Beauty tips you never knew you needed: What you need to live well

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We all want to have glowing, supple, and blemish-free skin. And that is the major reason we keep tweaking and spending a lot of money on skincare products.

What if I decided to share some beauty tips that you never knew you needed with you, will you be happy? I am sure you are.

The majority of people have spent a lot of money on products that boastfully promised to help them get rid of skin problems like pimples, acne, rough patches, wrinkles, dark spots, discoloration, and more without getting the maximum results they always wanted.

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Maybe they haven’t tried the right skincare products or they are not just taking their skincare routine seriously.

Most people fail the first step to having beautiful skin and the step is to determine your skin type.

If you can determine your skin type, you will be able to know the type of beauty products to invest in and you will be able to do the beauty magic that will get eyes popping when you walk by people.

Don’t forget that people can say a lot about you by just looking at how beautiful your skin is taken care of and, people can also say a lot about you if your skin is not well taken care of.

Either way, what matters is the result of using beauty products as it gives you youthful, radiant, and glowing skin.

The majority of us are keen on using skincare products at every slight chance we have and for that reason, our skin keeps demanding more and never gets satisfied.

If you have never thought of some beauty tips that can give you the type of skin you’ve always dreamt about like the tips I am about to share with you, you are in a never-ending battle to reach your desired skin tone.

Talking of the beauty tips you never knew you needed to live well, are tips that will help to improve your health status and improve the general appearance of your skin.

In this article, you will learn some tips that will help you to give yourself the perfect embodiments that you deserve and give you every detail you need to have a glowing and beautiful skin.

 Let’s see how it works.

The beauty tips you never knew you needed to live well.

1.  Get to know your skin type

Like I said earlier in this post, you have to determine your skin type. Many people make this mistake and that is the major reason they are not getting the best result from the beauty products they use.

If you fail to be conversant with your skin type, it will lead you into using the wrong beauty products and it might cause some damages to your skin.

However, to determine your skin type it is boiled down into two categories which are:

  • The face wash
  • Pore size

How does the face wash trick work? Let me answer that before you ask. When you wake up in the morning, cleanse your face with a mild cleanser after that has been done, quickly take your bath, and follow it up with an inspection.

 If your skin seems to be tight you have dry skin, if your skin tends to look shiny, you have oily skin, and if your skin tends to be flaky and oily at the same time, good for you that means you have combination skin.

 Most people wish to have combination skin or we call it normal skin which is something good.

Your pore size.

Beauty tips you never knew you needed

Pores are the tiny hole in the surface of your skin that helps the skin to breathe freely.

 How can you determine your skin type by your pores? It is very simple my friend. All you have to do is to gently wash your face with a face wash and check how your pore responds in the mirror.

If your pores seem to be large, you have oily skin and if your pores are tight then you have dry skin.

Now that you have determined your skin type, let us go into the other aspect of my beauty tips that you still never know you need to be on top of your beauty game.

2.  Get rid of dirt by cleansing your skin

What you will have to do here is to get a good cleanser to gently cleanse your skin off specks of dirt on the top of your skin.

Ifyour skin is not cleansed with a cleanser, there is a higher chance that your pores will be clogged ,and when your pores are clogged it might lead to acne or probably make your pores larger.

Large pores are a big problem for most ladies because they will not give room to good facial makeup and it’s something that the majority of ladies with large pores are trying to curb.

Although large pores are most of the time the handwork of each and everyone genetics, not cleansing, or not properly cleansing your skin to remove dirt and free your pores from extra oil will likely lead to large pores.

Thank goodness that you can determine your skin type, so what you will have to do now is to look out for the best cleanser for your skin.

 If you have oily and combination skin, you should opt for a gel cleanser.

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Gel cleanser will help you to deeply strip off dirt and remove extra oil in your skin.

What if you have dry skin, you should go for oil cleansers. Oil cleansers will help to moisturize your skin and as well do their duty of removing dirt and excess oil in your skin.

You could be tempted to substitute cleansers with your daily body wash, instead of using your daily body wash; I will suggest you opt for natural African black soap.

Black soaps are very rich in natural and organic ingredients that can help to tackle every skin problem and give you a natural glow.

I will strongly advise that you use a clean wipe on your face after cleansing if you don’t want to irritate your skin, and give bacteria to your skin.

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This stage cannot be skipped as it is very important to exfoliate your skin regularly.

Exfoliation is the process whereby you help your body to get rid of dead cells and give it room to create new and fresh cells.

Every skincare and beauty expert will always emphasize exfoliation, as it is one of the skincare routines that can help your skin achieve its natural glow.

You can meet people that specialize in exfoliating to help you do that to your skin twice a week or you can create your home remedy for exfoliation by making use of honey and lemon.

However, you should be careful with your exfoliation method so as not to cause a long term defect to your skin.

