20 home remedies that cure pimples fast In Nigeria

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There are some home remedies that cure pimples fast in Nigeria and these remedies are the ones that can be found around us.

Talking of around us, I mean these are remedies that can be found in the kitchen, farmyard, and local store.

Pimples are one of the skin problems that the majority of people have and deal with every day that research has made it known that 85% of the world suffers from acne/pimples on the skin. And this mostly occurs among teens and less on adults.

Pimples, if left untreated, can lead to a dark spot on the skin and sometimes scars however which can lead to loss of confidence and low self-esteem.

So many people keep asking if Pimples and Acne are the same. But the truth is that; pimples are symptoms of acne. Acne is a condition of the skin that causes zits, blackheads, rough patches, pimples, and inflammation of the skin as a long-term condition of the skin involving sebaceous glands at the base of the hair follicle.

Let us get to know what we are up against.

What are pimples?

Pimples are the end product of sebaceous glands (our oil glands) being infected with bacteria and which leads to inflammation on the skin and gets filled with pus.

Pimples generally occur when the oils on the face get infected with bacteria, swell up, and get filled with pus and can be found on the face, neck, back, and shoulders but generally on the face of a person.

But don’t panic if you notice pimples the appearance of pimples on your face as it is normal and which can happen to anybody regardless of how clean you are or how much you take care of your skin. so many people even believe that pimples are a sign of maturity (puberty)in boys and girls which is true.

Having pimples on the face is a thing that has gained ground in the world, however, it can make an affected person’s face look miserable and can sometimes make someone uncomfortable.

The good news is that there are a lot of methods to get rid of them on the face aside from the remedies that can cure pimples fast that I am about to share with you there is still another method like opting for medical assistance to get rid of it but, the natural ways like the one I am about to share with you are the safest and at times as the case may be, can be the fastest too.

You should also be aware of some foods that could cause acne and which are;

  • Cake
  • Sweets
  • Chocolate
  • Snacks
  • Oil

I am not saying that you should not eat these foods, but you should keep them at bay if you don’t want to see the other side of them like causing pimples and blackheads but if it is a must to eat something snacky, go for roasted plantain known as “Boli”.

You and I need to eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals to fight against acne.

Causes of pimples

When your pores are clogged with excess sebum, bacteria, and dead skin cells, it will lead to acne.

Every pore on your skin is the opening to hair and sebaceous gland (follicle) which travels out of your pores and onto your skin to keep your skin hydrated and soft.

But when there are bacteria in the pores it can lead to acne, and also if your pores are clogged by dead skin cells it can lead to acne. Moreover, if your sebaceous glands produce too much oil it can also lead to breakouts, acne, and the appearance of large pores.

So when the listed add together, it will lead to the development of pimples on the skin. When the oils in the pores are unable to go out due to blockage it will lead to pimples and some other skin problems like a blackhead.

What you should know about acne and pimples is that;

  • Your genetics can determine the appearance of pimples and dark spots.
  • Family history can also determine the appearance of pimples, that is, if there are traces that some of your family members have pimples, there is a chance that you could also have it.
  • How much sebum your skin produces, your hormones will determine this.
  • Puberty changes can cause pimples
  • Taking steroids can trigger acne
  • Dandruff can lead to pimples
  • Excessive sweating can lead to pimples
  • An uncomfortable environment can cause acne
  • Harsh skin care products can cause pimples
  • UVR (ultraviolet rays)
  • Smoking and alcohol intake could trigger Acne
  • Not having enough rest can cause pimples
  • Stress can cause pimples
  • Not drinking adequate water can cause pimples 

So what is the fastest way or ways to remove pimples and cure them overnight?

The fastest ways are not farfetched. Let us check them out.


Lemon has some properties in them that are scientifically proven to cure pimples on the skin; it is an antimicrobial and a natural bleaching agent. All you have to do is;

  • Get a fresh lemon
  • Squeeze it in a container
  • Use a ball of cotton wool to apply the fresh lemon into the pimple affected part of your face
  • Leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning with a warm water

2.Aloe vera

Research has been able to confirm that taking aloe vera orally can help to hydrate and heal the skin from within. That is, “Beauty from within”.

