Latest ladies hairstyles in Nigeria 2021

Latest ladies hairstyles in Nigeria.

Looking for one of the best hairstyles in Nigeria to rock this week? I have what you need.

Nigerian women are so blessed with varieties of hairstyles to switch to from time to time but the most important thing is to have a hairstyle that suits the head and fits the personality.

It is true to say that rocking a new hairstyle will boost your confidence level.

Ask me how?

Let me tell you when you rock a new hairstyle that fits you well, a lot of guys will give you that green signal and some might even compliment you( that’s me, I like complimenting ladies in new and decent hairdos).

And that alone has done it, girl!

It is very important to take good care of your head( hair) as the Bible even made it known to us that: your hair( woman hair) is the crown of your glory.

So why won’t you give that crown of glory the perfect care it deserves?

Bottom line is that every woman looks sweet and more presentable when they rock a new hairdo.

To give your hair the care it wants will only take a few hours of your time, and you will be set for the next 2 weeks or some months depending on your choice of hairstyle.

That is why I have made a thorough research and I have compiled some hairstyles in Nigeria for you and not just hairstyles, they are hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women.

So, tell me, what is the major reason for going for that new hairdo?

I know you want to appear appealing and beautiful every time but what is the real catch? Your man of course!

You want to look all beautiful for your man.

Let me make myself an example, there are some certain hairstyles in Nigeria that I love so much and love to see my lady rocking.

I love to see my lady rocking cornrows, buns, braids, Ghana weaving, and Anita baker’s hair cut just to mention a few.

And good enough, she knows this and she does surprise me with new styles that I love every time. To make it a surprise, she won’t let me follow her to the saloon.

Funny isn’t it?

All men love surprises from their ladies.


There are numerous reasons I love these hairstyles but, let me tell you some, these styles are natural, simple, elegant, classy, and beautiful.

I can bet that one out of the hairdos is a hairstyle Nigerian men love to see on a woman, including your man.

But wait!

Is there a difference in hair, hairstyles, and style? Do they have any connection? How do they impact a person and what opinion does everyone have on it?

Let’s talk about it for a moment.

What is hair?

Hairs are protein filaments that grow from the skin (follicles found in the dermis)to form a mass coverage for the human head.

A tough protein called keratin is the major factor to look at whenever you think of hair.

According to Wikipedia, hair is one of the things that define the characteristics of a mammal and it refers to two distinct structures.

That is, the beneath of the skin which is known as follicle or the bulb, or root that is located in the dermis which helps to maintain stem cells that can help to regrow the hair whenever it falls out.

Not only that the organ will help to regrow fallen hair, but it can also help to fasten the healing of the skin when wounded.

Wiki also made it known that the formulation or growth of the hair starts from the inside of the hair follicle which means that the living portion of the hair is and can be located in the follicle and the visible hair that you and I can see is the shaft.

The shaft that you and I can see, is considered dead (the living part of the hair is inside the follicle) because it does not exhibit biochemical activity.

As further explained by Wikipedia, the base of the hair root which is the bulb contains the cells that produce the hair shaft.

As you and I can see that before the appearance of the hair we comb, plait and barb, it started its journey from follicles that can be found in the dermis. And every hair strand you can see and touch is made up of medulla, cortex, and cuticle.

The other structure of the follicle includes a sebaceous gland that produces oil to lubricate the hair and arrector pili muscles that give the hair the strength to stand up.

That is why we as humans develop goosebumps in areas of the body that have no to little hair whenever we are exposed to cold, surprise, or terrified.

According to Oasdom, hair is a filament that grows from the follicle to give mass coverage to the human head. 

You can go to the Wikipedia post on hair to know more about your hair and how it’s formed.

Let’s keep moving.

What is a hairstyle?

People will believe that hairstyle is just how you twist the hand on the hair, make use of the comb and the method involved in making a hairdo, and I believe that too.

And it goes way beyond that.

A hairstyle is the various methods used in creating different hairdos and it is the professional skill that is involved in beautifying a person’s hair.

A hairstyle can be further broken down to be the determinant of a person’s personality and signatory to a perfect dressing. If your hairstyle does not fit you, then you won’t catch the vibe of a perfect outfit.

