7 Nighttime skincare routine for every lady

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It is true to say that a daytime skin regimen is to protect and preserve the skin from the external attack that may want to dent the skin while a nighttime skincare routine for every lady is meant to take care of skin issues before the beauty of sleep take over and finalize the process.

While sleeping at night, your skin takes in the nutrients in your skincare products better than while you are awake.

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It is medically proven that the absence of pollution, stress, and sunshine can make your skin cells regenerate and make your nighttime skincare regimen works on the skin, and fix anything that needed to be addressed on the skin.

The major reason why most beauticians and dermatologist will always advise you and me to always get rid of makeup products from the skin before going to bed is that while your skin is makeup-free, your pores will breathe freely and the not heavy night skincare products you use on your skin will work effectively overnight and give you a wonderful skin over the time.

As you religiously adhere to your daytime skincare routine, so should you take your nighttime skin regimen seriously.

That being said, that is why I took it upon myself to go out and meet with beauty experts and dermatologists to get note of how their night skincare routine looks like that gave them blemish-free skin.

And this is their recommendation for you.

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So, how should Night time skincare routine for every lady look like?

Let us unravel it together.

1.Remove every makeup residues

Getting rid of every makeup residue on your face is the first thing you should do.

Sleeping with makeup on your face is a very bad thing as it can clog your pores and could lead to discoloration and eczema.

nighttime skincare routine for every lady: Remove makeup before bed/
Image source: Pexels

Make sure to get a cleanser and wipe out every makeup on your face to keep it makeup-free and make your pores breathe freely.

2.Cleanse your skin

You should use a cleanser that won’t strip your skin of its natural oil or cause irritations.

You will want to make sure that there is no makeup remains on your face, especially waterproof mascara. 

However, you should opt for a gentle cleanser like micellar water as it will help you clear away any form of dirt from the top of your face without making your skin dry.

Micellar water is a must type of cleanser for you if you have dark skin.

3.Use a toner

Toner has a lot of benefits to offer the skin and this product is something most beauty experts cannot do without.

A good toner will help to balance your skin’s PH and hydrate your skin.

Your toner will help to prep your skin before every other makeup product will follow-and it will not strip your skin of essential oil or make your skin tacky.

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All you will have to do is to apply some amount of product to your face and press it into your face until you get an even application. 


Using a serum is one of the smartest moves you could ever take, after using a toner on your skin you will need a serum to make sure that every type of radicals that might want to cause long-term harm to your skin are taken care of.

Using serums is just like treating your skin with some blemish because the properties that are concentrated on treating certain skin problems are infused in them.

Few pumps of your serum will do the trick all you have to do is to let your skin totally absorb it before you take the next action.

5.Hydrate your skin

This stage cannot be replaced. Apply a few drops of your oil into your skin and it will help to tackle oil in the skin, sebum, large pores, and dry skin.

Nighttime skincare routine for every lady: face oil.
Image source: Pexels

 A small amount of oil is enough to keep you hydrated over the night.

6.Use a night cream

As a Nigerian father will pray last when the whole members of the family have prayed just to seal the prayers, that’s what your night cream will do to every skincare product you have used on your face.

By making use of a night cream, you will automatically complete your night skincare regimen as it will compliment your hard work and makes your night skincare routine meaningful and effective. You can call this process the grandmaster.

7.Use a face mask

Using a face mask once or twice a week after cleansing your skin will be a smart move.

Just make sure that it does not stay too long on the skin so as not to dry out your skin if you have dry skin already.

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Make sure to apply your face mask after cleansing your skin with a cleanser for about 10-20 minutes before washing it off your face. Either way, your face mask should come after your cleanser and before every other skin routine and that is if you have enough time to spare.

Nighttime skincare routine for every lady: facial mask.
Image source: Pexels

Moreover, if you tend to have oily skin make sure to use a clay mask to help keep your skin at a balanced level, and if you have dry skin, you should go for a mask that will hydrate your skin and not dry your skin out.

Bonus tip on night time skincare routine for every lady

Weekly exfoliation

 It is very important to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells and improve the all-around texture of your skin tone.

Moreover, weekly exfoliation will help to get rid of dirt and makeup residue that your cleanser does not pick up or wipe out completely.

Either way, it is important to go easy with your exfoliation process as not to cause more damage than good to your skin.

Make sure to avoid harsh scrubs and granular exfoliants and use gentle exfoliants on your skin.

Conclusion on Nighttime skincare routine for every lady

I am sure you now know how a nighttime skincare routine for every lady should look like. And it is best if you could make this night skin regimen a habit and see how well your skin will look flawless.

You could also give it a try and it might not work as you want but that’s not a problem as you can tweak it and get to know what works best for you and your skin.

Even the beauticians I met for this night skin routine does not have things and process in common that is to say; they both have their way and choice of skincare products. But the only thing that matters most is that they both have wonderful, glowing, flawless, supple, and radiant skin.

So, it up to you to choose the type of products that will work well on your type of skin and tweak your night skincare regimen until you get the best method.

Over to you

Those are the nighttime skincare routine for every lady to follow religiously to have all-around flawless and glowing skin, so this is where you will first connect with me and we connect with each other.

Now tell me, how does your night skincare routine look like? And what type of products works best for you? Kindly put it in the comment box and let us rub minds together.

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