60 essential clothing items every guy should own in 2021

Essential clothing items every guy should own from2021 and beyond.

Before moving further, I will suggest that you collect every bit of them.

Dressing up to real man standards should not be hard when you have cool accessories that every man should have in the closet.

And not just cool fashion staples, they should be classic, offer comfort, and easy to match.

 As a gentleman of honor, some important staples should never be wanting in your wardrobe.

You should be aware that what you have in your wardrobe will define who you are, your personality, and it does separate you from the rest men that do not care about what they have in the closet.

And that is why I have made a compilation of the essential clothing items every guy should own as from 2021 and beyond, regardless of your age, lifestyle and occupation.

Trust me, these men’s wardrobe essentials are evergreen, they have been doing the trick from the onset, they never go out of style, and they will continue to be in vogue for 50 more years to come.

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What essential clothing items should every man have?

Table of Contents

I have succinctly categorized them into three categories which are casual wearformal wear, and other things every man must have in his closet.

I know that your work and location are a big factor to be considered before choosing your wardrobe essentials and that is why I made sure that I compiled things that every man should own in general.

Men casual staples

60. Gold/ silver stainless steel watch

The major role of a watch indeed is to tell time, but when dressing up a man it will do more than a time-telling.

The type and quality of a wristwatch will add class and style to a man’s appearance: making him ooze with confidence and elegance.

There is something I like about stainless steel watches; is the ability to last a decade and if chosen well, it could last a lifetime.

And the interesting part of this piece is that it can be worn on formal occasions, casual occasions, and even more formal occasions. So invest in a gold/silver stainless watch and it will be worth every penny you spend.

59. Sunshades

Good enough, most men now opt for shades. Wearing sun shades has been in vogue since the 80s and it’s still doing the trick in the 20s.

Aside from making you look fashionable, it also has benefits like helping to hide under eye dark circles, puffy eyes due to tiredness and make you look bold even when you are the shy type.

Some men are shy, they feel everyone is watching them even when no one is and with the help of shades, they can restore their confidence.

You see, eyeglasses are so important and that is why it made the list of my 60 essential clothing items every guy should own.

Shades are important for you and me especially when we want to rock our fashionable casual wear or want to cool down at a beach.

If you don’t have at least two sun shades in your wardrobe, it will be sweet of you to start collecting more shades.

58.  Caps

This piece signals a man at leisure. Being at your leisure time even allows you to let people know you still have a bunch of surprises under your sleeves, why not rock a fitted, soft round-brimmed, and sporty type of caps and see how it will help to drive your outfit to a top-notch.

Caps have been doing the trick for men for a very long time now and it has invaded a lot of wardrobes, so the question is: why has it not invaded your wardrobe?

57. Cargo short

Cargo shorts are the life of a casual vibe. I love cargo shorts and I have a variety of them and in different colors. I love to rock my cargo shorts with a V or round neck T-shirts and they are a good investment for you as a man.

56.  Casual Jackets

Casual jackets are lightweight jackets that can add a finishing touch and a lot of individuality to a relaxed appearance and it is one of the men’s wardrobe essentials that will last for years if well-taken care of.

As a man of honor, I will suggest that you invest in casual jackets to spice things up once or twice a week.

55. Hoodie

Trust me; you will need this fashion piece during the harmattan and rainy seasons.

Apart from shielding you from cold, hoodies can also help you to make a fashion statement when you pair them with your jeans and sneakers.

Hoodie with denim jeans and nice fitted sneakers is now the heart of every young man’s wardrobe.

54. Sneakers

Do you want to have a classic casual look? Go for sneakers to complement your casual outfit. Luckily enough, the market is flooded with cool and trendy sneakers just for you and me.

Sneakers are amazing pieces that should not be overlooked by any man, and it is a very essential piece in a man’s closet so opt for it if you haven’t.

If you have it in your closet, it’s not a crime to have a variety of sneakers from different brands and different colors.

53. Polo T-shirts: one of the men’s essential clothing item

Polo T-shirts are very good for casual days and evening outings. All you have to do is find the right color and a perfect fit for your body frame.