What is style?

Your style is your personality and individuality. Style is that unique way you prefer to do your thing or the way you prefer your appearance to look like, the way you prefer your hairstyle to look, and the way of your life in general.

So, how does style relate to your hairstyle?

It does relate with your hairdo style in various ways that even I cannot finish talking about.

Take a look at it from this angle, if you prefer dreadlocks to any other type of hairdo and you rock it confidently, and then it means that dreadlock fits into your style.

And if it does fit into your lifestyle, definitely it will automatically become your number one hairstyle out of all because it speaks well of your individuality and personality.

You will agree with me that it’s not possible to go for a type of hairstyle that does not suit your style and personality. It won’t just give you a perfect look and making the wrong choice of hairdo will send the wrong message to people and it can make you seem complicated.

 Okay, let me make myself an example here again.

I am the type of guy that seems to like a decent hairstyle, and people that know me know that I only rock decent hairstyles that even if you haven’t met me before, you will be able to tell by just looking at me for the first time. 

So, how will I appear to you in a Mohawk style? You would say that it does not fit me, period. And if it does not fit me, it does not fit my style because I won’t be comfortable rocking that hairstyle and it won’t speak well of my personality.

Bottom line is that: your hairstyle and your style work hand in hand to define your personality and individuality.

What connection do style and hairstyle have?

As said above, everything works hand in hand to give you a befitting hairstyle that will fit your style and speak well of you.

If a hairstyle does not seem appealing to you, that shows that it’s not your unique style and it won’t result in something that you will like, rock confidently and it won’t get that green light from your man.

It’s like asking a person working in a formal organization to wear T-Shirts and cargo shorts to the office. How will that look like to the person and to you that sees the person?

Bottom line is that: your way of style and hairstyle works together to help you know what hairstyle in Nigeria you should go for, and the type of hairstyles in Nigeria you should not dare to do.

Let’s keep going.

How does a hairstyle impact a person?

A good and befitting hairstyle will positively impact you trust me.

  • It will make you look bold
  • Your hairdo will add confidence to your outfit
  • It will define you even before you tell people what you like and what you don’t.
  • It will make you stand out from other people
  • It will make your man cherish you more

Having a hairstyle that fits your style has numerous benefits that we can’t even finish discussing and that is why I pin-point the important one that you and I should not overlook.

What opinion does everyone have on it?

Everybody has something to say when it comes to hairstyles in Nigeria and everybody has something to say about hairdos that fit their various styles.

But, don’t forget that the style that seems appealing to you may not be a go-to hairdo for another person.

That is, we are creatures with a choice. Everybody has a say when it comes to hairstyle, everybody knows the type of hairdo they will willingly and joyfully rock and as well, we all have those hairstyles we despite.

It’s a matter of choice.

Before diving into the hairstyles in Nigeria for ladiesthat I have taken my time to compile, I will like to call your attention to something and which is what you must put into consideration before picking that nice hairdo.

The big and important questions that every lady that wants to change her look (hairstyle) must ask herself are:

1. Will it fit me?

Fitness matters pretty! Nobody will deliberately have some kind of hairdo that won’t even compliment the face.

I have seen ladies that give in hours to plait that beautiful style they saw on a friend and after plaiting the style they go home and lose it.


Probably because someone told them that it doesn’t fit or they discover it themselves.

I like making myself an example and what I am about to say appeals to almost everybody (men and women).

There is some hairstyle that does not fit me and since I know that I won’t even dare to have them. I am talking of Obama style, skin cut, and Mohawk! This applies to everybody. We all have that hairstyle that’s a no-no.

Some ladies rocks braiding or braid well while it doesn’t fit some, some rocks fixing hairstyles well while it does not appeal to some.

As they prefer haircuts to braids.

Either way, we all have those hairstyles that seem like a haven when we want to impress that special someone and we equally have those styles that are no-go areas.

2.Will it define my personality

Some hairstyles in Nigeria won’t speak well of you and which you should try to avoid at every means.

3.Can I afford it?

Being able to carry the expenses is something you should give thought to.

