Eyelash growth serum for real lash and brow growth

Having little to no eyebrows and lashes can make you wonder if you’re the only one in the world in that situation, not until you look around and see few people in the same situation.

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There are two options for you.

Is either you rock your sparse brow like that or you seek an alternative without a side effect.

Talking of the alternative without side effects, I am talking of eyelash growth serum for real lash and brow growth.

Does serum still work for brow and lash growth?

Yes, according to Wikipedia eyelashes or lash grows at the edge of eyelids to protect the eyes from dust, debris, and particles.

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The lash also serves as a warning or signal to danger(Just like that of a cat). It is very effective when it comes to warning the eyes of foreseen danger or threat.

But what can you do when you don’t even have a long Have a longer eyebrow and lash?

Well, there are still numerous but carefully picked ways to grow those lash again.

This time around, it will be real lashes, and not one gotten from mascara wand.

eyelash and brow enhancer

The majority of people have lost hope in their lash growth and which has made them stick to temporary solutions that can most of the time be pocket draining and time-consuming.

Some prefer having that long and full lashes gotten from perfect makeup which ends at night when removing the makeups.

Some people seek temporary solutions by keeping appointments every two weeks at the beauty store to get their last extended.

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It does not only consume their precious time and money but it also does more harm than good to the lash.


It makes those with sensitive skin react to some of the ingredients used in making the lash.

Gone are the days when people don’t know how to go about growing their lash and eyebrow.

And if you are still finding a way to make them look real and grow steadily, I am giving you 5 eyelash growth serums for real lash and brow growth.

What is eyelash serum?

According to Tariemi post on all you need to know about eyelash serum, it is made known that eyelash serums are a lightweight and silky liquid product that helps to lengthy and thicken eyelashes.

These serums are awesome because they make sure that to remove fear and doubts from the user by working as supposed.

By making use of original serums, you won’t have to book an appointment with a beautician again.

The majority of these serums contain ingredients like peptides, prostaglandin, paraffin wax, castor oil, and other hair growth ingredients you can find in hair boosters.

Although it could take up to a month or less depending on the user’s ectoderm and how fast their hair grows.

On the other hand, it is worth the time and you will be glad you did.

How can I increase my eyebrow and eyelash growth?

To improve your eyebrow and eyelash growth, you are going to remove every makeup residue from your face with mild soap and warm water, then wipe it clean with a clean towel.

And if your makeup tends to be waterproof, you can get rid of it with a cleansing product like micellar water.

Micellar water will remove even the most stubborn makeup residue and won’t harm your brows.

Image source: Jumia.
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Another thing about this cleanser is that it won’t harm your lashes and won’t clog your pores.

This cleanser is suitable for all skin types.

After that, apply your chosen serum from the depth of your lashes to the end.

To get the best of it, you will only need two drops of your chosen eyelash growth serum.

Also, make sure to use it at least four times a week.

By doing that, you will be able to increase your eyebrow and lashes growth, even in a short time.

Normally, you should see a reasonable result in a month.

Does eyelash serum work on eyebrows?

Yes, you can use your chosen eyelash serum on your eyebrow and it will work effectively.

According to health.com and Dr. Jaliman, it is made known that most of the eyelash serum can be used on eyebrows.

They are effective on eyebrows just as they are on eyelashes.

These serums can give the brow the fullness and thickness they needed just as they will to the lashes.

The one thing you should make sure of is to choose the type of serum carefully.

And check if your skin is not allergic to any of the ingredients used in formulating the serum.

What is the best eyelash and eyebrow growth serum already if I read your mind correctly?

Now let us delve into the carefully, well-researched serums for your lash and brows.

5 eyelash growth and serum for real lash and brow growth in Nigeria.

1. FEG Eyelash enhancer serum.

FEG eyelash enhancer serum is trusted by thousands of Nigerians because of its ability to stimulate hair follicles and aid proper growth of the lashes and brows.

Image source:Jumia.
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It provides essential nutrients that will aid fast and proper growth of the lash, make it thick, strong and give it length.


Purified water, sodium chloride, citric acid, disodium phosphate, cellulose gum, benzalkonium chloride

This serum is proven to work effectively in 2-3 weeks of usage.

Why should you use FEG eyelash enhancer serum?

This serum has a lot of benefits to offer you, your lashes, and your brows.

Ranging from making them longer, darker, thick, and stronger in a matter of 3 weeks of usage.

It does not irritate the skin, its ingredients are carefully picked and it can make the lashes curl as they grow.

