Skincare routine for dark skin in Nigeria: black skincare tips

Here is the skincare routine for dark skin in Nigeria.

Having dark skin is a blessing and it should be something you should so much cherish and take care of. 

Dark skin is a kind of skin tone that needs special care and attention before it can get the normal, glowing, and flawless look.

The quantity of melanin in darker skin tone cells makes the skin prone to inflammation, excess sebum, and spots that are more noticeable in dark skin.

A dark skin tone requires that you know the best black skincare product to use on the skin and how your skincare routine should look like.

Skincare routine for dark skin in Nigeria: black skincare tips
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However, I decided to make a post on the skincare routine for dark skin in Nigeria to make it easier for you and me because I have dark skin as well.

If I must say, the about to share face care routine and black skincare regimen is going to transform your overall look and give you a clearer visage if you follow my tips religiously.

Let me make something clear before sharing my tips with you, I am not a makeup expert and I am not even a lady.

 I am just a simple guy that loves everything about skincare, wellness, fitness, and a beauty enthusiast.

I don’t think that will make you want to read my post on skin care regimen for dark skin, but if you do, I am so glad that someone cares to read my jargon.

So how does the skincare routine for dark skin in Nigeria looks like

Skincare routine for dark skin in Nigeria: black skincare tips

1.   Cleanse every day and night

What does this guy even know about cleansing? Well, I do cleanse my face too.

There was a time I so much like cleansing every day and night and it works like magic before I slowed down on it and I started cleansing my face only at night which I saw how my skin glow drastically went down.

But now, I am back again into the game, just wish me luck.

I start my cleansing procedure with raw black soap to first remove all dirt on my face before using a face wipe to get rid of the remnants on my face.

So as a lady, I will suggest that you start your cleansing with a mild and gentle cleanser like micellar water to get rid of yesterday’s makeup remains when you wake up.

You should also consider using it at night to get rid of every form of dirt residue on your face before moving to the remaining steps.

Micellar water is one of the black skincare products out there that can help to give your skin the beautiful tone it deserves as it will not dry off your skin or make it look tacky.

This product is just right for dark skin.

How I cleanse my dark skin every day: cleansing tips you can borrow

It’s not quite hard. What I do is;

  • To make sure my hands are clean so that I won’t transfer the germs on my finger to the face which may lead to irritation.
  • Then I cut a little chunk out of my black soap and gently rub it into my face then rinse with water.
  • Use my face cleanser to get rid of remnants on my face. At first, I make use of a cleanser I got from a local store to cleanse my face and it does not work as I wanted, so I opt for a cleanser that is formulated for my dark skin tone and which is micellar water. Since I started making use of it, I saw some changes on my face.
  • Then wipe my face clean with a face wipe.

You should feel free to try my cleansing method and see how well it works. You should also give L’Oreal Paris Micellar cleansing water a shot as it is formulated for dark skin tone and will help to completely get rid of any form of impurity on your skin without drying your skin out.

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2.   Exfoliate

I will suggest that you don’t over-do with your exfoliating process as not to strip your skin of beneficial nutrients.

Either way, our skin differs and the exfoliating method will be different.

The method will be different in a way that the exfoliant I use may not be the best for your dark skin and the times I exfoliate in a week may be too much for your skin to handle, or not even enough.

So you should get to know your skin, what exfoliation method works for your skin, and the times a week you should exfoliate.

Exfoliation is not meant for ladies alone, is it? (Laughing out loud). My skin is a sensitive one, so I don’t overdo it with exfoliators.

I exfoliate just once a week. So how do I do that? I cut a chunk out of my African black soap and marsh it with coconut oil, and then scrub it into my face.

Then, I let it sit on my face for 20 minutes before washing it off and wipe my face clean with a neat towel.

After that, I apply my black mask evenly on my face and then let it sit for 20 minutes again before peeling it off.

I do this so that my mask can finish the exfoliating process by removing the stubborn dead cells that remain on my face.

You can try this method as well to see how it works.

3.   I tone

This is a step I didn’t do before but thanks to wanshygirl, I now tone my face.

Toning is a step that even most ladies skip and it is one of the most important steps you should not miss.

Toning helps to balance and maintain the skin pH level and helps to get rid of remaining dirt on the skin and nourish the skin.

So how do I tone?

I make use of Neutrogena alcohol and oil-free toner, and all I do is just put a pump of my toner into my face evenly and let it dry down.

