Best Beard Oil in Nigeria

Here is the best beard oil in Nigeria. Of recent, I posted an article on tested and proven ways to grow a beardand since then I have been getting emails on the best beard oil in Nigeria but before I get into it, I will like to make some things known to you and the reasons you should take the bold step of getting a beard oil for your beard.

Beard oil is essential for every man with facial hair and, it should be included in your morning routine. 

We all know that it is not possible for every guy out there to grow a beard and not to talk of full lustrous beards. Due to some reason, but genetics to mention.

That is why research has been made by researchers, and researchers have been able to come out with reasonable remedies for growing and maintaining beard in every part of the world and including Nigeria.

Best Beard Oil in Nigeria

Beard oils in Nigeria

Talking of what researchers found, that is “beard oil”. The fun part of it is that these oils can be found and bought in every part of the world and Nigeria is not left out.

I am a fan of beard growth; in fact, I had a lustrous beard sometimes ago before shaving it down to a tiny beard.

I love coming out with a new beard style whenever I visit my barber. The beauty of being a bearded guy is that you can always style it in different ways to suit your personality and fit your head shape or hairstyle.

Many guys feel jealous whenever they see a fellow guy with a full-grown and well-groomed beard, and they have nothing on their chin, well “boss man, na your gene dey suffer you”, however, you should not have to feel so down again as there are remedies to beard growth now ranging from proven home remedies to beard creams and oil.

As a matter of fact, Beards stands for something unique in the men’s cycle. According to silverravan, beards are a sign of a man coming of age and masculinity.

He also made it known that it showcases power, intelligence, and responsibility.

Don’t forget that women like guys with a beard and they love guys with well nurtured and groomed beard. 

So if you no get beard no cry yet, you go soon get after reading this post and, if you don’t know how to nurture your beard to look shiny and moisturized don’t worry too, you will learn how to groom your beard in this post.

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There is something that amazes me in Nigeria; It is that almost every Nigerian guy now grows a beard. You will hardly see a guy without facial hair. Men! Nigerian guys are blessed.

Moreover, haring facial hair makes you look all grown up, who no won look mature?

Keeping the major reason for this post at heart, I am really excited to give you the best beard oil in Nigeria. Before then, get to know about your beard oil.

In this post, you will learn the effects of beard oil on beards, get to know what happens when you don’t apply oil to your beard, the best beard oil in Nigeria, things to look out for before buying your beard oil, how to use beard oil, and where to buy your beard oil in Nigeria.

Let us get our hands dirty.

What effect does beard oil have?

You should know that beard oil does not only benefit the facial hair but most importantly to the skin under your beard. 

It will maintain, hydrate and keep the skin under your beard smooth and winkles free. Just as you keep your beard moisturized and healthy so does bead oil keep the skin underneath safe from itching and beardruff.

Beard oil will also keep your beard soft, well moisturized, and shiny that you will notice it in a matter of few use, beard oil will also serve as facial cologne to your face because of essential in the oil that can keep your beard polished and add a nice scent to it.

Moreover, beard oil can also help to fasten the growth of facial hair rapidly. This is the part every guy loves including me. 

Beard oils are formulated with beneficial essentials that will help to encourage the growth of hair on the face. “Beard” I can see you. To cap it all, it worth using beard oil.

What happens to the beard if it’s not oiled?

Well, this is something you don’t want to happen to you and your beard.

An un-oiled beard will become dry, dull, and uncomfortable in a way that it could lead to itching, look very tacky, and will not suit at all.

Take a look at what manly said in his post on the best beard cream in Nigeria, he made it known that the black man’s beard is quite different; a black man posses a short, dry, hard and a beard full of stubbles, and I agree with him.

So to keep a black man’s beard shiny, well-nurtured, and tangle free, you will need beard oil to soften your beard, moisturize your beard and give it the proper growth it deserves.

So, why should you have to go through those stress when there are varieties of good beard oils to choose from and, with few drops, your beard will be nourished, polished, shiny, scent nice and well moisturized.

What should you look out for before buying your beard oil?

I presume you have made the choice of buying a beard oil in Nigeria, but before taking that bold step that will change the look and appearance of your beard forever, you should check out some essential ingredient before making a choice.

The truth is that your beard can be made better in a matter of 3 months, and your beard can be marred in a matter of 3 months if you make a wrong choice of products.

Taking care of a black man’s beard to that well-nourished and lustrous looking beard is not that hard if you know the tricks and have found the right beard oil.

But to find the right beard oil for you is just hard in a country like Nigeria, according to manly, finding a perfect beard cream in Nigeria is hard; it is like feeding a caged lion which is hard to do.

To make it easier for you, and save you the stress of searching and searching and eventually buy the wrong product for your beard, I make sure to make proper research on the below beard oils and they are the talk of the town.

