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About: Tunde James

The name Jamevic was derived from merging my Name (James) with the name of someone special to me (Victoria) together to form the amazing name called Jamevic.

You may be wondering who this special someone is, is it my Mum? Is it my sister? Is it a friend? Or best friend? Well, when the time comes you will get to know.

I love making research and reaching out to people.

I love to read meaningful and inspiring books, and I love to share my thoughts and new findings with people of like minds.

About Tunde James of Jamevic where unique is the new vibe

I’m Tunde James, and I am passionate about seeing men, women, guys, and ladies fulfill their potential and stay on top of their beauty and styling game without burning out.

Are you a married man/woman? Single lady/guy and who is stressed out because there is always so much to do but never enough time to source for beauty tips and beauty products that will take your styling game to a notch?

Or perhaps you are frustrated because you spend so much time and money on skincare products but it never seems to yield the results you are hoping for?

Or perhaps you are just setting to try some new products but not just sure about the best way to go about it? And probably you just want a source of inspiration whenever you want to know the best method to go about how you should look either when going to the office or get together or for a date or maybe just for a casual outing.

Don’t worry because I promise you that Jamevic will always be your first choice as I will always be there on time and always.

My friends, Jamevic is for you!

I have been blogging part-time since 2017, and in that time I have learned a lot! I’ve learned the things that work by going out and sourcing for information about everything I could lay my hands on to help you and I become the master of our styling game.

But I’ve also learned how not to do things.

I failed a lot! When I first started to blog, I didn’t learn the rules of the game, I didn’t know how to structure my blog post, I didn’t learn SEO, I didn’t know how to write for my readers, I didn’t know how to relate with my readers and I just dive in.

I was only passionate about creating great contents that would not get anywhere or being read by anybody (because I don’t even have an idea of promoting my contents)

I spent a lot of hours on social media with the belief that I am doing the right thing instead of focusing on building good relationships with my readers, generating backlinks to my blog post, sourcing for information that will ease my reader’s pain, and providing great content for my readers and search engine.

But all I was doing was:

writing the random blog posts that seem appealing to me and appalling to my readers, posting my horrible content anytime and any-day I like, not doing my homework properly before writing my contents, and doing everything that works for me and me alone.

The bottom line is that I FAILED! OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

Until I learned the hard way and decided to quit blogging for a while ( a year to be precise) to learn some SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), how to put myself in my reader’s shoe and write meaningful contents for them and be of help when it comes to answering their questions.


I have learned so much about the things that seem like a great thing to opt for but do not worth my time and attention.

I have also learned to concentrate on what works on my blog and for my readers, rather than doing things that seems everyone is doing.

I have also learned to focus on my goals and work out the best and most efficient path to reach them, rather than just doing things for the sake of doing it.

I love my way of style, but it makes me depressed when I see other people struggling and frustrated because they are always working so hard on their look, and opting for different skincare products, buying a lot of trending clothes, and never knowing how to rock them to their satisfaction and never seeing any real results.

So, I want to reach out and help, and that is what gave birth to Jamevic.

Who is Jamevic for?

Jamevic is for anyone who wants to enjoy the essence of being beautiful, elegant, and stylish and not feels overwhelmed and stressed out.

Jamevic is for anyone who wants to see real positive results on whatsoever they have been struggling at, be it Makeup, Makeup products for their skin tone, skincare products.

If you want to know how to choose and use the best skincare products for your skin, and want to know how to make use of the natural and organic product to tackle skin problems like acne, pimples, eczema, discoloration, and uneven skin tone, and how to be better at giving your skin the care it deserves.

Here at Jamevic, you will learn everything about your skin either, dark skin, fair skin, dry skin, oily and sensitive skin.

You will also get interesting contents on skincare products that will help your skin glow and remain radiant.

You will also learn how to put those clothes together and make a fashion statement as a lady.

I would not dare to forget my gees! The men in the building will also have something special as I have a whole category for Men’s style.

I can bet that it’s going to be an adventurous ride, and all you have to do is to sit tight and enjoy the ride with me.

As much as it will be a journey full of adventure, there will be ups and downs through the journey, and I will like you to bear with me, correct me when I’m going wrong, and be supportive throughout the journey.

I will make lots of mistakes as no one is above mistakes, and I will be happy if you will look beyond my mistakes and accept me the way I am.

I will also try my best to make sure the journey is an interesting one by providing the right content to you and at the right time.

My friend, my reader, my family! Together we can take Jamevic to the top and drive it to the very top.

I promise not to slow down, and I will do my best to deliver quality, unique, and content of value that will solve all your questions on the topic I write about.

I am very happy to have you as one of the Jamevic family and once again. I WELCOME YOU INTO THE FAMILY.

Tell me, what do you need help with?

I want to know everything about my skin

I want to learn how to beautify myself

I want to learn how to be a real man with a real sense of style

Professional Bio

Tunde James was once a part-time blogger and now a full-time blogger who blogs at Jamevic com. having a passion for helping people enhance their beauty and styling game, he has turned to blog into a career.

He is so moved and passionate about seeing men and women, Ladies and Gents looking all-around astonishing and confident about themselves and driving their styling game to a notch without burning out.

He lives in Lagos in Nigeria with his family, and when he is not blogging, he can be found playing video games, reading, or cycling on the street of Lagos.

About Me

Hello and welcome to Jamevic! My name is Tunde James, and I am passionate about seeing people achieving their overall beauty and Lifestyle goals without feeling overwhelmed and burned out.

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