How to sanitize your makeup kit and beauty products In Nigeria

Do you know how to sanitize your makeup kit and beauty products in Nigeria and every part of the world? sure you might have heard or been trying to know how to properly do it.

To get rid of bacteria and any type of infection, it is so important to sanitize your makeup and beauty kit. Especially the ones that come in contact with your skin, like your make-up brush, mascara wand, and a lot more.

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You have to make sure that every of your makeup and beauty products is well sanitized so that bacteria won’t grow and multiply on your makeup and beauty accessories and to avoid being infected by any type and form of infection.

Now you get the basics, let us delve into the main deal that is ways you and I can take proper care of our makeup and beauty accessories/products.

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A popular makeup artist Sarah freeman has shown us how to sanitize our beauty product and makeup kit, and accessories so that you and I will be free from infections and any type of contagious diseases or viruses that could be gotten from makeup accessories.

Your makeup Brushes

Sarah said that to keep your brushes free of bacteria, you should spray them with alcohol and then wipe your make-up brushes one after the other thoroughly with tissue paper. If you don’t or cannot get alcohol, you can also use an anti-bacterial spray to get rid of every form of bacteria.

How to sanitize your makeup kit and beauty products in Nigeria.
Image source: Pexels.

You can also wash your brushes with soap and water, and then let them dry before packing them back into a well-sanitized container or your brush kit.

She said that you and I should do this now and then that we make use of our beauty products and accessories to keep them fresh and free from bacteria.

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Your Foundation

Sarah said that sometimes you don’t get to know how dirty your foundation is till you set to clean it out.

Should you neglect your foundation when taking care of other beauty products? No, as you just said too. So, let us get to how to give your foundation the hygiene it deserves said Sarah, you should get a cotton bud, get either an anti-bacteria spray or alcohol ready, then, dip your cotton bud into the alcohol or anti-bacteria spray and clean your foundation out. 

To make the cleaning process much easier, you can use tissue paper and an anti-bacteria gel to clean your foundation and it will keep it fresh and free from bacteria which will make you safe and free from infections.

 Your powders and palettes

She said that you should pour anti-bacteria or something like Isopropyl alcohol (the product she uses) into a container with a spray mouth and spray directly into your palettes and powder then let it dry before packing it into your makeup kit.

She chose to use Isopropyl because it has 70% alcohol, which is very easy at killing germs and bacteria and she recommends it to anyone that cares about her makeup products and kit.

Your Pencils and Sharpeners

As advised by Sarah, advised that you should soak your sharpeners into a bowl with either alcohol in it or anti-bacteria like Isopropyl alcohol for about 5 minutes to get rid of every bacterium, then bring them out and wipe them clean with tissue paper.

How to sanitize your makeup kit and beauty products.
Image source: Pexels.

For your pencils wipe them clean with alcohol or an anti-bacterium and let them dry before packing them back into your makeup kit.

The makeup kit

The makeup kit itself is the house of all your makeup products; you should spray it with an anti-bacterium and, leave it for 5 minutes before using tissue paper to wipe it clean.

It is not as hard as it seems, isn’t it? Just like that, you have successfully learned how to sanitize your makeup kit and beauty products.

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As you now know the simple trick of how to keep your make-up kit and products sanitized, Sarah advice you and me to make it a routine and habit to always keep them clean before and after usage.

Dear friend, how do you keep your beauty products clean and sanitized? Kindly drop it in the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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