Don’t be afraid, I have done the hard work for you.

After reading this post, you can go ahead to choose any of the discussed oils in this post.

Essentials ingredients/oils to look out for before buying your beard oil either online or your local store

  • Tea tree
  • Almond oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Eucalyptus
  • Cedarwood
  • Sandalwood
  • Pinewood
  • Jojoba oil
  • Grape seed oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Apricot kernel
  • jojoba

You just have to make sure that your choice of beard oil is formulated with some of the organic oil listed above to help achieve your dream type of beard.

The Price of your beard oil

It is very important to put the price of your chosen beard oil at heart, some beard oils are very expensive that you may not want to spend on and some are affordable and yet works well on the beard.

It is human nature to want to go for products that are not expensive and yet promising.

Keeping everyone in mind, I have succinctly listed the best beard oil for everyone and price at mind.

Be aware that these beard products are proven to work fine.

Size of your chosen beard oil

The size matters a lot when thinking of buying your beard oil.

The truth is that some beard products may come in a small container and work to the fullest, and those with bigger container size may not work as much as the smaller counterparts will.

At times, the smaller container size that would not last than few weeks may work fast to give you your desired beard before you exhaust it. 

And for the bigger counterparts that will last for months, you may start seeing the results that you will see if you use the smaller container at the finishing.

If you want a beard product that will last for a long time go for a bigger size container, and if you want to see results fast go for smaller containers.

Either way, both sizes are awesome and you will get to see them in this post.

What are the best beard oil brands available in Nigeria

Below are the best beard oil in Nigerian and they can be found in large supermarkets, local beard oil shops, and online stores like jumia and Konga to mention a few.

1.Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil is formulated with jojoba oil, virgin argan

This beard oil can help to soften beards, suit itchiness and serve as a good conditioner to the skin. 

Moreover Honest Amish beard oil is organic and natural oil, it has a nice scent and it is one of the trusted beard brands in the world.

It is not new to those that have used and know this beard oil brand that it is formulated with seven premium essential oils that target proper hair growth, nourish the beard, full of minerals, full of vitamins that will help the under skin and beard health.


  • Avocado oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Virgin pumpkin seed oil
  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Golden jojoba oil
  • Virgin Argan oil
  • Kukui oil
  • Moringa oil

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You can get it at a large supermarket, an online store like jumia and the price of Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil in Nigeria range from #13.000 to #14,000depending on where you purchase it or where you want to buy it

2.Rogaine Beard and Facial Hair Fertilizer

For those that want to join the beard gang, this is for you. Rogaine Beard and Facial Hair Fertilizer will help to rapidly improve the growth of your beard and at the same time, it will nourish your beard, make it soft and silky.

This formula has been proven as the most effective solution for guys with a bald head or those that are suffering from hair loss, and those that want to grow facial hair.

As the name implies, this facial hair fertilizer will go deeply into your skin and fertilize your facial hair follicle while aiding a meaning full hair growth. Moreover, it can also be used as a remedy for baldness. 

If at any point you started noticing that some area of your head is getting bald, probably your barber mistakenly shaves off a vital part of your hair, you can use this hair fertilizer to hasten the hair growth.

You can get this hair fertilizer online, local beard oil shop, and the price in Nigeria ranges from #13,000 to #14,000 depending on where you buy or want to buy it from.

3.Mega Growth Smooth Hair Serum

This product can help to fight against hair and beard breakage that could be caused by climatic factors. It is formulated with essentials like olive, silva, argan, coconut, and avocado.

Mega growth is loved by many, and there are tons of reviews on Amazon with a 5-star review.

That means, this product is trusted by many and the 177ml is sold for #2,500 on Konga and could be higher than that if you choose to buy it at your local store.

4.Aliver Beard Growth Oil

Aliver is a kind of beard oil that can hasten your beard growth massively and it is formulated with essentials cruelty-free vegan ingredients that can help to moisturize the underneath skin while fighting dandruff or itchiness and give a fresh feeling all day. 

This oil is very easy to use and works well with any type of beard and skin and also helps to promote good growth of beard, soften unruly hair strands, and condition your beard.

This beard oil should be sold for #3,100 to #3,500 depending on where you choose to buy it from.

5.Castor oil

Castor oil is one of the best beard oil in Nigeria as it is formulated from the seed of the castor plant which is found in India.

Castor oil can be used to stimulate hair growth and it contains ricinoleic acid which is an omega-9 unsaturated fatty acid. This awesome oil can help to:

  • Reduce inflammation on the skin
  • Help to stimulate hair follicle
  • Make hair shine
  • Improve blood flow
  • Nourish the beard
  • Moisturize the beard
  • And can be used on the scalp

This beard oil can be sold for #1,100 to #2,000 for 70ml on Jumia and could be less or more depending on where you choose to buy it from.

