5 simple morning routine every Nigerian man should know and follow: things I do when wake up.

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Quick question. Do you even have a morning routine? If no, then here is 5 simple morning routine every Nigerian man should know and follow. My friend, you are not left out.

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We often think and suppose anything regimen and routine should be done and followed by ladies only. Well, that era is gone. 

There was a time that men don’t care about their look, times when men only want to see their women beautiful, and times when men don’t care about how they look and scent.

I am happy to tell you that those days are gone. Yes! We now have some skincare regimen in place to give us the best look and skin texture anyone can ever think of.

Here is the thing, there are a lot of things that differentiate men from men, and there are a lot of things that a woman looks at before saying yes to a man’s proposal.

I even heard that before a woman will accept your friend request on Facebook, she will have to thoroughly check your display picture and other things. So if you don’t match up, she will sincerely decline your request.

Does it have to be like this? Well to overcome that and turn out to be ladies’ choice and every one choice, I have put together 5 simple morning routine every Nigerian man should know and follow and not just Nigerian men alone, but every man in the world.

So let us delve in.

What are the 5 simple morning routines every Nigerian man should know and follow?

simple morning routine every Nigerian man should know and follow
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You can call this a sneak peek from my day-to-day life activity. I wake up as early as 5 Am every day except for Saturdays.

And I have some things to get done before finally getting down to my daily activities.

Well, I have read a lot of books and listened to a lot of motivational audios that emphasize waking up earlier to plan the day and get things done without stressing out.

I listened to a podcast some years ago, and the podcaster said something that I couldn’t forget, he said “5 a.m is either the time legends are waking up or going to bed” I couldn’t get my mind off it and since then, I have been putting up easily with my life and things happening in my life.

So what are the things I do when I wake up and what are the things I want you to get done whenever you wake up?

1.Observe my quiet time, and drink two cups of water

After that, I spare some time for meditation so that I can be sound in mind and ready to face the challenges the day will throw at me, this is something I would love every man that wants to have a successful day even in the eyes of stress.

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When am done meditating, I drink two cups of water to flush my system and keep the body hydrated?

simple morning routine every Nigerian man should know and follow

Water has a lot of benefits to the body and it can help give the body system the hydration it needs so that the body system will not have to start trying to keep the body hydrated and at the verge of keeping the body hydrated, it could go overboard.

If the body goes overboard in producing oil in the skin, it will lead to a breakout, wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and a lot more.

To avoid that, I make sure to drink two cups of water before kick-starting the day.

2.I plan the day and do necessary things

By the time I am done with my first routine, the time will be 6:15 a.m already.

So this is the perfect time to reply to emails, plan my next blog content and plan how to spend the day ahead.

You may not be a blogger or content writer, and it’s fine and doesn’t stop you from planning your day.

simple morning routine every Nigerian man should know and follow

You just have to think of things you could do to make things easier for you and have a successful day.

Make some plans, schedule some activities and you will see how smooth the day will go.

The time you will spend doing this might differ from mine because we have the same day but different activities.

Most of the time, I finish this part of my daily routine by 8:30 a.m

But you can quickly plan the day f you are the type that must resume work at 7:30 or 8:00 a.m.

3.I work out

For me, this is a perfect time to pump those muscles so I start with some cardio exercise like jogging in the compound or roadwork on Saturdays before pushing and pulling some weights.

simple morning routine every Nigerian man should know and follow

Doing this as a man will make you feel refreshed, energized, and ready to accomplish the set goals and task ahead.

Aside from that, regular exercise is good for the health and makes you feel awesome.

4.I have my breakfast

This is a perfect time to have my breakfast, I don’t know about you, you may be the type that eats very early. But for me, I like taking breakfast after my workout, and it often around 9:30 a.m.

simple morning routine every Nigerian man should know and follow

5.Observe my skincare regimen

This is the perfect time to take a proper bath and have my skin treated.

The first thing I do before bath is to bring out my Dopp kit, and use a shaving stick to get rid of unruly hair on my face and trim my beard. After that, I take my bath and moisturize.

So I make use of Jergens moisturizer because of the great and essential properties it’s made of that helps keep my skin supple, smooth, and glowing.

Then I give my beard some pampering, by using my Amish beard oil to deeply moisturize my underskin and beard.

I don’t stop there, I use a bristle brush to comb out my beard, undo any tangle and make it look all kept and groomed.

simple morning routine every Nigerian man should know and follow

When am done with those I dress up and begin my daily routine, but before I step out of the house, I make sure to use my sunscreen product to keep my skin safe from damage or harsh UV rays.

And since I have been following my morning regimen, I have been able to do more than I could before and have a less stressful day.

Conclusion on 5 simple morning routines every Nigerian man should know and follow.

You cant get it wrong if you have an early morning routine that you keep to every day, you will be more productive than ever and your daily task will be achieved without you burning out.

Especially when you plan the day you will smoothly carry every task out without even being stressed.

It is even more fun when you think of how the next day will be before sleeping and you’ve got an answer to almost every question spiling in your head. Man, you will be more productive than ever.

And don’t forget to keep proper hygiene, work out, drink a lot of water and have a proper meal.

Over to you

Do you agree with me on this? How does your morning routine look like? What do you think can make a man’s grooming routine complete and effective?

Kindly put it in the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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