4.   Skincare routine for dark skin in Nigeria: tackle dark spot on the face

Dark spots are noticeable on a dark skin tone easily and you and I don’t want spots to dent the effort we put into having blemish-free black skin.

When something triggers the skin to generate more melanin it could lead to stubborn dark spots on the face.

Things like insect bite and cut can lead to dark spots on the face and sometimes, they may take longer to fade off and some may last forever.

Either way, one of the ways of getting rid of dark spots on the face is by trying a product that is formulated with Aloe and Glycolic Acid.

L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Derm Intensives 10% Pure Glycolic Acid is a product that is formulated with Glycolic Acid and Aloe Vera, and it works well by fading of dark and stubborn spots in the consistent use of morning and night.

I have not used this product before, but I have seen people that use it and heard people recommend it to others.

To be certain of how it works before giving it a shot, you can do your assignment on it by surfing the web for information on the product.

If it seems appealing to you, then give it a try.

5.   I moisturize

Moisturizing is one important step that I don’t overlook. After taking my bath, I make use of Jergens Shea butter for dark skin to hydrate my skin and prevent dryness.

I love the way this formula helps to reveal my dark skin and make it glow.

Although there are numerous moisturizers for the dark that works well and I have tried a few but, I found out that Jergens Shea butter works better on my skin.

Sometimes at night, I rub Shea butter directly into my skin because of how rich this natural formula is and the wonders it does to my skin.

In the daytime, I make use of Jergens Shea butter as this product will go down into my skin and help to bring out a skin three times more radiant, supple, and moisturized without sticky or greasy after-feel.

6. I eat well

My dad will always say to me that, James, what is the essence of taking your skincare routine seriously if you would not eat well.

Do you see? I am a kind of foodie and I am proud to say it.

The point here is that you should eat a proper diet if you want your effort to have flawless skin to show and worth it.

Make sure to abstain from junk foods because the oil in them is not healthy for your skin and health. Instead, opt for freshly cooked delicacies prepared at home.

7.      Drink a lot of water

Are you thinking of how to get glowing skin naturally? Then you should know that;

Drinking clean water regularly will keep your skin hydrated better than any hydrator you could lay your hands on and it will help you to flush away any harmful substance that may want to harm your body.

8.      I sleep well

What could be so refreshing and rejuvenating as having a good rest? I sleep well at night and also use my leisure time to sleep in the day.

Sleeping is one great beauty and healthy skin pill that should not be overlooked.

After taking good care of my face by maintaining a good face care routine I don’t stop there, I move on to taking proper care of my whole body too, and that is what makes my skincare routine for dark skin complete.

Without taking much of your time, let me quickly show you how I take care of my whole body and the products I make use of.

Body care routine

The majority of people will stop at taking care of the face, and they will proudly say that they are following the appropriate skincare routine for their dark skin in Nigeria and the world at large and not only people with dark skin, most fair skin types also stop at face skincare routine.

You should pay attention to every part of your body if you want to have overall even and flawless skin.

You see, when you focus your attention alone on the face, only the face will look beautiful while the remaining part of the skin will look uneven and not too beautiful.

So why should you pay attention to your body? To get rid of discoloration, hives, stretch marks, and other blemishes on the body.

You have to give your body the care it needs to stay flawless just like your face.

Enough of the talk and let me show you how my body care routine looks like.

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1.      Shave your underarms when necessary

This is something I don’t joke about. I make sure to shave my armpit to get rid of every unwanted hair, dark underarm, and any form of bumps. I don’t do this frequently so that my underarms will not become dark and too dry.

So what I do is:

  • Get a new shaving stick (I make use of Bic)
  • Get a small bucket of water and my shaving gel

Then gently shave off every unwanted hair and wipe clean my shaving stick from hair clinging to it with water. Doing this also helps to keep my armpit hydrated and for easy shaving. Then I moisturize my armpit after shaving.

2.      Use deodorants on your armpit

I make use of Nivea Dry Fresh Roll-on for men, 48h-50ml deodorant to keep my armpit fresh and saint nice.

This roll-on is made of 2 anti-per spirant activities to provide instant freshness and protection against sweat and armpit odor. It is a formula for men and it can last for 48 hours while providing you with all-around freshness.

As a lady, you can also search for a roll-on deodorant that’s formulated for ladies by visiting Jumia or a local store on your street.

3.      I shave the hair on my legs

I know that most people like keeping hair on the legs and people term it to be something beautiful, but for me, it’s a no-no.