Let’s take Brazilian hair for an example: Brazilian hair is a type of hair that seem to look expensive, so if you don’t give it a second thought before opting for it, it may make you almost go broke and if you are not careful or don’t plan enough and don’t look at your account balance before swiping your card on the machine or punching does codes to buy online, you may go broke after buying this hair.

And this hair has grades.

Meaning, they come in different quality and at different prices.

So, instead of draining your pocket to buy Brazilian hair, why not find another hairstyle in Nigeria to rock and it won’t matter as long as it fits you and make sure it’s at least a bit expensive.

You can try braided hairstyles like crochet braids, cornrows, and styles like Ghana weaving.

If you fancy haircuts, you can also give it a good shot as long as it will give you a perfect look.

4.Does my job allow it?

Here is another thing you should put into consideration before going for that hairstyle, your job. Some of the women in Nigeria do not put their job in thought before opting for that new hairdo, and they just want to rock that style because it’s in vogue and they are anxious to follow the trend.

Relax, there is time for everything.

For now, rock that simple, natural, and lovely hairstyle to work, and when you are on leave or holiday, then you should rock that bold and elegant style you have always had in mind.

And if your job allows any type of a hairdo, nothing stops you from pulling that stunt, my lady.

The bottom line is: you should consider your job before you have that new hairdo to avoid unnecessary drama at your workplace.

5.Will my man love it?

Hmm…..this is the part I love most and it is the part every lady should put first.

It comes as number five on my list but, it should come first on your list as a woman because, if your man, be it husband, fiancé and boyfriend do not like the hairdo, your confidence level will reduce instantly.

And you won’t rock that gorgeous style to the fullest. The thought that it does not appeal to your man will make you think it won’t appeal to every other man out there.

However, it may not matter if your man is the kind of person that is old fashioned. I mean that, if your man only loves to see natural shuku on you, natural clap hairstyle, and traditional rubber hairdo on you.

Either way, make your hairdo appealing to your man first before every other factor. Put your man first.

What are the latest ladies hairstyles in Nigeria in 2021?

Let me tell you something first, there are numerous hairstyles in Nigeria and even in the world entirely that you and I may not have even heard of, and to give you the best, that is why I have compiled some hairdos that have stood the test of time in Nigeria, and will continue to be in vogue.

Braided hairstyles in Nigeria

Braids are the old and yet rocking style that has made a victorious comeback in Nigeria and Africa.

Looking at the year’s braided hairstyles have been doing the trick, most people would have given a thought that it will soon become an old fashion but guess what, it becomes more trendy, elegant and stylish. It’s just evergreen.

You just can’t get it wrong with braids.

Do you know why?

Let me tell you. Braids can help you to protect your hair from falling, it can help to grow your hair, looks great on every wearer, it has varieties of styling options, and gives room to rocking different colors of hair without having to apply hair dye.

This means, if you rock a braided hairstyle, you will get every benefit it can offer, and especially, it gives the wearing opportunity to almost every lady. 

With braids, there is almost an option for every face shape.

Let’s look at some braided hairdo that can draw glamorous attention to your head and add a fashion statement to your look.


The ponytail is the new fashion as it has found its way back in the early days in Nigeria and a lot of Nigerian women are fond of ponytails (shuku) and it’s one of the hairstyles in Nigeria that got Nigerian men speechless whenever they see it on women.

Ponytails are done by braiding the hair towards up just like a bun and the tails resting on your shoulders depending on how long it is.

And it can be done by just stylishly braiding up like a bun, that is, packing the hair at the top of the head in whatever form you like.

Many people like styling it to form zero.

Shuku (ponytail) fits almost every type of head and face shape.

The most interesting aspect of this hairstyle is that it is now done more interestingly and fashionably compared to the olden day’s way of doing a ponytail.

To prove that right to you, you can check out my beautiful pictures of ponytails hairstyle below.

The interesting part is that this hairdo has made a fashion statement among American women and it does not show any sign of slowing down.

2.Crown braids

Crown braids are an awesome type of hairdo as it does not take much time to get fixed; it’s elegant and adds luxury to the wearer.

Crown braids are done braiding the hair across the edges of the head or front of the hair.

