How to create your skincare routine in Nigeria:skincare routine that suits Nigerian weather.

How to create your skincare routine in Nigeria.

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Having a good skin care regimen is something most people don’t have a way to, today I will show you how to create your skincare routine in Nigeria and any part of the world.

A lot of people get it wrong when it comes to creating a skin care regimen because they missed some very important steps.

And I will try to make some things known to you and these things must be followed if you want to create a skincare routine that suit the Nigerian weather.

I know how confusing it may be especially if you are a beginner at skincare, with so much information you get on the internet about skin regimens.

how to create your skincare routine in Nigeria

I mean a lot of “do this, do that, don’t do this, and avoid that” I understand how confusing and frustrating that could have been.

So, you can see this guide as a skincare routine guide for beginners as well as a skincare routine guide for professionals.

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Things you should know before creating a skincare routine

Now let us get to know the basics of skincare and what should come first before creating a regimen.

1.Get to know your skin tone

If you don’t get this right you are in a never-ending battle to getting your desired skin tone. A lot of people buys skincare products because it works for lady A that has a dark skin tone and plan to use it on her light skin tone and hoping that it will work on her skin, whereas, the product is meant for a dark skin tone.

Get to know your skin: How to create your skincare routine in Nigeria

The product will only cause more damage to your skin than the intended good.

I have seen a lot of people condemning a product they used that doesn’t suit their skin tone. That is why it is very important to know your skin tone before even thinking of creating a routine.

2.What are your skin concerns

This is something you must put into consideration if you want to learn how to create a skincare routine in Nigeria.

Ask yourself some questions like “what problem does my skin face? Which area of my skin needs special attention? Before choosing your skincare products.

Get to know if you have dry skin, acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, large pores, and oily skin before you think of a regimen.

3.Research before choosing your skincare products

You are getting to somewhere if you have been able to answer does question. 

How to create your skincare routine in Nigeria:Get to know your skin.

What now? Go out, make some research about your set of skincare products, get to know how good they are, know what they will do to your skin, read reviews about them, speak with a dermatologist, make research online, interact with friends and make sure you get vital and first-hand pieces of information on skin care products that will be beneficial to your skin.

And your chosen skin care product should be in your budgeted range.

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4.Get to know when to and not use your skincare product

Let us assume that you have made your researches and have bought your skincare product. You must get to know when to use your skincare products and when not to use them. Hope you get my drift here?.

Know when to and not to use skincare product.

Some products are meant for early morning usage, and some are meant for nighttime.

You just have to read the prescription before starting.

5. start with the vitals

It will be very tempting to want to do everything when starting, but I will suggest that you start slow with your skincare routine and gradually add more to your list.

6.Don’t put your hope in the skincare products

Some skincare products will not work as they promise to and that is the reason you should not get your expectation so high on the skincare product.

Just follow the prescription and get your finger crossed on it, but you should not have to worry because I will link to skincare products that have tested the grounded and proven to work, and mind you they work for all skin tones.

7.Have patient

Patient, patient, patient, and a lot of patients. Most people don’t like the word patient, but pretty you just have to wait a bit, give your skincare products some time to kick in, and work as you anticipated.

Everything takes time to yield a better result, to get the best result from using products, you should use them for 6-8 weeks

If you get the basics in place, creating a skincare routine in a country like Nigeria and every other part of the world won’t be so hard.

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Let us keep going.

How can I create a skincare routine in Nigeria?

How to create your skincare routine in Nigeria

Creating and maintaining a skincare routine that works fine is the dream of everybody especially ladies.

So the question in your mind now is:  How can I get flawless skin in Nigeria already? Let me take you through the process of creating and having a regimen that will give you a glowing, dewy, and flawless skin tone.

Have a proper bath 

Having a proper bath is the first agency and the bedrock of any good skin care regimen. Before any other thing, you should have your bathe.

1.Use a gentle cleanser

Talking of a gentle cleanser that will deeply cleanse your skin, remove old makeup residue and get your skin ready for the daytime deal or nighttime routine, I will strongly recommend micellar water.

Micellar water.
Image source: Jumia.

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Micellar water has a lot to offer you, you can call it a multipurpose skincare product that dermatologists and beauty experts don’t joke with it. The properties used in formulating it made it very active and effective on the skin.

Micellar is made of properties like purified water, glycerin, and mild surfactants and these are cleansing compounds.