Polo T-shirts can be paired with jeans and cargo shorts. If you haven’t started collecting your polo T-shirts, you should start from here.

52. Jean trouser

So if you want to project a more polished look, then you should go for a pair of denim jeans.

it’s one of the most essential clothing items every man should own in his closet.

Good enough, almost every man now fancies this piece, and there are different styles of jeans ranging from the straight leg, baggy and skinny.

All you have to do is to find the type of denim jeans that suit your personality and fit your body frame.

51. Belts

I know you have and use belts every day except if you are a “Malian”. You should have a quality leather black belt to compliment your black shoes and a quality leather brown belt to compliment your brown shoes.

The fact is that you can’t do without a belt, and belts are made for both casual wear and corporate wear.

Belt nowadays, does more than just holding your trousers; they now add class and luxury to your outfit when chosen carefully.

However, you should invest in quality brown and black leather belts if you want to truly become a man of class and style.Want to stay unique? Subscribe today

50. Wallets

Do you know that feeling when you want to pay for something you purchased and you bring out a leather wallet that oozes quality and class? Mehn! That feeling is awesome.

As a man, you should have a leather wallet to hold your money and other everyday necessities like your ID card, ATM card, and License in one place.

Still, doubting why wallets are one of the essentials clothing items every guy should own? Let me make it clear to you.

The simple truth is that wallets make you look organized without forgetting a thing.

If you have a wallet that you’re proud of, that’s good and if you are yet to get a good wallet in 2021, now it’s time to get your quality leather wallet because they are a perfect fit in the men’s accessories list.

49. Pouch 

A pouch is one of the things every man should own in 2021 and beyond and the thing is that I cannot do without it.

I am a kind of guy that loves collecting useful and necessary men’s fashion accessories and that is why I opt for a quality leather pouch to hold my everyday necessity in a place ranging from my wallet and some vitals.

Pouches can be used in the office and most important for a relaxed casual day. You should add a pouch to your closet and you will never regret making the move.

48. New white T-Shirt one of the essential clothing items every guy should own

Nothing can ooze elegance than a white T-shirt.

As a man, you should have a variety of white T-Shirts in your wardrobe opt for a classic white crew neck T-Shirt and plain white T-Shirts and all you have to do is to find the perfect fit for you.

White T-Shirts can make a great casual outfit when paired with your denim jeans, chinos, and pant trousers.

47. Cross bag

Cross bag is one of the important men’s wardrobe essentials because there are some days you wouldn’t want to carry much and yet you must carry something that would not fit into your pouch or wallet so that is where your cross bag comes in.

This piece is not just for carrying things alone, it’s also a fashionable piece that can transform your casual outfit to top-notch in a blink of an eye.

46. Sweater

Who does not need a sweater? Everybody needs it to keep the body warm on cold days.

Go for a light wool sweater to keep it simple and comfortable.

A sweater can also add a finishing touch to your outfit when chosen with care and it can be worn over your office shirt.

All you have to do is to find a V-neck sweater and wear it over your shirt.

45. Head warmer: essential clothing items every guy should own in 2021

Head warmers are not just to warm the head on cold days, they can hide bad haircuts, keep ears warm, and can also speak fashion language when chosen properly and paired with the right casual attire. Head warmers can always transform your outfit to a notch.

Gone are the days that I like rocking my head warmer with a Polo T-shirt and cargo shorts. Mehn! Those days were awesome and thanks to this post I will give it a shot again.

44. Palm sleepers

Having varieties of palm slips in your wardrobe is not a bad thing as it will help complement your casual outfit. Owning a slip-on will make life easier, especially when you go for the cool, relaxed, leather, and classic slip-on.

If you will agree with me, leather palm slippers are one of the essential clothing items every guy should own in 2021 and beyound.

43. Long-sleeve tees

In 2021, you will need to have some long-sleeve tees in your wardrobe and they look good when worn with pant trousers and a dress shoe.

42. Jerseys

I have never seen a Nigerian man that does not support a football club (active supporter or non-active).

