5 reasons all men should wear pink:the real masculine color.

I want you to know the reasons all men should wear pink.

Who does that?

Why should I wear pink?

I am very sure pink is the ladies’ favorite color and it is made for them.

So why should I wear pink as a man?

reasons all men should wear pink

But I think that guy above looks cool and classy in that pink shirt.

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But I don’t think real men that understand fashion ever give pink a shot, and WHY should I ever think of wearing it?

Maybe I am wrong.

But I am sure that is how most men of today feel about the color.

Except if you don’t know colors or don’t care about color.

Probably you don’t know anything about the fashion of nowadays.

Gone are the days pink was the talk of every guy’s wardrobe many men think.

Good enough the color is making a massive comeback into the men’s clothing industry and most men are rocking it.

reasons all men should wear pink

Whatever your thought and mindset towards the pink color used to be true, but don’t worry it’s fading off.

Today’s men are now rocking pink color and giving it the best shot like the real boss they are.

What are you waiting for man?

Today, I am going to show you the 5 reasons all men should wear pink; the real men masculine color.

1.Pink showcase masculinity right from the 18th century

According to the museum director of the fashion institute technology, Varie Steele.

It was made known that in the 11th century, men were known and used to wearing pink silk suits that are embedded in floral.

And at that time, those outfits are considered to be masculine.

Those that were rocking pink then were considered to be the real men.

Aside from that, Varie Steele also made it known that pinks are for warlords since those garments were miniature of red.

So what changed? Why do men stop wearing pink? Why is the color considered to be a feminine color?

The simple answer to those questions is that everything was forgotten as society changed and as technology advanced.

It does not stop at that it also stretches to the fact that women started dominating the fashion world and took 60-80% of the fashion world and as they fell in love with the color.

According to real men real style (RMRS), the first pink dress shirt was designed by the brooks brothers in the early 1900s and was a hit.


The dress shirt was majorly made for female students but college guys fell in love with it and rocked it to the fullest.

I followed up with the stated fact by RMRS and I found it interestingly true.

So those alone show why men should rock pink color shirts again.

Although pink is in vogue now and I am sure it is here to stay.

I believe it will become that masculine color again just like it used to be.

2. You are a man and you must wear men’s cloth

Antonio from RMRS said that if there is anyone to blame for differentiating and making pink become a girly color, it should be the clothing industry and I agree with him.

The clothing industry made that decision long ago, even before most of us were born.

Then, pink and blue were not for a specific gender, both were used for infants’ clothing and accessories.

Not until the clothing industry in the 60s and 70s changed everything.

The fact that parents then started picking items for their kids based on gender, the industry capitalized on that, and the majority of parents that gave birth to female children always love the pink color and bought it for their children.

When the industry found out that, that is what the majority of parents want, they started manufacturing clothes based on gender.

That was how the pink color became part of the ladies’ life.

With that fashion law introduced by manufacturers, boys could not wear pink again( as not to be laughed at) and boys has to stick to blue while girls stick to pink.

But wait, are you still a boy?

I believe you have outgrown that mentality and you are no longer a boy. You are a man now.

It is time to start rocking any cool color your fellow men rock.

Pink shirts are making waves now and men are rocking them with confidence.

Pink for men.

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The mentality of pink belonging to ladies was a selling tactic developed by the capitalist.

3. Men in pink catches women attention

It is no new news that women love and adore pink; they have always loved it right from the early 18th century.

It made it look like they were patiently waiting for men to deviate from it so they can adopt it.

History made us know that women have been attracted to pink from when it was considered a masculine thing.

Women are used to pink since they were known for picking red fruits while men were hunters.

That alone also connects ladies to pink.

They love it when a man rocks a pink shirt stylishly. As Antonio said, forget all the pink is girly nonsense, pink gets you the ladies. period.

I believe that.

4. You look powerful and ooze luxury in pink.

Do you believe that?

Here is the thing, pink has been the symbol of power from Wayback if traced to the 1st century.

Here is an example where pink was highly rated

  • Pink ribbons were given to the participants of the new York survivor race in 1991 that was sponsored by the Susan G.Komer foundation.
  • The pink ribbon also became the official symbol for breast cancer awareness month

And Valerie made it known that other powerful events between the 90s and 2000s were credited to the pink color.

To crown it all, a study carried out in 2012 by cotton USA, shows that men who wear pink earn about $1,200 or more each year than those who wear other colors.

That makes them more impressive and more confident.

5. Pink embrace most of the other colors

Pink is a bright color and it can be worn with almost every type of color like white and blue.

It is a versatile color and it comes in different tones.

Men with dark skin tones would want to go for light colors like carnation pink, lavender pink, and cherry blossom.

While guys with light/fair skin tone would love to consider darker shades like hot pink and Persian rose pink.

I will suggest that you find the color that suits your skin tone better and match it with other colors that speak and ooze luxury then rock it to anywhere you like.

Good enough the color pink can be worn on more formal days, formal days and can be the life of a casual vibe.

Conclusion on reasons all men should wear a pink; pink the real men masculine color.

Pink, there is a lot of facts and history behind the color, but as capitalism and evolvement of fashion come in, the color was now classified as a feminine color.

But good enough, the color is now making its way back in the men’s clothing industry.

Most men believe that gone are the days when pink color speaks masculinity and believe that it is more of women color.

I am happy to break it to you that pink is back and it’s making waves among stylish and classy men already.

I will only urge you to stand up, make a choice of pink dress that suits your style and skin tone, then use it to speak your fashion language and rock it to the fullest.


Over to you

Do you agree that pink is a masculine color?

What is your favorite way of rocking your pink?

What is your opinion on the color?

Kindly put it in the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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