I never for once enjoy having hair on my legs as it just does not make me feel comfortable. Maybe because I am used to having a hairless leg.

It’s not that I don’t have hair on my legs, I am a type of hairy person and if I want to have full-grown hair on my legs, I just have to let them grow for a month and the hair on my leg will be fully grown.

But I like keeping my legs smooth and hairless.

As a lady, you will want to make shaving a habit too, because of the days you will wear a body con dress or skirt.

4.      I try to lighten dark knees and elbow

With the hope of keeping my legs flawless and spotless, I make sure to try and tackle dark knees on my legs with some simple homemade remedies and it works at keeping my knees fresh.

In case you want to lighten dark knees and get rid of thick dead cells on your knees just like I do, then follow my routine below.

  1. I rub fresh Aloe Vera

I have a pot of aloe beside my window and every night, I use the Aloe gel to rub on my knees and elbow every day for exfoliation purposes.

If you don’t know, Aloe can lighten the skin and remove dead cells.

  • I also use coconut oil to freshen and lighten my knees and elbow.

Coconut oil works well too because of the presence of vitamin E that can help to lighten dark areas of the skin and prevent irritation on the skin.

I do make use of Aloe Vera gel to remove dead cells on my knees and elbow by letting it stay on my knees for 20 minutes before washing it off, and before I apply coconut oil on those places to hasten the process.

These home remedies for dark knees and elbows work well, and to see a better result, make use of them at least three times a week.

3.   I use varicose vein gel flattening cream

I often use this vein flattening cream on my legs because I am the type of guy that loves to work out and prior to heavyweight that I lift while standing (squat), there is a high chance of thick vein appearing on the back of my legs so that is why I opt for this flattening cream to get rid and prevent the appearance of vein.Want to stay unique? Subscribe today

This flattening cream is very silky and absorbs quickly into the skin, it will make the skin feel cool and wonderful.

This skincare product does a lot more than just flattening the vein; it fights against itching and burning. It can give quick relief to pain, especially the one that comes with pregnancy.

There is something I love about varicose vein flattening cream, is that it will give a radiant, glowing skin (leg) and it will clear all swollen green veins on the skin, especially for fair people.

4. I don’t joke with moisturizing

As you all know that I have a dark skin tone and to get the best of my skin, as said earlier I make use of Jergens Shea butter to keep my radiant, even, protected, and soft.

Moisturizing regularly is one of the important steps you should take when thinking of having a perfect skin tone. It is even advised by beauty experts and dermatologists to moisturize the skin with a good moisturizer that suits your skin type to get supple, glowing, even, and radiant skin.

I use Jergens Shea butter because it can give long-lasting hydration to the skin and it is formulated with unique hydralucence blends of ingredients plus African Shea butter.

And it melts into the skin to keep it smooth, nourished, and silky smooth.

If you have dull skin or dry skin, this moisturizer is a must for you as it will help you to restore your skin luminosity and enhance your overall body look.

Since I have been using this moisturizer I haven’t gotten any choice to let it go.

That is how my body care regimen looks like and I hope you enjoy reading skincare routines for dark skin in Nigeria as much as I enjoyed writing and typing them.

For the ladies in the house

Let me give some extra tips that will make your body care regimen complete.

My dear ladies, have you ever wondered why some ladies’ skin glow so much that you feel like swapping skin with them?

It’s because they know the ultimate secret to achieving a perfect skin tone. You see, most ladies don’t know the secret to it and if you are one of them, thank goodness you are reading this post.

Find out the secret to glowing skin.

Conclusion on skincare routine for dark skin in Nigeria

Caring for your skin every day should be your priority and you should not joke with your skincare regimen if you want to achieve flawless skin.

There is a difference between knowing so many amazing skincare routines for dark skin and applying them every day.

To think of it, it’s not people’s fault to not follow their beauty regimen religiously, it is the problem of not knowing what works for their skin and what does not.

That is why I will advise you to, first of all, get to know your skin and things that work on your skin and also things that don’t.

When you become familiar with your skin, getting the best out of it, and giving it the best with little effort won’t be difficult.

Don’t forget to take care of your body because it is the only place you live in.

Over to you

It’s time to listen to you and get some useful tips from you too. So tell me, how do you see my post on skincare routine for dark skin in Nigeria? What does your skincare routine look like? What is the secret of your glowing dark skin? What beauty products do you invest in to achieve your radiant dark skin?

Just drop it in the comment box and let us rub minds together.

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