Aloe vera is safe to be used orally to fight skin problems and if you don’t want to take it orally, no worries as you can just follow the normal procedure and which is;

  • Get a fresh Aloe vera
  • Break it into two
  • Rub it like a cleanser into your face or the affected area
  • Leave it overnight and rinse off in the morning with a lukewarm water

Aloe Vera usage on the skin can boost the overall blood flow in the skin and help to kill harmful bacteria on the skin.

3.Aloe Vera and Honey

Aloe with honey can also help to get rid of acne and pimples fast on the skin. when mixed and used as a face mask, you will get a smooth, radiant, and acne-free face.

 So how can I use Aloe vera and Honey to get rid of acne and pimples? All you have to do is;

  • Get a 2 tablespoon of raw honey
  • Extract the gel out of your Aloe vera
  • Mix your Aloe vera with your raw honey
  • Apply it as a mask evenly to your face
  • Let it dry on your skin
  • Leave it for 10-20 minutes
  • Rinse off your face with cool water


Pure honey is also one of the home remedies that cure pimples fast as it will kill the bacteria that cause the pimples in the first place.

All you have to do is to;

  • Get a pure honey
  • Put some in a container
  • Dip a cotton bud into it and gently dab it into the affected area
  • Leave it for 30 minutes
  • Rinse off with warm water

5.Exfoliate your skin with Aloe Vera, coconut oil, and sugar

This combination is a very effective remedy for acne and pimples if used as an exfoliator.

Don’t forget that exfoliation get rid of dead skin cell and unclog your pores.

By using sugar as an exfoliator, it will brush off the dead cells and create a way for Aloe Vera to stimulate the growth of healthy skin cells then coconut oil will use its antibacterial power to and fight acne and pimples on the skin.

So, how do I use this combo as an exfoliator? Very simple my friend all you have to do is;

  • Add ½ cup of coconut oil to ½ cup of white sugar
  • Mix them well
  • Add ¼ cup of Aloe Vera gel
  • Mix properly until even
  • Gently scrub your face with the mixture to get rid of dead skin cells and extra sebum
  • Rinse off your face with cool water
  • And keep the remains in the fridge for another day

6.Egg white process

Egg white is also one of the home remedies that cure pimples fast without burning out

All you have to do is;

  • Crack an egg
  • Separate the yolk from the white gel
  • Wash your hands as not to pack germs from your hand to your face
  • Gently dab the egg white into your skin evenly
  • Leave it overnight
  • Rinse off with water in the morning

By the time you rinse it off in the morning, your pimples and acne will become dry and with a little time, your face will be free from acne and pimples.

For long-term effect, repeat the process till you get the desired result.


When talking of home remedies that cure pimples fast then consider cucumber as one of them.

This fruit is very rich in vitamins and potassium that can cool and relieve the skin of acne and pimples.

It is formulated naturally with Vitamin A, C, and E which can soothe your skin.

How to use it

  • Cut some slice of a cucumber and soak in water for one hour so that the natural vitamins and potassium will be transferred into the water
  • Use the water to rinse your face or drink it

Eating cucumber alone can help to fight acne and in the process of fighting acne, it will kill pimples on the face automatically.

8.Bitter leaf juice

I have seen a lot of people asking that does bitter leaf cure pimples? My answer is yes it does.

Since I saw those questions popping around, I decided to see if it truly cures pimples and it does.

So how can I use a bitter leaf to cure pimples? All you have to do is;

  • Get 5-10 bitter leaves
  • Scrub them with your hands to extract the juice
  • Apply the juice to your face
  • Let it dry on your face
  • Leave it for about 20 minutes
  • Then wash off with water

To cure and prevent pimples from forming on your face, make sure to repeat this process every morning before taking your bath.

9.ACV( apple cider vinegar)

All you have to do is to;

  • Mix equally ACV and water
  • Put in a bottle
  • Cleanse your face
  • Clean your face with a clean towel
  • Dab the mixture gently into your face with a cotton wool

10.Onion juice

Using onion juice on your pimples is one of the effective home remedies that cure pimples fast that what you have to do is to get afresh onion, extract the juice by grating it, then rub the juice directly on your pimple for about 30 minutes and wash off with your face soap and clean water.