If you want to give this hairstyle the best shot, add some extensions and if you have the volume, you should probably leave it like that.

Whichever way you want to rock this style, it will surely bring out the beauty of your hair and give you a bold and confident look.

3. Cornrows

Talking of one of the best ladies hairstyles in Nigeria, then you should talk of cornrows.

Cornrows or all back is a simple, stylish, natural, and elegant braided hairstyle that almost every Nigerian man adores on his woman.

This style can be styled in so many ways but generally, the cornrow is braided to the back as the name implies “all-back”

However, you can as well braid your cornrow to the right-back side of your head or the left-back side of your head and it will still look awesome.

To make it look all put together and eye-catching, style the front side of your hair that is not plaited with hair gel to make it glued to your head and set it with some little shampoo to make it look all dapper.

This hairstyle suits women with oval and round-shape faces the most.

Depending on your choice and color of a weave, you can use black weave for the front and your head area then spice things up with gold weave at the all back section. That’s dope!

I am not trying to tell you what color of the weave to use. I am only talking from the point of the colors of weave men like to see on women.

Either way, you should rock your cornrow with the type of weave and color that seem appealing to you and fit you well.

Beautiful cornrow hairstyle

This all back braided style fits almost every type of face and head shape, they don’t take a lot of time to get fixed and it’s convenient on the head.

To care for your cornrow hairdo, you should try not to wash it frequently, and if you must do, use gentle hair shampoo to wash it, and rinse properly with cool water, then condition it to avoid hair breakage and dandruff

4.Beaded braids and fringe

This is a Nigerian hairstyle for ladies that don’t have voluminous hair.

It does not call for cutting your hair to meet the desired length to rock your bangs.

If you will agree with me, braids do not need to be long before rocking them beautifully. You can just make them into bangs and it will still give you that confident look of the Latest hairstyles in Nigeria: Crochet braiding

Talking of one of the latest ladies’ hairstyles in Nigeria, then you should probably give crochet a second look.

Crochet braid also known as latch hook braids got its name because a hook is used to attach the extension to a woman’s hair.

If you are the type of woman that wants a hairstyle that offers spring curls and twist, then crochet is your number one option.

There are varieties of crochet braids you can rock.

Depending on the type of crochet braid that suits your personality and style, I will suggest that you rock the one that gives you the bold and confident look and yet, beauty!

This hairstyle is a hair protector, friendly with the hair and gives room to hair extension of different textures, shades, and length, and lasts longer (a month depending on the quality of extensions, the method used in braiding, and how you maintain it) for that reason, most women love crochet braids.

Check out the images below to get inspiration for your next crochet braid style.

To maintain the look and quality of your braids, always remember to wear a silk head net before going to bed.

Knotless box braid

Knotless braid is loved by many people because of the good things it has to offer the wearer.

Knotless braids are pain-free, very light on the head, and cause less tension on the scalp.

The fact that knotless braids do not have knot like box braids, makes it better to be worn by people that are tender headed or hate hairstyles that will cause tension to the scalp.

The interesting aspect of this style is that it can be worn for 6 to 7 weeks depending on how well you take care of your hair(how well you maintain it).

This hairstyle takes much time to be done; it can take up to 5 to 6 hours depending on the size and length. 

So if you want to rock this type of hairdo next time you visit the saloon, be ready to sit for hours.

One of the downsides of knotless braids is that it can take time to get done and if you can give in the time for it to be done, you will enjoy wearing it.

Some people mistake Knotless braids with Box braids, so what is the difference between knotless braid and box braid?

Let me tell you the difference between Knotless braid and Box braid.

Knotless braids are knot-free, and it’s started by using your natural hair to start the braid before using the braiding hair gradually during the process.

The fact that it is knot-free makes it pain-free and lasts longer than box braid.

Those alone make many people love it.

While box braids are started by forming a knot to secure the braid to your hair and which may however cause tension to the scalp.

Box braids are an awesome hairstyle and it has gained ground too in Nigeria, so if you can endure the pain at first, then you will enjoy wearing it.

