7 Best Herbal Facials For You To Try In Nigeria 2021.

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Today, I am going to show you the best herbal facials for you to try in Nigeria and almost every part of the world.

Best Herbal Facials For You To Try In   Nigeria 2021

Do you know that you can get that dewy, supple, and glowing skin naturally? Or without having to visit a beauty parlor for the skin pampering and magical glow?

The truth is that the skincare and beauty world is flooded with a lot and lots of skincare and beauty products and to be precise, the market is flooded with different types of herbal facials and facial kits.

If you know your way around herbal facials, you will not need to visit a beauty parlor more often again and with that, you will be able to give your delicate skin the best care it deserves.

Herbal facials or a facial kit comes in different formulas and for different skin concerns and different skin tones.

That will require that you opt for an herbal facial that will cater to your skin tone and concerns.

The truth is that having a facial treatment is important and a must for defying various skin problems like pigmentation, wrinkles tanning, and premature aging.

Best Herbal Facials For You To Try In Nigeria 2021

Getting herbal facials in a beauty parlor has been working wonders on people’s skin right from the onset. But you donโ€™t need to visit a beauty parlor more often again because I have rounded up the7 best herbal facials for you to try in Nigeria and almost every part of the world. These herbals will work on your skin and will not irritate your delicate skin.

7best herbal facials for you to try in Nigeria and every part of the world

Now here is the part you and I have been waiting for, so let us dive right in again.

7. Avila naturalle papaya soap

Avila naturalle papaya soap is a natural and gentle soap that is very safe to use on the face and every part of the body. This soap is made from natural ingredients that contain the enzyme papayin. Avila papaya, with natural and effective ingredients and nutrients, can help to promote healthily and blemish-free skin. it is rich in vitamin c antioxidants that can reduce irregular pigmentation on the skin and stimulate collagen.

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This soap also serves as an exfoliating agent, it gets rid of dead skin cells and aids proper regeneration of healthy and glowing new skin cells. It is also induced with vitamin A that can help with the rapid growth of new skin cells free of spots, scars, and blemishes making use of Avila naturalle papaya soap regularly.

This natural soap can also treat acne. It can be an option for acne-prone skin as it will help to clear any skin blemishes and curb breakouts.

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Papain, a protein dissolving enzyme will effectively help to get rid of dead keratin and also prevent dead skin cells from damaging or clogging your pores and as well prevent acne.

This herbal facial/ soap will gradually reduce the appearance of dark patches on the skin, lightening the skin and give you an even skin tone.


  • Unclog pores
  • Stimulate skin collagen 
  • Rapid production of new skin cell 
  • Relieve itching 
  • Reduce acne and prevent it 
  • curb breakout and horrible breakout 
  • Clears blemishes *even skin tone 
  • Can be used by all skin types 
  • Serves as an exfoliating agent 
  • Safe for children 
  • Recommended by dermatologists 
  • Gives a clearer and smoother skin.


Made from the latex of unripe papaya fruit, it could lead to irritation if you are allergic to latex or papaya.

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6. clear it an instant face lifting herbal whitening tone -150g

Clear it is an instant face lifting herbal whitening tones is effective and cooling the skin, calming anti-inflammatory and fights sunburn.

It rapidly clears stubborn acne on the skin, gets rid of makeup residue, and gives the skin a matte finish look.

This herbal toner an also banish wrinkles, dark eye circle, dark patches and all type of blemish.

It can also clear dark armpit in one or two easy use, it can be used to treat all types of sharing burns & bumps and defend the skin from radicals.


  • clear sunburn 
  • get rid of dark patches and spots 
  • defend the skin from radical damage 
  • can be used to treat shaving burns and bumps
  • gives the skin a dewy and matte finish
  • clear stubborn acne 
  • Ideal for super sensitive skin

5. sivop gold skin snail slime extract body lotion, face cream & soap

Sivop gold skin snail extract with argan oil is a repairing and anti-aging ingredient that helps skin look firm, unity, and well moisturized. This natural product can protect the skin, regain skin softness, give radiance, and firm supple to the skin.

Looking for a skincare product that will fade out dark spots, clarify the skin, lighten and moisturize the skin? then you should give sivop gold skin body lotion with argan oil a try as it is formulated with kojic acid, lactic acid, argenia Spinosa oil, citric acid, aspergillus ferment, A H A, snail extracts, and many more.  