20 home remedies that cure pimples fast In Nigeria.
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11.Baking Soda

Baking soda is a powerful home remedy for pimples and acne as it will exfoliate the skin by getting rid of excess oil and dead skin cells.

It can be used as an antiperspirant, teeth whitening agent to treat skin peeling.

But the question is how can I use baking soda to cure pimples? It is not hard, as all you have to do is;

  • Blend one tablespoon of baking soda with water to make a thick paste
  • Cleanse your face with water
  • Apply the paste on your face or affected area
  • Leave it to dry for 20 minutes
  • Rinse your face with a warm water
  • Repeat the process two times a day for a better result

12.Minimize stressful activities

Engaging in stressful routines will have harmful effects on your skin and body generally.

If you want to curb acne and pimples on your skin, make sure to regulate stress by involving yourself less in stressful activities.

13.Sleep well

Sleeping well is one the best home remedies that cure pimples fast even, faster.

If you are not sleeping well it could lead to the formation of acne because it encourages the production of cortisol and contributes to the formation of pimples on your skin.

However, to get the best of your skin and body, make sure to add sleep to your daily routine so that your skin will have a stress-free time for the restoration process.

To restore quickly from stress you should

  • Eat a good and balanced diet
  • Sleep well
  • Build an exercise routine
  • Limit the intake of alcohol
  • Meditate regularly

14.Remove makeup before you sleep

This is an additional tip for our dear ladies. Always remove every makeup on your face before going to bed with a makeup remover. Take note that sleeping with makeup on the face will not only give you acne and pimples but, it will lead to lots of skin problems like clogged pores, large pores, discolorations, eczema, and a lot more.

To avoid these problems, make sure that you maintain your nighttime skincare routine to get rid of makeup and makeup residue that may want to dent your skin.

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15.Stay hydrated

To fight against acne and the formation of pimples on the skin, you should drink a lot of water.

Dry skin can often get irritated and can lead to the breakout of acne and other skin problems.

It is mandatory to drink at least 4 liters of water a day, however, there is no specific amount of water you can consume a day.

That means that you can drink as much as possible water to keep you hydrated, to keep you safe from skin problems, and to keep your overall health in good condition.

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16.Eat a lot of veggies

Vegetable consumption will provide your bodies with a lot of fiber that aids digestion and serve as antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will give you’re an overall healthiness.

17.Green tea 

Green tea is one of the best home remedies that cure pimples fast because of the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory that are present in it.

Drinking green tea can moderate the secretion of excess oil (sebum) production.

All you have to do is to make a cup of green tea every morning and drink to get rid of acne and pimples fast.

Drinking green tea often will make your skin glow, and stay acne/pimples-free.

18.Banana peel

This is a no-brainer method as all you have to do is to take a fresh peel of banana and rub it into the pimples affected area.

You can choose to rub the peel every night so that it will shrink your pimples over the night.

However, fresh banana peel is one of the best home remedies that cure pimples fast and you should give it a try.

19.Tomato juice

Tomato alone is very rich in lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant and it is packed with a lot of important vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, C, K, and a lot of minerals like magnesium, copper, and potassium.

Lycopene can help to protect your skin from radical damage by reducing inflammation in your body.

Drinking tomato juice will help to reduce inflammation in your body and it is a good remedy for pimples.

So how can I use tomato juice for pimples? All you have to do is squeeze out the juice and apply it into the affected area and leave it overnight then wash it off in the morning with cool water.


Garlic is also one of the home remedies that cure pimples fast because of its antifungal and antioxidant agent that can help to fasten the treatment of pimples. Garlic has sulfur that can promote fast healing of pimples that all you have to do to get the most out of it is;

Garlic intake, one of the 20 home remedies that cure pimples fast In Nigeria
Garlic intake, one of the 20 home remedies that cure pimples fast In Nigeria
  • Get a fresh garlic
  • Cut your garlic into two
  • Rub it directly into the affected place
  • And leave it for 10 minutes
  • Wash with warm water
  • And repeat again and again

Acne and pimples can be so annoying and could lead to low self-esteem because most people with a skin problem can feel that they don’t have a beautiful face which will make some people withdraw from their group. This scenario often occurs among teens.

