dark circle around the eye.

It is important to use a good eye cream to keep your eye in the condition it should be.

6. Use the right Body wash

7. Choose and use a light moisturizer

You will understand why I said a lightweight moisturizer if you leave in a sunny area of the world or sunny days around November in Nigeria.

You should opt for a lightweight moisturizer to keep you fully hydrated throughout the day.

8. Choose to make up products for oily skin

When on a journey to curb oil on the skin, it is very important to put your make-up products into consideration.

Although, every makeup product is made of oil be it the cheap ones or the expensive makeup products, what matters is the amount of oil used when producing the makeup product.

So, ranging from your face primer to setting spray, you should be careful when choosing makeup products.

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9. Always use sunscreen

 You should not step out of the house without applying your sunscreen product if you don’t want your face to burst out oily quickly when you step into the sun. 

Apply your sunscreen 10 or 15 minutes before stepping out.

I will suggest that you use a sunscreen product with SPF 30 or 45 if you have sensitive skin as it will not leave a white cast on your face or get you oily during the day.

10. Take vitamin C

Talking of vitamin C intake, that something I don’t joke with, and you should not joke too.

People that know me well know that I don’t joke with my Vitamin C 1000mg intake. 

I usually take about 20 vitamin C per day as it helps to boost the immune system, fight against wrinkles, strengthen the cartilage, and heal wounds faster and serves as the skin health protector.

You can try puritan, puritan works best for me and you can also opt for nature’s field vitamin c as both works great. 

That’s my amazing skincare routine for oily skin in Nigeria.

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Over to you

How does your skincare routine look like? What is the problem you encounter with your skincare routine? What question do you have on Skincare routine for oily skin in Nigeria? Kindly use the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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