15 Reasons why you have oily skin and acne in Nigeria

These are the reasons why you have oily skin and acne in Nigeria.

Oil is a natural part of the skin structure, it serves as water to prove to the skin, serves a body-prove against pathogens and bacteria from getting into the skin, and helps to keep the skin moisturized.

Even though oils in the skin are doing the skin more good, unfortunately, it also kicks start acne.

So the question on your mind right now is “why does oil cause acne”?

If I have oily skin, how can I control it?

If I am prone to breakout how can I control it?

Luckily for you, there is an answer to all your questions in this blog post.

We all like oil in our food, but not on the skin. Oil in the skin is referred to as “sebum” according to NCBI, sebum is made up of different things like fatty acid, squalene, esters of glycerol, wax, cholesterol, and some other compounds.

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Reasons why you have oily skin and acne in Nigeria

Reasons why you have oily skin and acne in Nigeria

These components are the result of the metabolic breakdown of what is happening within your skin.

As not to confuse you, I will let you know that sebum is the oil in the skin and it is made from the sebaceous gland which includes the oil gland and the hair follicle.

So, why does oil cause acne for those who are prone to breakouts? (Not everyone that has oily skin has acne) it’s because bacteria feeds off the oil in the skin.

Oil in the skin is a portion of food for bacteria, and when they feed on it, they break it down into some inflammatory particles and this is not something good for those with oily skin.

The end process of these inflammatory particles is that they will seat in the body, the body will process it and it will swell off inside of the face.Want to stay unique? Subscribe today

Since I posted a blog post on skincare routine for oily skin, I have been getting emails from people that want to know why some people with oily skin get horrible breakouts and others don’t.

To be frank, here, there are lots of reasons why you have oily skin and acne, and not to talk of horrible breakouts.

There are some reasons as to what causes acne and these reasons are made of four standing pillars.

Did I just say pillars? Oh, sure I did.

Let’s get to know them.

  • Overproduction of bacteria
  • Clogged skin
  • Oil is eaten by bacteria
  • Inflammations that surrounds the skin

And to talk of oil production specifically, some factors contribute to it.

Factors that impart oil production in the skin

There is something you should get to know. Your skin is very smart and sensitive. 

Take for example, when your skin is getting dry probably due to skin care products you use or weather, your skin will digest the information and drive the sebaceous gland to work and produce oil to keep the skin hydrated.

Oil formation in the skin
Image source: Pexels

And where the problem lies is when the skin goes overboard on oil production, bacteria feeds on it and eventually clogs the pores then it leads to a breakout.

Before we delve straight into the reasons why your skin is oily and acne in Nigeria, I will suggest that you take the time to know your skin.

There are situations when you think you have oily skin whereas it is dry skin in disguise.

Some people go through what we call trans-epidermal water loss.

This means that water is transported and loosed through the epidermal area of the skin and it is mostly because of compromised functions of the skin.

When that happens, that is when eczema, pimples, and acne kick in.

I wouldn’t want to talk about that in this post but, if you want to know how to determine your skin type, I will create content on that.

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Keeping the main purpose of this post at heart, let us get our hands dirty.

What are the reasons why you have oily skin and acne in Nigeria?

Woman with face full of acne
Image source: Pexels

This is something that has the most effect on teenagers.

1. Hormones

Do you notice that teenagers are always prone to breakout, why is it like that? Teenagers go through the stage of puberty; it is a huge hormonal change in the life of a person and the thing is that the changes can affect the production of oil in such a person’s skin.

A man with face full of acne
reasons why you have oily skin and acne in Nigeria

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That is why puberty changes in teenagers can dictate the production of oil and acne.

So what of adults? Does hormone has any impact on the production of oil and acne? Yes, it does.

As you age, the activeness of the hormone level tends to change. Although it varies in different people, hormone levels in everyone as they age, get to drop.

When this happens, a lot of things will start happening in the skin, and acne could be one of the results.

You should be aware that adult acne is different from teenager acne.

Adult acne is due to a change in hormones, while teenager acne is due to the overproduction of sebums, and they should be treated differently.

For very severe acne, I will suggest that you book a session with a dermatologist so that they can offer you treatment beyond the one you will get over the counter.