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4. lotus herbals natural glow kit skin radiance 4 facial kit

Talking of a herbal facial product that is appropriate for all skin type and still work wonders as expected? Then lotus herbal is one of them. It has a scrub that helps to exfoliate the dull top layer of the skin and has the properties that can help to support the skin in terms of making it look younger, wrinkles free and an all-around glow.

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Lotus herbal will help to revive your skin, give you instant shine and make your skin smooth and delicate. The interesting aspect of it is that it can protect your pores by being filled with pore-clogging dead cells and gives you healthier and radiant-looking skin. This product is currently not available on Jumia and Konga, you can check it out from other trusted stores or just get yours from Amazon.

3. Hibiskus facial scrub, herbal extract 

According to beauty experts and dermatologists, they made it known to have great skin requires a lot of work. What if you can have great skin with a simple and very effective facial scrub, will you be happy? Then you should give this product a slot as it naturally helps to exfoliate the skin, remove all dead skin cells in a very unique way make the skin glow rapidly, make the skin smooth and beautiful the rejuvenate the skin. you can never get it wrong with this herbal facial.

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  • Exfoliate the skin
  • Get rid of all impurities
  • Rejuvenate the skin
  • Make the skin smooth and supple
  • Give a long-lasting glow

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2. Dr organic skin clear organic sea tree treatment gel 5 in1

This dermatologist-tested and proven to be a safe and effective skincare product is formulated to target, spots on the skin breakouts, and blemish on the skin. It boasts of a rich concentration of naturals A H A, (fruit acids) and salicylic acid. This product provides rapid and effective results in skin renewal and an increased rate of skin cells renewal.

dr.organic: one of the Best Herbal Facials For You To Try In Nigeria

When used as needed or due to skin concerns, this organic skin clear gel treatment will help to leave the skin calmer, clearer, revitalized and softer.

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  • Regulate sebum (oil) production
  • Minimize the pore size
  • Free the pores from bacteria
  • Gentle peeling effect
  • Reduce redness
  • Fights impurities on the skin
  • Dermatologist tested and proven to work.

1. YC whitening facial herbal mud masks -150ml

best herbal facials for you try in Nigeria

Is your complexion dull and tired? Do you need to rejuvenate your skin tone? Has your face lost its brightness and glow due to sunburn? Do you think you need to make your face even with the rest of your body? Then yc whitening facial herbal mud mask is the right facial for you.

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The product is made from French mediterranean sea mud and it has immediate therapeutics cooling, nourishing and soothing effects.

With a few use, you will be able to feel the difference in your skin tone and with its perfect natural ingredients, it will help you brighten, deep cleanse, balance, refresh, relax, detoxify and promote needed facial blood circulation to your tired face.

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More importantly, this herbal facial will lighten up your face, smooth your skin, get rid of dark patches left by sunburn and make your face calm and evenly toned.

Is herbal facial good for your skin?

Just like how your skin glow and look supple who you visit a dermatologist or a beauty parlor, herbal facials are also both good for your skin health and help to boost your skin glow, radiancy, and we all look at the skin.

Having herbal facial treatment from time to time will leave the skin healthy, young, and energetic. The most interesting aspect is that it gives your skin an increasingly luminous look and energetic skin tone.

Conclusions on the best herbal facials for you try in Nigeria and almost every part of the world

As said earlier in the blog post that you can achieve that luminous and healthy skin glow you get when you visit a dermatologist for facials and when you visit a beauty spa at the comfort of your home with dermatologist tested and proven to be effective herbal skin care facials.

These facials have lots of benefits and the good effective idea is often the skin, ranging from its natural ingredient and the low risk of damaging the skin.

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As far as they do great wonders on the skin and do not do more harm than good to the skin, I think they just awesome and should be included in a healthy skin care regimen.

The only downside to these herbal facials is an allergic reaction for those that are allergic to one or more of the ingredients used in manufacturing these products, might have to deal with some side effects or after months of using them. That is why I will suggest that you do a sample text on your arm to see how your skin reciprocates to it before going deep into using it.

Moreover, these are the 7 best herbal facials for you to try in Nigeria as of now and you will be glad you did.

Over to you

ย What is your thought on this post? Which of my herbal facials have you used before and how does it help your skin? Which other herbal facial do you think should have made the list? What question do you have either relating to this post or not? Kindly put it in the comment section and let us rub minds together.ย 

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