4.  Use some skincare products on your skin for a better result

To get a better result in less than two weeks, you should make use of skincare products like:

  • Hibiscus and pink salt facial scrub

Hibiscus and pink salt is a facial scrub that is formulated with the most essential oil needed to bring out a dewy and glowing skin in a country like Nigeria, it helps to prevent irritations and is formulated with glycerin, Shea butter, honey, and little to mention.

This product is also formulated with aloe Vera and cucumber that serves like SPF against UVR.

This product alone can give natural glowing skin. My friend, it’s worth a trial.

  •  Hibiskus natural butter

Hibiskus butter is a cream that comes with frankincense and vanilla. You and I should know that frankincense is good to fade off stretch marks.

For those that are battling stretch marks, especially the ones that come with birth, it will help you to fade out stretch marks in no time.

It is formulated with 98% natural and organic products.

The most interesting aspect of this product is that it comes with a lightening and exfoliating soap called Papaya soap.

For those that want to have a flawless light skin tone, papaya soap is just right for you.

Papaya soap is natural and handmade which is formulated with kojic acid, licorice, and papaya extracts.

If you want to tone your skin a bit, you should give this product a try.

Benefits of papaya soap

  • Brighten the skin
  • Exfoliate the skin
  • Fight and fade off acne
  • Give an even skin tone

Papaya soap is rich in Shea butter and other essential skincare natural ingredients.

5.  Use a moisturizer

Moisturizing your body is another great skincare habit that needs to be included in your beauty routine to keep your skin glow, radiant and sparkling all day.

Before choosing your moisturizer, I will suggest that you put your skin type and skin color into consideration.

If you are someone with a dark/chocolate skin type, I will suggest that you go for either Palmer’s cocoa butter formula or Jergens Shea butter.

These products will absorb into your skin and help to bring out a skin three times more radiant, supple, and moisturized without sticky or greasy after-feel.

And if you have fair skin, I will suggest that you opt for carrotte Q7 Paris or Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion.

These moisturizers are professionally formulated to moisturize the skin, help to even out dark spots on the skin and it’s designed to give radiant and blemish-free skin.

For those with oily skin, you should go for gel-like moisturizers to penetrate your skin easily. For those with dry skin, you should opt for creams.

Most creams are oil-based products, which mean that they will provide your skin with adequate hydration that your skin needs and requires.

I will have emphasized making use of SPF but most of the products I recommend already have SPF induced into them. Either way, SPF helps to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays from the sun that would want to penetrate your skin and give room for discolorations, dark patches, and wrinkles on the skin.

It is very important to make use of SPF 20 minutes before stepping out of your house if you reside in a country like our blessed Nigeria to avoid damages to your skin.

I will suggest that you make use of sunscreen with SPF 35 or more and make sure to re-apply at least every two hours.

However, it is very important to make use of sunscreen regularly if you don’t want the harsh weather condition of Nigeria to reap the labor of your hard work to keep blemish-free skin and drive you back to square one.

You are now conversant with the beauty tips I once thought you never knew you needed. So let me show you another amazing trick that will be a haven to you on the days you needed them.

Tricks that you never knew would help your skin

 Do you have puffy eyes?

Place a spoon in the freezer overnight and place it on your eyelids.

Doing this will help you to reduce puffiness and help to improve blood circulation in your face.

You can also slice some cucumbers and place them on your eyes while you close your eyes. Let it be for some minutes, probably 30 so that the cucumber can help to tackle puffiness under your eyes and reduce inflammation.

Breakouts/ acne

In case you don’t know that most acne is caused by using a dirty pillowcase to sleep.

To tackle this breakout, change your pillowcase regularly. Mind you, a dirty pillowcase is a home for bacteria and dirt from the hair which however can lead to breakouts.

Another thing is to stop touching your face every time. Touching the face every time will only result in transferring bacteria to the skin and which can irritate the skin and lead to a breakout.

If you must touch your face, make sure to wash your hands with mild soap and water regularly.


Wrinkles are caused by rubbing your face against the pillow when sleeping. So if you want to avoid wrinkles on your face, make sure to sleep facing up.

Those are the beauty tips minority of people never knew they needed and you and I now know how useful and important they are for us to live well and fine.

Conclusion on beauty tips you never knew you needed

Being able to adhere to a skincare routine has a lot of benefits to offer your skin either now or in the future.

Keeping a proper skincare routine will help to maintain your skin and make your skin glow radiantly. Be aware that a lady with beautiful and flawless skin is a lady of great confidence.

So I will urge you to start a skincare routine from henceforth if you are yet to have a beauty routine.

And for those that have a skincare routine already, I hope you will now add some of my beauty tips you never knew you needed into your skincare regimen.

And see how much it will transform your skin and make you the number option for anyone seeking advice on how to have glowing skin without burning out.

Over to you

How do you feel about my post on beauty tips you never knew you needed? Do you have a suggestion to add to it? Or have something relating to beauty tips and skincare routine you want us to enlighten each other on? Kindly make use of the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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