To get the best of this serum, make sure to wash off any makeup mascara residue on your face.

Wipe your face clean, then apply your serum directly to the skin’s upper eyelid margin at the base of the lashes.

Then repeat the process four times a week.

2. Cover coco 7 days eyelash enhancer 100% natural growth serum.

This lash and brow serum are no doubt one of the best eyelash growth serums for real lash and brow growth in Nigeria.

It can make your lash longer, make it thicker make it fuller, and can be used for brow growth.

There have not been harmful complaints so far and no harmful effects on the skin of users.

It will work just fine to bring out a long and full-grown lash.

Moreover, it aids the proper growth of your eyebrow as well.

3. Aliver eyelash growth enhancer serum

You can not get it wrong with this serum.

It will help you grow your lashes in few times of usage and naturally.

Aliver eyelash growth serum is proven to increase lash and brows length, improve its thickness and give it a dark tone.


Water,l-arginine, hyaluronic acid, vitamin Aurea A.

Why should you use Aliver eyelash growth enhancer serum?

There are many reasons why most people choose this serum.

Those reasons range from genuine eyelash growth, effective eyebrow growth, darken the lash and brow, increase lash length, and proven to be effective by beauty experts.

To get the best result, all you need to do is apply it gently like you will use your eyeliner.

When about to sleep at night and rinse it in the morning.

Repeat this every night for better results.

4. Eyelash growth serum biotin and peptides lash 7.5 ml

If you ever wanted and need to grow a full eyelash and looking for a way to boost your lash growth, then this is for you.

W biotin lash serum is formulated with natural and organic ingredients.

That will help to soothe, enhance and give a rapid growth of lash and brows.

The active ingredient in w biotin will make your lashes and brow grow fuller, thicker, and longer.

Why should you use W biotin and peptides lash 7.5 ml?

This lash and brow enhancer serum does not contain ingredients that will irritate your skin.

It is made of active ingredients like biotin and other ingredients that will moisturize and give long-lasting nourishment to your lash and brows.

Your lash can’t get it wrong with this formula as it will fix every damage, make your eyelash grow thicker and longer in a few usages.

It is made of fresh cucumber, peptides, 2 amino acids, Biotin B vitamin which can help boost your hair growth.

5. Lanthome castor oil for lash and eyebrow

Lanthome castor oil for lash and eyebrow is yet another powerful and very effective serum that is specially formulated with every ingredient needed to grow longer, fuller, and thicker eyelashes.

Image source: Jumia.

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Lanthome castor oil for lash and eyebrow serum are formulated with myristoyl- Penta peptide-17 and castor.

It is an active ingredient that has been clinically tested and proven to be effective.

Beauty experts and dermatologist has also proven that it works effectively and as promised.

The peptide in it will help to stimulate keratin and foster the proper growth of your eyebrow and lashes.

Why should you Lanthome castor oil for lash and eyebrow growth serum?

Thus the USA manufactured lash and brow growth serum has been tested and proven to be effective by a dermatologist.

It has amazing ingredients that will help you grow a longer, thicker, and fuller lash/brow in a matter of 3 weeks.

This formula has also been proven to make your lash grow 82% longer in that 3 weeks of usage.

With lanthome lash and brow growth serum, you can now kiss glue and fake lashes goodbye.

Then embrace your fuller, thicker, and longer lashes and eyebrow.

Conclusion on eyelash growth serum for real lash and brow growth in Nigeria.

It will be an awesome feeling when you have a longer, thicker, and full-grown eyelash and eyebrow.

But to get that permanent and real lash and brow, you should invest in a serum that has been proven to be effective.

All the above serums are carefully picked out of the numerous eyebrow and lashes serums out there.

Making a move towards any of the listed will give you the desired lash and brow.

They don’t work magic, it takes time and works to get your desired brow.

To get the best experience with eyelash serums, make sure to look out for the ingredients used in formulating them just to be sure they are not harmful and you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients.

But be rest assured that the above are picked with you, your lashes, and your eyebrow in mind.

Moreover, every of the listed lash and brows serums works fine at enhancing your brow growth.

As well, they are formulated with hair growth ingredients.

This means that most of the ingredients are used in formulating hair boosters and hair creams.

Over to you

What type of eyelash do you have? How do you get that full and thick lash you have now?

What type of eyelash and eyebrow serum did you use? Have you used any of the serum listed before?

If yes, what was your experience?

Which other serum do you think should have made the list and why? 

Do you have any questions?

Kindly drop it in the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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