5 simple skincare routines for every man 

Of recent, I made a post on grooming tips every man should know, and today we will look at the 5 simple skincare routines for every man, and not just Nigerian men alone, but every man in the world.

It is a simple and very effective skincare routine that won’t take much of your time every morning and night before the beauty of sleep takeover.

simple skincare routines for every man 

You should see this routine as the best skincare routine guide you can ever get on the internet.

At some point, we all suffer from skincare issues, and I’m glad you found this guide.

It is not only women that suffer from acne, pimples, rosacea, oily skin, and a lot more, well it happens to men as well so don’t feel pressured.

Simple skincare routine for every man

As a man, you only need four skincare products to have a perfect skincare routine. You only need a moisturizer, cleanser, treatment, and sunscreen.

1.A cleanser

You are probably familiar with a cleanser, in case you don’t know what a cleanser is and how it works, I will tell you.

A face cleanser is a skincare product that helps to get rid of dirt, sweat, and other things your skin accumulates during the day.

If these things are not taken care of with a good cleanser, there is a big chance of break out, wrinkles, pimples, and acne.

The cleanser I will recommend is creightons oil facewash for sensitive skin, as it will help you to properly get rid of dirt on the skin, extra oil that may want to clog your skin, and keep the skin fresh and supple.

This cleanser works just fine as micellar water, but the only difference is that it is meant for men alone.

If you don’t use a cleanser first, every other skincare product you use may not be effective and if they are not effective, you wasted your money on a skincare product, you will lose hope on skincare products and you will think your skin is difficult to treat.

It is just simple. Get to know the basics and then stick to them religiously.


What again? Treatment? Yes, treatment. A treatment product will help you get rid of skin problems like pimples, acne, irritations, dark spot, wrinkles, and breakout.

Your treatment product will help you to eradicate those problems.

There are so many treatment products and I don’t know how to go about this but I have spoken to a lot of people and I have gotten their opinion on the best treatment product, but before I tell you, I will like to make you understand why I said I don’t know how to go about it.

Some treatment products will make your skin oily and shiny after using them and some will make the skin less shiny. 

So I don’t know your take on this but the product majority of guys I met with subscribing to is EXFOLIATOR!

Wait, I don’t mean a scrub, yes I know a scrub is the best friend for the feet and it won’t be of any good when a scrub is being used on the face.

A chemical exfoliator will help to completely get rid of breakout because of the ingredient salicylic acid that is present in it.

Talking of my super treatment product, I am talking about Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant.

Image source: Jumia.

Shop now on Jumia.

Many guys that used this product were able to testify that they went from four breakouts to completely clear skin in a matter of 12 days of usage.

The exfoliant will go deep into your skin and get rid of extra oil in the skin, acne, and anything that could cause a breakout.

You can also try Bliss clear genius liquid peel, I like this exfoliant because it includes a lot of different types of ingredients that will properly remove dead skin cells on your skin rather than salicylic acid, it has some blend of ingredients that will treat different skin problems.

Just make sure to read the prescription method before delving in so you don’t cause issues on your skin, and if you are someone that is not struggling from any skin issues and just want to get rid of extra sebum(oil) on the skin, I will recommend Versed just breathe clarifying serum.


Yes moisturizer, I know you know what a moisturizer is but a lot of men get it wrong about moisturizers and they just slab a heavy moisturizer on their skin which will later make them look greasy and sweaty.

Trust me, that was what I thought and found out about moisturizers when I first started and it makes me lose interest in moisturizers that I had to stop moisturizing for some time.

When I got to know that I had the wrong idea of moisturizer, then I went into the game again and today I am glad I gave moisturizing a shot again.

The reason why your skin feels greasy and oily after use is you made the wrong choice of moisturizer simple.

There are different types of moisturizers like water creams, water creams are amazing because they sink into the skin and make sure you don’t get oily.

I have seen a lot of guys that complain about moisturizers and when I told them about water creams, they used them and come back to thank me.

The body is mostly made up of water and our skin help keep that water in and the skin must have that water in to be able to take care of itself, but we all go through a process where we lose water through the surface of our skin so moisturizer help to seal the skin and make sure we don’t lose water even more.

So it is important to use a moisturizer to see a reduction in the problem we are talking about like acne, breakout, and aging and it will make the skin supple, smooth, and blemish-free.

I will recommend—— if you have dark skin and—— if you have fair skin.

Both creams are very lightweight, hydrating and it has lots of ingredients that will benefit the skin, they are just one of the best out there. And if you have dry skin and probably looking for moisture, I will recommend——.

4.Sunscreen product

Not quite long, I posted two blog posts on sunscreen. One is for everything you needed to know about sunscreen and SPF products and the second one is about the best sunscreen products in Nigeria.

You can read them here and here.

You must use sunscreen products if you want your effort and skincare routine to show off.

The truth is that no matter your skin tone either dark or very dark you will still need to use a sunscreen product of at least 13 SPF if you don’t want to damage your skin and if you have dark skin or light skin it is advisable to use a sunscreen product of SPF 30 and above.

You should rub your sunscreen 15 minutes before getting out of the house and rub it on your skin for every 1or2 hours you spend in the sun to avoid problems like wrinkles, premature aging, cancer, and sunburn.

Sunscreen can give white cast, yes I know, sunscreen can suck yes I know but you haven’t tried the right one.

I have used a handful of sunscreen that works without giving a white cast, heavy or making me breakout.

And my recommendations are ———, and——-

Try any of them and thank me later because you will have to agree with me that using sunscreen is one of the simple skincare routines every Nigerian man should follow and stick to.

5.Exfoliate twice a week

Exfoliation, exfoliation, and yes exfoliation. Seems like something you heard before or done? Yes, you and I should exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells that will want to clog our pores, cause wrinkles, make us breakout, and give us oily skin.

You would not want to spend a lot of money and time on your skincare regimen and have nothing to point to other than having those same skin problems.

As a gentleman you are, you should get some exfoliating products like—-to exfoliate your skin properly and have an awesome skin tone.

Conclusion on 5 simple skincare routines for every man 

Men grooming should not be so hard and that is why I made it simpler by splitting it into 5 simple methods that are very effective and won’t make you burn out.

If you can religiously stick to the above, you will have well-groomed and supple, blemish-free skin in no time.

Moreover, you should be willing to make some sacrifices by investing in skincare products and give it time for your skincare products to work.

Over to you

This post on 5 simple skincare routines for every man is short and intense. So what are your thoughts on it? Do you agree with every point I made? How does your skincare routine look like? What products do you use? And finally, what other question do you have for me and other readers?

Kindly put it in the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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