6 grooming hacks that are completely lies

Here are the 6 grooming hacks that completely lies.
There is almost a thousand myths around skincare regimen and skincare products.

I do wonder about some skincare brands and products. How can a brand formulate a product and say it belongs to ladies?.

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Here is what I mean; let’s assume I needed a moisturizer to soothe my dry and I held to the store, then find a moisturizer that will suit a dry but to find out it belongs to ladies.

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What’s the difference?

They claim men’s skin is kind of hard and the women’s skin are so soft and supple.

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Well, I don’t know if I was wrong, but I have done it before.

I used my sister’s body moisturizer for a week and I saw a drastic change in my skin.

I mean, my skin became so supple, smooth, and soft.

It works just like how my man moisturizer works and how every moisturizer out there would.

I think it’s just a brand’s way of marketing.

Trying to diversify their product and stay on top of their game.

Maybe they included some ingredients that could help males better in men skin care products.

And included some ingredients in female skincare products.

Anyway, all is a lie. It’s just a brand’s marketing scheme.

Without further ado, let us take a look at some grooming tips that are lies.

1.Shaving cream.

There are some things I have been hearing about shaving cream.

A lot of people believe that, before you can have smooth shaving you have to use a lot of shaving cream.

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Well, that’s not true if you ask me.

The way this product is been advertised on TV makes it look like you should put a whole plaster of shaving cream on your cheeks.

Here is the truth, using your shaving cream sparingly will make shaving smooth and effective.

Splattering your shaving cream on your cheeks is awesome too and does not make shaving smoother than using it sparingly.

It’s just a waste of time and product.

2.The expensive the product, the better it works.

What face cream do you use? Avila rosehip face cream. Really?

Well, I make use of La Prairie Cellular Platinum Rare Cream And it is very expensive.

Hey, you make use of this expensive face cream, and why does acne seem to build an empire on your face?

The truth, if you ask me is that.

You will get what you pay for.

People tend to find fault at something expensive.

Some people will try to find fault in the expensive things others use.

The higher the price of a product, the more it is high on active ingredients that will make it very effective.

The lower the price, the lesser the number of active ingredients it contains.

So get the fact straight and give your skin the care it deserves.

Toothpaste is an Almighty formula.

Toothpaste can cure acne and pimples. Accepted.

Toothpaste can make your windscreen dazzle, you can use it to clean your tiles.

Here is the misconception, toothpaste is made of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol.

According to the dermatologist, the effect of using toothpaste on the skin is not good.

It often leads to redness, skin peeling, and irritation.

Why don’t you let what’s for teeth be for teeth and let what’s for skin be for skin?

4.Over scrubbing.

James is there something like over scrubbing?

Yea, washing the face twice a day is good, exfoliating twice a day is awesome.

But what happens when you overdo it?

People believe that the more you wash your skin the more fresh and smooth your skin becomes.

Here is the truth buddy, the more you wash your skin(scrub) the more it is to lead to irritation, redness, and oily.

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Just stick to the basics, get to know your skin, what product works for your skin type and follow the instructions on your skincare product.

5.Using a lot of skin and hair care products.

The more the product the better the grooming routine.

Skincare for guys.

Is that right?

Don’t get your skin and hair confused by using lots of products on them.

Make your skin care and hair care products simple, effective and appropriate.

6.Use skin care products that are formulated for men alone.

I understand this marketing scheme that’s being used by skincare and beauty brands.

They tie everything to the fact that men tend to have a rough skin texture and women’s skin is so delicate, supple, and fragile.

I believe that, don’t you?
The truth is that the only difference so is fragrance.

Simple, if your girlfriend’s skincare product is enticing, use it.

If your wife has a particular sunscreen you love, use it man, but don’t get caught, else you will have to take a full-length lecture on why a man should not use a woman’s skincare product.

Conclusion on 6 grooming hacks that are completely lies.

There are more and more myths around skincare products and grooming tips, a lot of people believe the majority of what’s been marketed to us by skincare brands and also follow every grooming hack they find on the web without making thorough findings.

As of 2017, the skincare industry made a whopping 60.4 billion dollars due to selling to men and women.

That is a good thing and I am not going against that, but I just want you to know that it is not every skincare product formulated for women does stay for women alone.

And I will suggest that you keep everything minimal and follow every instruction on skincare products to the end if you don’t want to harm your skin.

There is a reason for those instructions on the skin care product, so follow it religiously.

Over to you

What grooming hack do you believe was true? When do you figure out that most of these myths are not true?

What findings do you find concerning a grooming hack and skincare product?
What other thing do you think should have made this list?
Kindly put it in the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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