This cleanser is not just gentle, it’s very effective when it comes to removing dirt, extra oil(sebum), makeup residue and it is for all skin tones.

It will hydrate the skin, be good for dry skin, be less irritating, effective at restoring the skin glow and making the skin supple.

You should give it a try and thank me later.

Skin cleansing is very good for the skin as it will remove even the tiniest particle on the skin surface.

For skin tones that are combined or oily, gel cleansers are good for them you can also try Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel cleanser.

How to create your skincare routine in Nigeria
Image source: Jumia.

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2.Exfoliate twice a week

To have glowing skin in a country like Nigeria, you should include exfoliation in your skincare routine.

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells on the skin surface by making use of an exfoliating product like Beauty formulas New skin glycolic facial exfoliator 100ml or make use of raw African black soap to get rid of the dead skin cells and give room to the new and fresh skin cell.

Beauty formulas New skin glycolic facial exfoliator 100m
Image source: Jumia.

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I will advise that you try as much to exfoliate your skin two times a week to have amazing skin.

3.Proper skin hydration

If your skin is not well hydrated during the day, your skin will produce more oil to keep the body hydrated and in the process of your skin trying to stay hydrated, it will go overboard in producing oil and which will lead to break out and irritation.

To avoid these, you should drink a lot of water during the day and apply a lightweight skin conditioner or oil.

Stay hydrated to have a dewy skin.

4.Moisturize your body properly

Your skincare routine is never completed if you don’t have a moisturizer in your skincare product collection.

According to dermatologist and skincare experts, moisturizers on the skin serves as padlock by preventing nutrient and water loss in the body, and also make the skin soft, radiant and supple when chosen with care.

If you have oily skin, you should go for a gel type of moisturizer. You should go for gel moisturizers because they are often water-based and can penetrate the skin easily.

And if you have dry skin, you should opt for creams. Because creams are often oil base, and they can effectively hydrate your skin.

If your skin tends to be a combination skin( not too dry and oil) you should opt for lotions.

You can also give Shea butter a chance, if you don’t want to rub it in the daytime, you can do so at night when you are done with your nighttime skincare routine.

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5.Make SPF your friend

According to dermatologists and beauticians, even if your skin is so dark you should make use of sunscreen with at least SPF 13.

Exposure to the sun can cause a lot of damage to the skin such as sunburn, wrinkles, and cancer.

It is very important to make use of sunscreen products with at least SPF 30 and above.

How to create your skincare routine in Nigeria
Image source: Jumia.

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Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen product before stepping out of your house in the morning and reapply every two hours you spend in the sun.

To know more about sunscreen products, you can read my post here and you will know everything about sunscreen and the best SPF for your skin tone.

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6.Include supplements in your routine

Have you ever wondered why some people’s skin glow so much that you wanted to ask them how their skincare routine looks like?

The truth is that they know their way around it. So what is the way? Supplement.

They include some supplements in their daily routine.

I will urge you to take some supplements like Vitamin c 1000g and other supplements that will make you look great and have dey skin.

7.Remove every makeup residue before night sleep

In the laws of skincare, it is taboo to sleep with makeup and makeup residue on your face. Why? heavy makeup residue on the skin will make your pores large, and give room to every other type of skin problem like eczema, fine lines, pigmentation, and a lot more.

Start with a wiper and wipe off all makeup on the face, wash your face with a mild soap, and cleanse with a cleanser like micellar water and you will be glad you did.

Conclusion on how to create your skincare routine in Nigeria

For every woman with glowing, dewy, and supple skin free from all blemishes, there is always a skincare routine they stick to religiously.

For you to achieve your desired skin tone and look, you will have to put in some work that is STICKING TO A REGIMEN.

You don’t have to do everything right away, you just have to start and gradually include some other skincare regimen in your daily routine.

And you should be patient enough to let it work. Give it 6-8 weeks as said above and you will how well your skin will glow.

To cut the long story short, having a skincare regimen will boost your confidence level because there will be no room for acne, wrinkles, fine lines, visible large pores, and other skin issues.

Make sure to start a skincare routine today and you will be glad you did in 30 days.

Over to you

I hope you have learned how to create your skincare routine in Nigeria and every other part of the world. So tell me, do you already have a skincare routine on the ground? What difficulties are you facing? Why haven’t you started one yet? What other method do you think should be added to make a skincare routine completed? Which point do you agree or disagree with?

Kindly put it in the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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