2.Not properly cleansing

This is a simple but most overlooked aspect that most people fail at.

 Not properly cleansing can lead your skin to a road of many skin problems. As for ladies that like makeup, you shouldn’t stop at just wiping the makeup off your face.

You should go way forward to cleanse the face by wiping off makeup from the face, washing the face with mild and gentle soap, and cleanse the face with a cleanser like micellar water.

It is very easy for acne to take over a person’s skin if not properly cleaned or not cleansed at all. I will advise that you go for a deep cleansing every day.

The skin is oily already, and you don’t take time to cleanse it to remove dirt or makeup residue will lead to acne, eczema, large pores, and breakouts.

That is why I strongly believe that not properly cleansing is one of the vast reasons why you have oily skin and acne in Nigeria and every part of the world.

3.Dirty pillowcases 

Who does that? See I strongly believe that a dirty pillowcase will make you open to acne, oily skin, and breakout.

How? Your skin is sensitive and smart, and if your hair products from your head make the pillowcase dirty, and you sleep with hat dirty pillowcase it will irritate your skin and it will make you prone to acne.

You should try as much as possible to keep your pillowcase clean, don’t sleep with a dirty pillow or pillowcase.

4.Dirty hair wraps

With cheap and beautiful hair wraps in the store, I don’t think you should use a dirty scarf.

A woman tieing head scarf
Image source: Pexels

Dirty headwraps can also irritate the skin; make it open to acne and breakout.

5.Touching the face often

It is a no-no in the rules of having blemish-free skin to be touching the face often. When you touch your face too often, you have automatically transfer bacteria’s to your face and it can lead to acne.

Most times, rocking a hairstyle that reaches the face is one of the reasons why ladies touch the face frequently.

To avoid jam-packing bacteria from the hands to the face when trying to clear the hair on the face, you should go for hairstyles that won’t reach the face area.

6.Haircare products

Your hair products like gels, shampoo, hair spray, and relaxers can equally be one of the reasons why you have oily skin and acne.

 Ask me how?

Here is the thing, when the residues from your relaxers, and other hair products seats on your face it will irritate your skin, clog your pores and eventually lead to acne.

Your relaxers for example, whenever you want to relax your hair, make sure you relax and wash it backward.

Your skin might not like ingredients in your hair care products, and when you wash them off your head and it spread on your face it could irritate the skin and lead to acne.

You can bend your head towards the back and wash off the relaxers from your hair, and when done, wash your face with a gentle soap or cleanser.

7.Your cell phone

Your cell phone can also be the cause of your oily skin and acne. You know how it is when you are typing and carcinogenic from the phone touches and stay on your face and it could be doing more harm to the skin.

Another thing is that you should make sure that you are wiping your phone screen regularly because there are bacteria already on it.

When you type on your phone, it’s either you get bacteria from it or you give bacteria to it and you can touch your face with a bacteria-infected hand and also receive a call with a bacteria-infected phone and transfer it to your skin.

To avoid this from happening, make sure you wipe your phone with a wiper and also wash your hands before and after using your phone.

8.Your skincare routine

If you would believe me, your skincare routine is doing the most.

Some people believe that the merrier their skincare routine is the better it is, but there are certain skincare products you should not be using frequently.

If you are using a deep cleanser, you should not go overboard about it, depending on the type of skin you have but normally deep cleansers shouldn’t be used more than once or twice a week.

If you are using a deep cleanser once or twice a day it could be stripping your skin essentials that will keep it glowing and blemish-free.

Using deep cleansers frequently maybe twice a day could irritate the skin, make it oily, breakout, and leads to acne.

Another thing that I found most people that claim to have oily skin and acne doing is not following their skincare prescription and they just go-ahead to use it as much as they like.

If a skincare product is meant to be used once a day, use it once a day and if it’s meant to be used twice a day, go ahead and use it twice a day.

But don’t try to use it more than that or else it will cause your skin more harm than the intended good.


You have to have in mind that the condition of the weather can dictate how oily or dry your skin will be. I am talking of sunny days in Nigeria and the cold season.

