How celebrities influence youth fashion


The majority of us know that celebrities are a very big influence on fashion; most especially on youth. We can all see them on television, magazines, and social media either representing other people’s fashion brands or promoting their own.

Celebrity lifestyles encourage the public a lot when it comes to the way of dressing. Yes, Fashion. Celebrities influence the public with the way they see fashion and how they rebrand it and show it to the public.

The majority of us know that celebrities are a very big influence on fashion; most especially on youth.

Especially with their faces and swags saturating social media and television. You can always see them rocking new and trendy styles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a lot more.

You will see them wearing the latest, trending and attires that are in vogue and it will make you feel like wearing the same cloth they wore. most youth typically feels like dressing the way celebrities dress when they feel they relate to a particular celebrity in terms of facial resemblance or stature.

Celebrities can be a big influence on youth fashion in various ways.

Celebrities often determine how to dress to certain events Some youth might want to go to birthday parties and they will think of how their favorite celebrity dress to certain events, and just like that they have caught a glimpse and are ready to rock it along with their favorite celebrity. 

They have a great impact on fashion trends and they teach people how to put certain outfits together and the majority of people will take the style and start rocking the same style as their favorite celebrity rock.

Research has been able to make it known that celebrities are tagged opinion makers when it comes to fashion. 

They happen to become the leader when it comes to showing what’s in vogue and what’s not

Celebrities are the determinants of style. They show people how to dress, what’s trending and people follow whatever trend and way they show. Celebrities are known for how knowledgeable they are about various trends and styles.

It is true to say that celebrities tend to have more knowledge about fashion and style than a regular person would be knowledgeable about fashion. 

The major role of trending attires on celebrities is to create awareness; the designer wants their product seen by the public and so gets more customers. 

To achieve this, a celebrity is needed to promote their brand and that’s why we see a majority of celebrities rocking new stuff in their music videos, movies, and all social media.

Every youth wants to rock it alongside their favorite celebrity; even we can now see parents encouraging their children to dress stylishly like a certain celebrity they adore.

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That shows that celebrities are doing a great job by making the general public more aware of a new clothing brand and the latest style in town. 

Celebrities can even bring up their fashion brand just like Jay Z and lots more. 

They can bring out something cool, and yes who would not like to wear what celebrities are wearing? 

You know how much confidence it will make you look and how stylish you will be.


1.Award Night

Most youths are very eager to watch MTV awards because they know that they will be flooded by celebrities with outstanding and well-tailored outfits.

Some celebrities will go the extra mile to tell us where they got their shoes, bag, pieces of jewelry, and their stylist.

A lot of youth will be ready to copy the different styles of celebrities and look out for the ones that will fit into their style.

MTV gives chance for the public to get acquainted with the new style of music be it Rap and Rock, viewers are always eager to copy new trends from celebrities especially youth.

What type of style does youth copy from celebrities?

  • High tops
  • T-shirts (oversize)
  • Large bold chains
  • Earrings
  • Makeup products and a new pattern of applying makeup
  • Type of shoe
  • Hairstyle
  • Bags
  • Purse


We can always see their faces occupying every magazine available out there either promoting content or being interviewed. 

And it is an opportunity for brands that want to catch the attention of youth to endorse a celebrity to be their mouthpiece to the youth and the entire people.

3.Music video

Have you ever watched a music video before? Yes, you just said, you will see those celebrities rocking new, elegant, and stylish attires in their music video. ‘

Celebrities use music videos to influence and promote fashion to people and, you and I will agree that it is awesome.


 Some fashion brands use celebrities directly to advertise their products on television, radio and for sure, magazines. They do this because they know their brand will go viral and get people’s attention using a fashionable superstar. 

And you and I know that it’s a very good way to create awareness to the public especially the youth.


Yes! Fashion changes every time. Fashion is interesting because of the changes and new trends that pop out every day.

People need new things and if a fashion brand does not upgrade, people, especially the youth will get bored and move to another brand that will give them what they want. 

Will you keep buying a particular product over and over if it does not upgrade? Of course not.

As for me, I don’t like a brand that does not evolve, and confirm that, you should check out what I have in my wardrobe.


1.It shows changes in a person’s life 

It shows that you are growing in fashion and you are going for better kinds of stuff.

2.We easily get bored with old things

 Let us look at it this way, do you know how it feels when you are compelled to keep eating the same food over and over and over again for 2 months, now tell me, won’t you get bored? Yes, you will get bored even before a week so it applies to fashion and fashion trends too. 

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People want a new taste and new stuff, nobody wants to keep wearing the same thing over and over again.

I have a friend that cannot do without buying new and trendy outfits every month, Dan quickly gets bored with old stuff that he distributes the old stuff to people once in a while, and buys anything that seems to be trending. You see it is so true to say that people get bored easily if there are no changes in a fashion brand for long.

You and I just love new pieces of stuff, we want to rock new designers to every occasion available, we want to look good at every time, and it’s cool looking good.

At times it’s hard to know if there is new stuff out there. 

That is the major reason celebrities make use of social media mostly and use music videos to show us that a new trend is out.

Conclusion on How celebrities influence youth fashion

Celebrities can always negatively influence the public with their mouth gaping behaviors, but I strongly believe they influence fashion in a good way especially on youth.

Mind you, what I thought to be good can look bad to you. We all have our choice and taste.

And I can strongly say that everyone has a celebrity they like and how the celebrity dress.

Celebrities will always be the number one go-to when it comes to youth fashion and fashion entirely.

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