22 grooming tips every man must know in Nigeria

Grooming tips every man must know in Nigeria to stay stylish.

These essential tips are put together for you to be on top of your styling game and be regarded as a real man with a real sense of style.

A lot of men do believe that anything routine and regimen is for ladies and which is not true. In this era, it is very important for you as a man to follow some simple grooming tips to ensure that you look your best.

It is true if you say that you take care of yourself every day and you understand the trending style in town, so what about maintaining some daily regimen to make you stand out among your peers, and be the cynosure of all eyes while giving you a relaxed vibe that is hard to crack.

I have asked a lot of men about their grooming routine and what I got as an answer is “what is grooming? While some said that they don’t even have time to groom and some said that what important does grooming have”. 

22 grooming tips every man must know

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Some people even understand what it means to groom a man but are probably too lazy to observe every protocol of grooming. Well, I have written a well-detailed guide that will show you why you should groom as a man and which will also show you why grooming as a man is important as well.

When I asked those who have an understanding of what grooming is, they told me that they only barb their hair, trim their beard and take their bath.

Good of them, but not enough. There are some grooming tips every man must know in Nigeria, and that is the reason why I decided to write a post on those tips just to guide you and me.

22 ways to perfectly groom a man

Here are the ways you can become a more stylish man and make your styling game hard to crack.

1.Wash your hair once in a while 

you should wash your hair with a shampoo and relaxer to keep your hair clean and soft before going to the salon to have a nice and fitting haircut.

It’s important to go to the saloon as soon as you shampoo or relax your hair because; your hair will look taller and grown after relaxing it.

That means you will likely visit a barber to either help you trim it or have a haircut. Either way, your hair will still look relaxed, soft, and nurtured even after having a shave or a new haircut.

2.Go for that hairdo

Unkempt hair is a sort of big turn-off, and that alone can end your journey to becoming a man of style even before starting.

A man needs to have the hair barbed twice a month and if you are not the hairy type, once a month will do.

Meanwhile, those that love their hair skinny barb every week.

A man barbing is hair
Image source: Pexels

Whenever you started noticing that your hair has started growing longer, just don’t procrastinate and what you should do is visit your barber and have a nice haircut. 

Don’t forget to instruct your barber on the type of hairstyle you want so that you will not end up having a hairstyle that won’t speak well of your personality or make you appear childish to people.

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3.Condition your hair

It is very important to invest in hair conditioners as a man to help keep your hair conditioned, nurtured, and healthy.

Deeply conditioning your hair will help to fight against dandruff, itchy scalp, hair breakage, and dry hair.

You can give simple but effective hair conditioners like so-fine, Afro- America and hair booster a try.

4.Make use of hair products

There are lots of hair products that you can invest in as a man that will keep your hair rich and well nurtured. 

Apart from your hair conditioner, some hair products will help to keep your hair intact.

Depending on the type of your haircut, you should ask your hairstylist for recommendations on a hair product that will make your hair stand and have the best care it could ever get.

5.Use baking soda to make your teeth white

It is a good thing to brush your tooth with toothpaste, but once in a while, use baking soda to brush your teeth. Baking soda works like your everyday toothpaste and, it can help to whiten your teeth and also remove any stain or food remnant on your teeth.

All you have to do is to mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with a little amount of water then thoroughly wash your teeth with it.

By doing this, your tooth will be whiter and fresh.

6.Trim your beard

This is one of the important grooming tips that every man should know and do. 

If you are one of the beard gang, it is very crucial to trim your beard twice a week(that is the downside of having a beard, you will keep trimming and trimming) you can get some trimming equipment like a razor to do the trimming yourself and you can also visit your barber to help you do the trimming.

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7. Shave 

If you are the type that does not have a full-grown beard, but only has those short and annoying hairs on the jaw and cheek you should make sure to shave every two days.

You can use a simple shaving stick to do it, and you can invest in the new Blackstone 3 handy machine for shaving to get rid of them all in a twinkle on an eye.

8.Own a fogless shower mirror

If you want to know how to groom better as a man, it is important to invest in a fogless shower mirror as it will make your grooming very accurate and faster.

 grooming tips every man must know; fogless mirror.
Image source: Pexels

The fogless shower mirror is designed with every man in mind; it also comes with a shower razor hook that will make grooming easier and better.

9.Make use of beard oil

Beard oils are a must for every bearded man. Beard oils are formulated with essentials that will help to keep your beard moisturized, nurtured, and shiny.

Investing in this beard grooming piece will transform the overall look of your beard and give it a nice scent and itchy-free under the skin.

Still don’t know the best beard oil to use, here is my recommendation: “Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil”

This oil is formulated with essentials (Jojoba oil, Virgin oil, and Argan) that will keep the beard soft, add a nice beard scent, soothe itchiness and condition the beard and under-skin.


Most men do not believe in exfoliating as a man, but what if I tell you that you need it too. Here is the thing: to get rid of dead skin cells that could clog the pores and make the skin look pale.

Exfoliating once in a while will help to stimulate blood circulation while giving you healthier and radiant skin.

But, James! How can I exfoliate as a man?

How to exfoliate as a man: grooming tips every man must know

Source: Pexels

It’s not as hard as exfoliating sounds. There are numerous scrubs and product for exfoliating out there but the simple method which works for me is making use of raw African black soap to exfoliate my face and skin.

So, how do I use it to exfoliate?

