how to buy shoes online in Nigeria: some simple tips to follow

Here is a complete guide to buy shoes online

Online shopping is now the new vibe in every part of the world now as it has now become a routine for people to shop whatever they wanted to buy online.

Shopping online has now made things easy for you and me, that you can now buy whatever you need to buy at the comfort of your home by just using your mobile phone or PC to order for what you want and without stepping out of the house.

You can buy a lot of things ranging from your toiletries, makeup products, foodstuff and a lot more with ease and without taking caution but when shopping your shoes online, you have to be extra careful as not to enter the zone of “ shopping gone wrong”.

As not to buy the wrong choice of shoe online that is why some people are so scared to buy their shoes online and prefer to buy it at a local shoe store.

Shopping shoes online is now taking the best part of the world now with the help of technology and advancement of technology online stores in every part of the world are getting larger and buying cheap, quality and durable shoes has now become easier than it was before.Want to stay unique? Subscribe today

The interesting part is that Nigeria online stores are not left out as they now ooze with elegant, long lasting and cheap shoes for everybody.

Some people are scared of buying their shoes online because they don’t want to order an oversize or undersize shoe and some they want to fall into the zone of “I order for Gucci shoe and they brought Nike”

I understand their fears and that is why I intend to show you How to buy shoes online with some simple tips that will make buying shoes online easier for you.

This simple tip on how to buy shoes online will help you to attain the height of blissful experience whenever you shop your shoes on Jumia, Konga and any other online store in Nigeria.

Now let us get to the root of the matter.

1.      Think of what you want in your dream shoe

There are different things you can get from a shoe, there are shoes that will give comfort and fitness without lasting long and there are shoes that are stylish without giving comfort to the feet and as well there are simple shoes that oozes with elegance, gives comfort and fitness.

You should have in mind what the type of shoe you want can offer you before thinking of the next step.

2.      Think of the color you want

Whatever the choice or brand of shoe you want; there is always numerous colors online, so before thinking of buying your shoe online you must have it in mind already the color of your dream shoe and get your mind fixed because when you go online to buy your shoes, your mind could get blown away when you see different and beautiful colors of your shoe type.

Knowing what you want in a shoe and knowing the color of the shoe you want will help to fasten your decision making without getting stock at the junction of “I want all” and which can make you make a bad choice of shoe.

3.      Know your shoe size

It is important to know what you wear before buying what to wear. What I am trying to say here is that you should know your shoe size by heart before making the buying decision and, as not to shop an oversize or undersize shoe online.

4.      Make a research on your chosen shoe

After having a picture of what you want in your dream shoe, go online.

Check if it is available on your chosen online store and if it’s not sold out, good for you but if it is sold already look for it in other stores. Make sure you find it in two or more stores.

5.       Compare the prices of the shoe

You should be aware that the price of your chosen shoe will vary on different online stores. To buy your shoe at a cheaper price you have to compare the price with different online stores.

You could also be lucky to find a store that’s running a promo like the Jumia black Friday and buy your shoe from them. And if your type of shoe is not available in any Nigerian online store, you should check it out overseas and don’t forget to check their shipping charges.

Some overseas online stores offer free shipping charges to deliver goods to any part of the world so I will suggest that you look out for stores like that.

6.      Look out for other customers review

This step is a very important step and action that you should take if you don’t want to end your journey to buying your shoe online.

Thoroughly read what people that have already bought the product have to say concerning the shoe they bought.

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Customers review will let you know if you should go ahead to buy your shoe online or seek another alternative.

More so, if the majority of customers have something good to say about the shoe then it’s a good indication for you to go ahead and buy the shoe and if it is the other way round then you have to make a choice of buying or not.

7.      Send an e-mail to the shoe store

This is a step you should take if you are not satisfied with the reviews you read on your shoe type.

Send a mail to the store and make enquiry about the shoe ask them things like, size , color, price, and durability of the shoe

8.      Read the specifications of the shoe

You wouldn’t want to bank from what people told you or wrote about the shoe alone, so you should click on the area where you can read the specifications of the shoe.

By doing this, you will be able to find out if the shoe meets up with your expectation and other things like; height of the person that can wear it, design of the shoe, the type of sole that comes with the shoe and the quality of the shoe leather.

By doing this, you will be certain of the shoe and make a good choice.

9.      Check the store return policy

Most of the online stores have a return policy page and what is expected of you is to spare some time to read their return policy so as to be aware of the conditions under which you can return the product you buy.

You should be able to see how their refund scheme is, if the store will carry the expenses of returning the product and if the store or company offers a full refund on returned goods.

10.  Be certain you are dealing with a real online store/company

Just like every other business out there, some online store/shopping can be operated by dubious people and can be susceptible to scammers and internet gangsters.

You have to make a thorough investigation about your choice of store especially if it’s not a popular store that people know and trust.

Online shopping is done by submitting your credit or debit card details and you must be sure not to fall in the hands of scammers.

Here are some simple safety checklist you should follow before buying your shoes online

  • Check if the company/store has an SSL certificate: The padlock icon that is being displayed beside the store address URL  is the secure socket layer.

So you should be sure that the padlock is locked. Good enough Google knows how to track down web addresses that are not secure with a locked padlock and notify you the user that the site is not secure to use or do any credit transaction on.

  • See if they include a paypal means of payment boldly on the site. You should be aware that paypal is one of the safest method of payment online.
  • Check if they accept credit card and if you must pay with your debit card, be so sure that you are dealing with a real and trustworthy online store like Jumia, Konga and Amazon to mention few because of hackers and to not fall a victim to them.
  • Look out for the design of the website: A trustworthy and real online store must have a professional web design and a good record of service


  • Be suspicious of a company that asks more than billing info, shipping info and email address from. don’t give out your phone number and your social security number.
  • Don’t make a purchase through links that are sent to you through email because it is one of the ways scammers operate and not to fall victim to them.

Now that you have learnt how to buy shoes online then it’s time to move to our final destination and which is the ultimate reason for this guide.

11.  Buy your shoes online

After taking all precautions and knowing their shoe brand, type, size and color, it is time to make the bold decision of buying those awesome shoes online. Buying shoes online can be so much meaningful and satisfying When you do it the right way.

Conclusion on how to buy shoes online in Nigeria

Buying shoes online could be something that many people don’t know how to properly do and it’s not as hard as they think it is.

If my guide on how to buy shoes online is followed without skipping a step there is a good chance of shopping online to your satisfaction.

The joy of shopping for your men’s shoes is that it can save you time, cost and energy. That is why online stores are there to make shopping easy for you and me.

To avoid being lost online, you have to be strict with your decisions and be quite certain about the brand you want to buy their product, the type of shoe you want to buy , the color of shoe you want and what your type of shoe have to offer and by following this guides you will be able to narrow down what the store have and you will be able to find your choice of shoe easily.

And don’t forget to take precautions as well. Make sure to make a thorough research on the store you want to buy from, read customers reviews on the product you want to buy and know if they have a return policy and how their return policy looks like.

If you can follow all these tips then you are sure to shop online happily.

Over to you

Now it’s time for me to sit and listen to you. Do you know how to buy shoes online before now and what are your experiences with online shopping? Have you ever tried to buy shoes online before? Have you ever experienced online shopping gone wrong before? And what is your thought on these simple tricks that will help you to shop to your satisfaction online?

Kindly put it in the comment section and lets us rub minds together.

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