6.Moustache oil LANTHOME Beard Growth

This beard oil can help to deeply moisturize the facial hair and underneath the skin while leaving your beard hydrated, shiny, and well-groomed.

It should be sold for #12,500 to#14.500 depending on where you choose to buy it from.

When should you apply your beard oil?

If you just bought your beard oil and you are wondering the best time of the day to apply your oil. 

Well, my honest answer is that you should apply your oil in the morning after taking your bath. 

When your face is fresh and your pore is open, then your face will be able to absorb the oil and keep your beard well-nourished, scent, nice, and keep your under skin itchy free, moisturized, and soft. 

And how should you use beard oil?

How to use beard oil

It is not as hard as thought. To get the best out of your beard oil, and to be sure that you apply your oil properly hat you have to do is:

  • Take your bath or wash your face with a lukewarm water
  • Use a clean towel to dry off water from your face, because you will not want to clog your pores with dirt from a dirty towel and as well you won’t want to apply your beard oil on a rough face which may lead to irritation.

More so, you should clean your face clean because your oil will not stay on a watery surface.

  • Put a few drops of your beard oil into your palms and deeply rub it into your beards while you make sure that it goes down deep into your under the skin to keep your under skin hydrated and free from itching and to keep your beards silky and soft.
  • Comb it out with a comb or brush

How much oil should be applied to make the beard silky and soft?

My honest and proven opinion is that you should apply 2 drops of oil if your beard is half an inch and if you have a full-grown beard,3 to 4 drops of oil should be enough to keep your beard hydrated, silky, and soft.

I will also suggest that you apply your beard oil every day to your beard and make sure to always take a shower or wash your face with warm water so as to prep your skin for the application of oil and do it twice a day, morning and night.

Before applying your beard oil to your beard twice a day you should put some things into consideration.

  1. Your beard length: if you are just welcoming yourself into the beard “gang”, you should apply it twice a day
  2. If your beard tends to dry easily, you should apply it twice a day
  3. If your under skin need a lot of attention, you should apply it twice a day
  4. If your environment does not support a well moisturize and silky beard, you should apply it twice daily.
  5. If your under-skin is super sensitive, you should apply it once a day

Make sure to apply your beard oil to your beard every day to get a silky, hydrated, and well-nourished beard.

Where to buy beard oil in Nigeria

This is a delicate step and must not be taken carelessly if you don’t want to dent your effort to get a well-hydrated, luminous, soft, and well-moisturized beard. 

I said that because if you miss this important step, you might end up buying a fake product.

Let us assume that you know the type of beard oil that you want to buy and you bought it at the wrong place (bought the fake product) you won’t get the maximum result and which may make you think that beard oils don’t work.

The best place to buy your beard oil is an online store like Jumia, Amazon, and Konga where a lot of people trust and buy their products from. Want to stay unique? Subscribe today

I am not saying that buying from local stores are bad or would likely buy the fake product. I am saying that online stores are the best because you will be able to read other customer’s reviews on your choice of beard oil before making the bold step of buying it.

Don’t forget that customers’ reviews are real, that is to say, that the reviews on the product are a genuine review of a customer that has bought and use the beard oil.

There, you will find honest reviews about the product either good or bad before you buy it and it is not the same with local stores whereby nobody will give reviews about them.

And if you read reviews about your choice of beard oil online and decide to buy it from your local store, there is a chance of buying a fake product or replicate/duplicate and there is a chance of buying the original product as well. 

Either way, it is your choice but in my opinion, an online store is the best to buy your beard oil.

Conclusion on best beard oil in Nigeria

Those are the best beard oil in Nigeria and everything you need to know about the them ranging from the types of facial hair, where to buy your beard oil in Nigeria, How to use your beard oil, and how much oil you should apply to your beard to get the maximum result and other things you should look out for before buying your beard oil.

Moreover, some beard oil that can help to grow a beard in Nigeria is included and that is if you are yet to grow a beard, or just growing some strands of beard and you want to foster the growth of your beard.

And for those that are asking that can beard oil help to grow a beard it can and it cannot.

It can help you grow a beard if your genetics support the growth of facial hair however, some beard oil is formulated with essential organic oil that will help to awaken your facial hair follicles and hasten their growth.

And you should also know that if your genetics does fully support the growth of facial hair, it might take time but you may likely still grow beards only at a certain time in life.

Furthermore, there are some proven tips that can help you grow a beard and these tips are:

  • Don’t trim or shave
  • Exfoliate once a week
  • Keep using beard oil
  • Eat clean
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Exercise daily
  • Get enough rest every day

By doing this, there are chances of growing a beard and finally joining the beard gang.

Over to you

Now talk to me, which beard oil do you use on your beard? What is your experience with beard oil? What is our best beard brand in Nigeria? How do you attain a fully grown beard?

Kindly use the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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