That shows that jerseys are one of the essential clothing items every guy should own and must own.

Even the serious no-nonsense dads can mention a football club.

As a man, it is important to be able to pull a jersey day stunt once in a while. Having some of your new and old jersey of the club you support is not a bad idea.

Jerseys are important in every man’s closet.

41. Black jean

Black jeans are a must in every man’s wardrobe and it makes you look cool when paired with anything in the wardrobe.

40. Track pants

Track pants are awesome pieces that should be owned by every man. A simple track pant will transform any appearance. You can go for Puma, Nike, or Adidas, and pair it with a nice fitted sneaker.Want to stay unique? Subscribe today

39. Turtleneck

Turtleneck makes you look smarter while revealing your body frame especially if you are the type that loves hitting the gym. Trust me; they can make you look cool and sophisticated.

38. One of the men essential clothing items: Crazy jean

Who said crazy jeans are not cool? Mehn! Crazy jeans are the talk of the town and they are in vogue right now.

As not to look like a tout, don’t go for the type that is torn all over( as if it’s a rag) go for a simple crazy pair of jeans and pair them with your sneakers, cool cover palm and complement it with a simple cool T-Shirt.

37. Leather jacket

A fashionable leather jacket will always fit into every wardrobe and all you have to do is find a nice black, blue, or brown jacket and let it breathe freely in your wardrobe.

36. One of the men wardrobe essentials is Flannel shirts

Flannel shirts are cool pieces that can be worn to keep you warm and stylish. All you have to do is to get a nice color flannel shirt and wear it over your round neck polo T-Shirt then complement it with a nice chinos trouser or denim jean.

Flannel shirt for all men.

Without doubt, flannel shirts are classic casual staples that will make every wardrobe look amazing and complete.

35. Hat

There are some days when you will feel like cruising and you will be like let me go, cowboy, today and throw on a nice hat. If you feel like giving it a try why not start your hat journey today.

34.  Baseball cap

When it comes to baseball caps, I have a lot of them in my closet that my friends even have to take some away. As a man, there are some lazy days that you will feel like throwing on a baseball cap and why shouldn’t you rock it? I love rocking it too.

My man, If you don’t have one, why not give it a try.

33. Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are one of the essential clothing items for every man. Luckily enough, it’s now in vogue and most youths is now rocking it to the fullest.

To speak fashion statement with your denim jacket, pair it with a nice white t-shirt and denim skinny jeans, and a red sneaker.

32. Casual Watch

Rolex Watch for men

Owning different types of watches for different occasions will do as a man. A casual watch like the silver or gold chain watch will make a great casual day and a leather watch will make formal days more formal. Owning 2 or more watches as a man is stylish and gentle.

31. Red sneaker

Nothing can be so cool as wearing a red sneaker on black or blue jeans, then adding a finishing touch with a polo T-Shirt.

AdditionalWhite low top sneakers: For a more casual vibe, white low top sneakers like that of Lil Wayne in the song where Chris brown feat Lil Wayne( I can transform you) this sneaker when paired with denim jeans and a T-shirt will make you look hot.

Bottom line is that anytime and anyday, sneakers in general will alays make the list of essential clothing items every guy should own and must own.

Men essential clothing items for strict business

30. Dress shirt

Dress shirts are important men’s essentials and you should have them in different colors.

Dress shirts when properly ironed and paired with your chinos trouser or pant trouser then compliment it with your quality leather shoe will project a more mature business vibe.

29. Suit

I haven’t seen a real man without a suit. Either black, navy blue, or ash color you should subscribe to this awesome piece and add them to your wardrobe.

Suits, when chosen well and paired with the right accessories like tie, tie clip, shirt, belt, cufflinks, and dress shoe. Your appearance will ooze glamour.

Ask any gentleman what makes suits one of the essential clothing items every guy should own and they will tell you that it is one of the most important and accepted pieces in the business world.

Wearing a suit in the business world makes you more presentable, appealing, and commands respect.

28.  Ties

For a more formal vibe, you will need a lot of ties and different colors.