Fixing hairstyles in Nigeria

I have always seen my mum, sisters, and friends rocking fixed hairstyles but I never really understood why needles and thread go into the hair, and not till some years ago when it became a thing of popularity among my schoolmates.

I saw how needles and thread are being used to knit artificial hair (weave-on) round the head and plaiting and fixing follows.

To be sincere, weave styles are one of the trendiest and latest ladies hairstyles in Nigeria that can get eye-popping when rocked in either, straight, wavy, long, short, and medium short.

If I may say, the aftermath of every lady sitting for hours and getting their hair knitted with needle and thread is beautiful and will continue to be beautiful.

Ghana weaving

I so much admire a well-styled Ghana weaving on ladies whenever I see one. This style has come to stay in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Ghana weaving consists of cornrows, twisting, and braiding and can be styled into all back, zig-zag, rice and beans, big and small lines, and patterns just by adding a little extension to the hair.

Ghana weaving will help you add a finishing touch to your outfit, draw attention to your beautiful face, and drive your look to top-notch.

We (men and women) all cherish it.

Virgin hairstyle

Or should I call this set of people “natural”? Some ladies still rock Africa’s natural hairstyles.

What do I mean?

Some ladies don’t use anything chemical on their hair they just let the hair alone grow naturally and without boosting it with relaxers.

It’s not an easy task to keep your virgin hair going. And for those that braced up and kept it growing and taking proper care of it, kudos to you, you are the real MVP.

Natural hair has become a unique vibe in Nigeria and that is why you will always see ladies with virgin hair flaunting it, and doing everything they can for people to see their hair and compliment them.

Abeg flaunt it! You earn it already.

Virgin hairstyle cannot be overemphasized because it is in vogue and it does not show any traces of slowing down.

Talking of trendy hairstyles in Nigeria as of 2021, then natural hairstyles cannot be overlooked, and that is why ladies with this hair rock it to the fullest and even go the extra mile to style it in different ways that please them and get more heads spinning.

How can I style my natural hair in Nigeria?

As a Nigerian lady, you can style your natural hair into numerous styles that ooze beauty and elegance.

Ask me how, and I will tell you.

I am glad that you asked!

Okay, here are ways to style your natural hair.

  • Braided crown
  • Twisty topknot
  • Bun
  • Double Braid Bun
  • Afro

Hair cut style

Have you ever had a nice haircut before? How do you look? I will leave you to answer that.

Rocking a haircut will bring a lot of attention to your face.


Most of the time, haircuts usually make the face appear bold and bring out a more beautiful face, make you look fresh and dope, give you a bold look and give attention to your makeup.

Ladies with haircuts never get it wrong when taking every advantage of the haircut to make a fashion statement. Either rogue type of hair cut or the simple curly low cut and Anita Baker style.

As for me, I love seeing ladies rock cool and exotic haircuts even skin as long as it suits your personality and compliments your face.

Haircut styles like Afro rough curl, short curly hair, and skin are some of the gorgeous Nigerian hairstyles that Nigerian men love to see on women.

You will catch more attention rocking afro rough curls especially if you have swags under your slip to pull along with your hairdo.

If you are not sure of the type of haircut that will speak your beautiful language, see the below images for inspiration.

Conclusion on latest ladies hairstyles in Nigeria

The way you appear is the way you will be addressed, and that begins from your head.

Even the Bible made it known to us that a woman’s hair is her glory, and that is why it is important to take care of your glory by giving your hair the care it deserves.

But before going for any type of hairstyle, don’t forget to ask yourself the discussed questions like:

Will it suit your personality?

Will you be able to afford it?

Does your job call for it?

And will your man love it?

If you have successfully answered those questions without guilt, then you will be able to make the right choice of hairdo from the above hairstyles in Nigeria, and I can promise that it will fit you and drive your confidence level to a notch.

Over to you

It’s a long post, I know that myself, and I am grateful you read every word as much as I am happy to write it and I will always be happy to provide great content for you.

So, now tell me, what hairstyle do you love to rock? Which hairstyle do you think that does not look good on you? Which hairstyles in Nigeria do you think of rocking in 2021? And finally, which hairstyle does your man love to see on you?

So pretty put it in the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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