To avoid this and get rid of pimples, try any of the above 20 home remedies that cure pimples fast in Nigeria and see how flawless your skin will be.

A lot of people asked me about remedies for pimples and that prompted me to write this post but, what was asked much is can toothpaste remove pimples overnight?

Well, toothpaste can indeed dry off pimples overnight. And you should be aware that it is not a remedy for acne and pimples that is approved by a dermatologist. However, it has been one of the best home remedies that cure pimples fast and it can cure it over the night if applied.

Note that:

You should not use the colored type of paste because they are formulated with essentials to whiten the teeth, which may irritate, bleach, or burn the skin.

If you have dark skin, using colored toothpaste will result in bleaching, burning, and irritation because the melanin in the skin will make it more reactive and prone to blemishes.

On the other hand, using colored toothpaste on pimples by people with fair skin may not be alarming but it is better to avoid colored toothpaste.

And also stay off toothpaste that looks like gel as it will not do any good to the skin or may not effectively fight pimples.

If colored toothpaste and gel-like toothpaste will have reactions on the skin which type of toothpaste will work better? Of Corse! White and organic toothpaste.

White toothpaste with a lower level of fluoride content is the best remedy for acne and pimples because the essentials that can dry pimples overnight are induced in it. Essentials like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and triclosan to mention a few are used in the formulation of the white toothpaste.

it is best to go organic when choosing toothpaste to cure your pimples overnight because this type of toothpaste is induced with essentials like baking soda, tea tree oil, and Aloe Vera. Moreover, this type of paste can serve as anti-bacterial.

How to use toothpaste to cure pimples fast?

Apllication of toothpaste to the face,one of the 20 home remedies that cure pimples fast In Nigeria
Apllication of toothpaste to the face,one of the 20 home remedies that cure pimples fast In Nigeria
  • Wash your face with a face wash as it is vital to apply your paste on a dry clean face
  • Squeeze out a reasonable amount of paste into your index finger
  • Apply it to the affected area and don’t use it as a face mask because it works by drying and peeling pimples. So you should avoid dryness on the overall face or peel on the overall face.
  • Leave it overnight if your skin can handle it
  • Wash off after 15 or 30 minutes if you have a sensitive skin
  • Wash with cool water in the morning while it leaves your pimples dry.

As said earlier, making use of toothpaste as a remedy for pimples is not fully supported by a dermatologist because of the ability of toothpaste to course dryness, redness, burning, and irritation to the skin. However, you can and should only use toothpaste for your pimples when you don’t have an option or when it is an emergency and you should not use it for long.

If you have sensitive skin, and toothpaste tends to irritate, burn or dry your skin, you should stop using it immediately.

If for some reasons you don’t have access to any of the remedies listed above or you don’t want to use any of the above you can also try some creams for pimples, acne, and dark spot,

They can also be the safest haven for some people because these creams are formulated to cure pimples and acne on the skin.

There are some creams in Nigeria that have stood the test of time and are people’s choice when it comes to tackling pimples and acne.

Let us take a look at the best creams for pimples and acne in Nigeria

Best face creams for pimples and acne.
Image source, Pexels
  1. Retin-A 0.05%
  2. Skineal Antifungal & anti-inflammatory cream
  3. Oxy 10 Acne pimples medication 10% Benzoyl peroxide
  4. GNC Vitamin C Moisturizing cream
  5. Fair and White
  6. Clinique Acne solutions spot healing gel

Best soap for pimples and dark spot in Nigeria

body wash for pimples in Nigeria.
Image source:Pexels
  1. Smooth as silk
  2. Polo clay
  3. Retinoic soap
  4. Soap clear essence beauty dark spot and Acne
  5. Raw African black soap
  6. Removal of pimples pores Acne Goat milk handmade soap

Conclusion on home remedies that cure pimples fast In Nigeria

Those are the remedies for pimples that work and are reliable.

Pimples on the face can be disheartening, and if left untreated, it will help a person lose his or her confidence in no time.

You can also read more about the fast and reliable ways to remove pimples overnight from the pulse.ng blog post on Pimples and acne.

Over to you

Do you ever encounter pimples and acne before? which of the home remedies that cure pimples fast In Nigeria do you use, and how does it work? Kindly put it in the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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