Even if you have one or two suits if you can change your tie now and then it would not matter and you will keep commanding respect among your colleagues.

Ties are important for everyday wears to the office and you should opt for them.

27. Bow ties

Bow ties are very important for events like weddings, corporate get-togethers, and even offices.

If you want to stand out among every other man on such occasions you should opt for a nice bow tie. Don’t forget that “Unique is the new vibe” so be unique.

26. Pair of patterned socks

Patterned socks are very vital in a man’s wardrobe and it is a type of men’s essentials that shouldn’t be overlooked.

 As a man, go for classic colored socks and plain color socks so that there will always be socks for every type and color of shoe and occasions.

25. Chinos

Who does not know chinos trousers? Almost nobody if I guess right. Almost 40% of people prefer chinos to any other type of trouser, and as a matter of fact, some men think chinos is one of the best accessories for men in terms of trousers.

You should have some different colors of chinos in your wardrobe to compliment your office wear and for casual days without burning out.Want to stay unique? Subscribe today

24. Leather bags

Talking of the essential clothing items every man should have in his wardrobe then quality leather bags should always make the list.

Quality leather bags are the life of the office. If you want to project masculinity and ooze with confidence, then go for a quality black or brown leather bag and it will instantly transform your cool appearance.

23. Tie clips

What is the essence of wearing a tie and it’s been blown over your shoulder by the breeze? As a man that wants to look unique, go for tie clips as they will help to hold your tie in place even when the breeze blows hard.

Don’t forget to buy clips when next you’re shopping for your ties.

22. White Oxford Shirt

The smart-looking button-up shirt will surely do the trick on any guy that chooses to wear it.

Wearing a white Oxford shirt to the office or date with your lady is a good move and will always worth every penny spent.

Either way, White Oxford Shirt will compliment your wardrobe and it is one of the best shirts for men.

21. Cotton pant

Cotton pants are a great investment and a must accessory in everyman’s closet. They can help to compliment your dress shirt and make you look chic and all put together. You can check out my collections.

20. Pocket square

Pocket squares are there to give your suit attire a finishing touch. Like a gentleman in a suit, you should find a nice pocket square for your suit.

19. Cufflinks for men

Some men do not care about this necessary fashion accessory and they have forgotten that a simple cufflink will change their overall look.

There are a lot of designs and colors available out there when it comes to choosing cufflinks for a man of style. However, if you don’t like flashy things just go for simple silver cufflinks and it will drive your outfit to a notch.

A formal occasion calls for a professional formal and stylish look and that’s why cufflinks are a good investment for every man.

18. Essential clothing items every guy should own; dress shoes.

Now I am talking about quality black or brown shoes for more formal occasions.

As a man, you should invest in this piece because it is generally accepted in the whole world as a masterpiece of luxury and masculinity. That is why you cannot see a real man without wearing a quality leather shoe either black or brown.

Quality black shoes will always compliment quality black leather belts, and quality brown shoes will always compliment quality brown belts too.

You should invest in this piece if you want to transform your outfit to a real man style and if you want to project masculinity.

17. Collared shirt

Having a set of collared shirts in your closet will make your closet look complete and it will also help you to put up a mature outfit as it can be worn on any type of trouser.

16. Native Attire

I can see the Yoruba man, Igbo man, and Hausa man smiling (to mention a few).

I am a Yoruba man, and good enough my mum sells native attire, which means; I have varieties of them in my closet.

Being able to surprise people and be unpredictable with your sense of fashion makes you a real man to the call.

Native attire for men.

Don’t forget that in Nigeria, Native wears are the life of the party, and one of the accessories every man should have.

Your native attires are a must-own piece in your closet. Rock does dashiki, agbada, and senator wears and compliments it with a nice quality leather shoe of your choice or sandals to the office on Fridays, and even to weddings.

With that, you will be able to show people that you love your culture and that you can style yourself well.

Native attire is one of the essential clothing items every guy should own and a must thing in every wardrobe.

 As an Africana, you should start adding native attires (different styles) to your closet.

15. Sandals

Sandals are cool to be worn on your native wears for Fridays to the office and, it can be paired with your jeans and chinos as well.