All I do and want you to do is

  • Own a raw African black soap
  • Cut a chunk out of it
  • Then use it to scrub your face and body
  • Rinse your face with lukewarm water and moisturize (ASAP) because black soap can dry out the skin.

Voila! That’s my simple method and if you have sensitive skin, I will suggest that you try the sugar method as it’s popular and safe, or you can also opt for exfoliating products.


Yes! Men cleanse too. You should opt for a simple men cleanser to remove the remnants of dead skin cells that didn’t get off the skin while exfoliating.

Cleansers help to get rid of dead skin cells, unclog clog pores, and help to get rid of sebum.

Sebums are natural oil (a product of sebaceous gland overreacting) in the skin and which can make the skin oily and could lead to acne, pimples, and blackheads.

However, you should cleanse often to promote glowing, healthy and prepare the skin for other beneficial skincare products you want to use.

12.Exfoliate to get rid of dark elbows and knees

The purpose of grooming as a man is to have an overall blemish-free body and appear your best every time. Dark elbow and knees will dent your chance of getting to that stage. 

Those areas are full of dead skin cells and because they do not produce oil, they have more folds, and that makes them drier and darker. What should you do now? 

Just make sure to get rid of anything too dark in your body. Chuckles! I don’t mean that. All I am trying to say here is that: you should try to lighten those areas by using honey and lemon juice mixed to exfoliate those areas and have an even skin tone.

13.Give yourself a feet treatment

I am not an expert at this but nobody likes long foot nails and sweaty feet.

Once in a while, go to people that specialize in giving the foot the treatment it deserves or just make sure to trim those nails and powder your foot before wearing that shoe or you can as well spray deodorant on your feet before wearing your classic socks.

If you want to have a manicured toe, soft and fresh like that of a newborn babe, a pedicure session will be great.

14.Trim your eyebrow

Gently trim your eyebrow with a razor before they join together. I have seen some men with almost joined together eyebrow and which is not something good.

Once in a while, make sure to trim the middle section of your brows neatly and make your eyebrow distant from each other. You can as well tell your barber to help you do it every time you go for a barb.

After trimming your eyebrows, use a nice gel to style them and make them look attractive.

15.Trim your nail

It’s good to have one of your fingernails long and well kept and it’s a big fluff if every one of your fingernails is long. Get a razor, trim those nails evenly or use a nail clipper to clip them.

16.Moisturize your body

Moisturizers are the food of the skin, so let your skin absorbs them to keep itself healthy. 

One of the best grooming tips every man must know in Nigeria is moisturizing.

I have equally seen a man that cannot even recollect the last time he used a moisturizer on his body. It could lead to dry skin and uneven skin tone. So opt for the kind of moisturizer that will work best for your skin tone. 

As for me, I use Jergens Shea Butter on my dark/ chocolate skin and I love how it works on my skin and if you have fair skin, then you will want to consider any of the following moisturizers:

  • Nivea natural fairness
  • Fair and white gold revitalizing fade cream
  • Gove energy glow
  • Carotte Q7 Paris
  • Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion SPF 15

17.Protect your skin

You will need sunscreen with an SPF of atleast30 to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet sunray that could lead to premature aging and cancer.

Protect your skin from damage by using sunscreen.
Image source: Pexels

You can give sun forgettable total protection face shield SPF 50 a try or Aveeno positively radiant sheer daily moisturizer SPF 30(a combination of moisturizer and sunscreen) a try too.

18. Own some cologne

Having collections of cologne is a very sweet and intelligent move as a man. Colognes will help to give a stylish man a nice and irresistible scent and help to prevent odor. I make use of Blue jean cologne and it’s a type of cologne that oozes luxury and can give the wearer confidence.

Although, I have some other body spray that I use alongside my cologne, and sometime in the future I hope to have a variety of good colognes. However, as a man, you should have different types of cologne in your closet to give you perfect grooming.

19.Powder your balls

Trust me; you wouldn’t want that area to scent badly. As a man, this area is a delicate part that can scent badly when sweat dries on them, so it is important to get a nice powder to keep the area dry and scent nice.

Having sweat-dry on your balls can be a big turn-off to people seating if they catch the whiff of the scent when you pass by them and that is why you should try as much as possible to keep the area dry and fresh by using a good powder.

Moreover, make sure you avoid mentholated powders if you don’t want to cry and avoid a powder that turns tick when mixed with sweat as they can worsen the situation.

20.Have a cold shower

A cold shower is a very good grooming tip for men, as it will not irritate your skin and can also be a good relief from sunburn if you are just coming from the sun.

A cold bath is what you will want to opt for if you have dry skin because having a hot shower will further dry out your skin and make it look flaky.

21. Wear a face mask

Once in a while, as a man, you should wear sunscreen to further smoothen out your face and to help eradicate every dead cell.

22.Take care of your lips

To keep your lips sexy and pink, make sure to exfoliate them every day to get rid of dead cells that could make them look pale and dry.

You should gently brush it with your toothbrush every morning after brushing your teeth and please, don’t make use of lip balms as they tend to give the lips a non-natural look and color.

Conclusion on grooming tips every man must know

Those are the best grooming tips every man must know in Nigeria, and stick to religiously in other to become the master of style.

Those tips, when made a routine can help to perfectly groom a stylish man and make a stylish man more stylish.

Over to you

Do you have a question regarding my grooming tips every man should know in Nigeria? Is there a point you disagree on, and what other things will you like to suggest to me, and other readers?

Kindly put it in the comment box and let us rub minds together.

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