Finding cool and quality leather sandals is what you should worry about and, luckily for you, there are lots of people who are skilled in making good quality sandals around us.

So, what you should do is to tell them the type of sandal you have in mind, and they will make it satisfactory for you.

Other essential clothing items every man should own

14. Invest in some pieces of jewelry

You may probably be a gold chain type, hand band type, or ring. Whatever you fancy, all that matters is that you invest in quality pieces of jewelry.

13. Men rings

Rings are special in a lot of ways, and they tend to represent something significant and good enough, most men now opt for rings, be it fashion rings or wedding rings.

Rings are classic, and classic men go for classic things, so opt for them and add them to your fashion staples.

12. Boxers: essential clothing items for every man

Funny enough, some men don’t even wear underwear boxers, and not to talk of having them in the closet and which is not a good thing.

As a man, it is very important to own your boxers in different brands and colors. You can opt for Calvin Klein and buy them in bulk.

11. White round neck underwear

Nothing is cooler, and manly like rocking white round neck underwear; it makes you look astonishing and cool.

Most ladies like a guy that rocks white round neck underwear as it makes the guy look appealing and decent.

10. Neck Tie scarf

Did he just mention neckties scarf? Yes, I just did.

This piece has been in vogue a long time ago, and it a trendy piece in most parts of the world, but people do not pay much attention to it in Nigeria.

Good enough, it has finally gained ground once again in Nigeria, and this time around, it has come to stay.

A necktie scarf or ascot is a piece of cotton that looks like a scarf that is tied around the neck to prevent cold and it is very common in cold areas like Fairbanks and Fargo in America.

Neckties are one of the essential clothing items that have been overlooked by men in Nigeria and only regarded as valuable in cold seasons.

I understand why people make it a seasonal piece because most parts of Nigeria are insanely hot in summer, and it would not make any sense to use a necktie in time like that.

Even if you will buy it and keep it in your wardrobe, buy it, and when the time for it to be a haven for you comes, you will be glad you did buy it and have a clear understanding on why it is one of the essential clothing items every guy should own.

9. Roll-on

Nivea roll on where are you? As a man, you should have and make use of deodorants roll-on in your closet as it helps to make your armpit stay fresh, dry, and scent good.

Smelly armpits are a big turn off to ladies and even to fellow men, and every man needs to have it in the closet.

8. Shaving stick

There are varieties of shaving sticks out there in the store for you to choose from and shaving sticks are important for you to keep your underarms and private part clean.

To make your underarm free from germs and hair, use a shaving stick to get rid of the hair before using your roll-on to keep it dry and scent nice.

A pack of shaving sticks will be cool in your closet and if you want to opt for them.

7. Perfumes

If you know me well, you will know I don’t joke with perfumes. I make use of “Blue jean” and it’s a fragrance that I don’t joke with, with just two sprits, I am good to go.

As a man, if you want to command authority you should smell luxury and you don’t have to break your bank before buying one.

You can opt for creed Aventus, Fahrenheit Dior, Blue jeans (my favorite), or Thierry Mugler.

Bottom line is that you should start investing in cologne.

6. Travelling bag

A nice quality travel bag in your wardrobe will help save you stress when you plan to travel and it can help you to stay all put together.

5. Hair creams

You would not want to leave your hair rough and unconditioned, so your wardrobe will look complete when it comprises hair conditioners.

4. Beard oil

Not only does beard oil help to moisturize and make your beard supple it can also help to keep your under skin moisturized. So, beard oil is one of the wardrobe essentials for every man.

3. Moisturizer

I make use of Jergens Shea Butter on my dark skin and it deeply moisturizes my skin. So, as a man, you should invest in moisturizers that will keep your skin supple and well-nourished.

2. Money clip

Having your money organized is something cool. So how about investing in a money clip? Mehn! It worth investing in them.

1. Backpack

If you are a student or a type of person that loves going casual, a backpack will make a great day for you, and if you are a more professional person, why not opt for a briefcase. Either way, owning any of them will make a good accessory for you.

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