Take this as one of the reasons why you have oily skin and acne; because on a sunny day your skin will be sweaty, oily and if care is not taken, acne-prone.

Heat is one of the determinants of oil production in the skin.

Another weather condition that could make your skin oily is cold days.

Ask me how?

When the skin is dry due to harmattan or cold, the skin will be like “hey we are drying here let us produce more oil to get hydrated” and the skin will start producing more oil and more oil till it goes overboard.

When it goes overboard, and there is excess sebum(oil) left bacteria will feed on it, and from there, things will go wrong with the skin and breakout, oil and acne will kick start.

10. Your diet

Although this varies from person to person there are certain foods you eat which impart the excess production of sebum in the skin and these foods are high glycemic indexed food mainly sugar and carbohydrate such as;

  • Refined carbohydrates e.g. Bread, cereals, pasta, noodles, white rice, sodas, sugar, and other sweetened beverages.
  • Diaries

Milk consummation on regular basis is likely to increase acne severity in teenagers, and a lot of studies have been able to confirm the link between milk and acne but these studies have not been proven with facts.

All we know so far is that milk can increase insulin levels which may worsen acne.

According to the research made by Healthline, cow milk contains acids like amino which can stimulate the liver to produce more IGF-1 that has been likened to promote the development of acne.

  • Fast food.

Foods like burgers, French fries, hot dogs, cake, cookies, and pie are known to increase the chances of acne and if you have acne already, they could worsen it.

Although it is not clear why fast foods may increase the chances of acne, studies have been able to show that fast foods affect human gene expressions and hormone levels in such a way that they could hasten acne formation.

  • Omega-6 rich food

Corn, walnut, fish, and soy oils contain a large amount of omega-6 fats and it pushes the body into an inflammatory position and which could worsen acne on the skin.

  • Chocolate

This has been confirmed way back in the 19s and much research has been made on how likely it is for the chocolate to increase the formation of acne.

That could probably be the reason why a lot of teenagers are open to acne.

11.Allowing dead skin cells in your skin

Not exfoliating the skin to get rid of dead skin cells is also one of the reasons why you have oily skin and acne.

You should be aware that dead skin cells can lead to clogging pores and clogged pores can lead to oil on the skin and oil on the skin can lead to much more skin problems like acne, blackhead, and fine lines.


Yes, not finding enough time to rest will also impart your chances of getting oily skin and acne.

Create time to rest at all costs, your job may be tasking and you might not have the chance of resting. But for the good of your skin health and if you don’t want the body system to start working abnormally give it rest.

It could be a 30 minutes rest or an hour sleep, whichever you could get just make sure you find time to rest.

13.Not using SPF 

Do you know that not using sunscreen is one of the reasons why you have oily skin and acne?

Are you curious? Don’t be. The majority of Nigerians do not even know what SPF is and not to talk of using it.

I was in that category before and not until I found my way around it.

Using a sun-protecting factor-like Neutrogena hydro boost with broad spectrum SPF 50 will help protect your skin from sunburn and damages attached to exposure to dangerous UVB rays.

You shouldn’t get out of your house without using a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 and you should rub it in your skin every 2 hours you spend in the sun.

By doing this you will be able to protect your skin from sunburn, oily skin, and acne.


Scrubbing, scrubbing, and scrubbing will strip your skin the beneficials it needs to stay hydrated.

Most people will spend a lot of minutes in the bathroom just to scrub, and scrub, and scrub the living good out of their skin and still complain that their skin is too dry, too oily, and acne-prone.

Just go easy on scrubbing and take your skincare routine seriously.

15.Wrong choice of skincare products

This is another mistake people make. My friend just bought a skincare product and it seems like something that will work, so let me copy her and use it too.

Who does that? Probably James.

I have always emphasized that you get to know your skin before opting for a skincare product or products.

You can start with taking a simple shower and place your skin under inspection to see what changed.

Get to know what type of skin you have with this technique; if dry, oily, or combination skin.

Buying and using the wrong skincare products will not only irritate the skin, but it will also lead to a lot of skin problems like too much oil and acne.

Conclusion on 15 reasons why you have oily skin and acne in Nigeria

With all these that have been said and learned I just want to emphasize some things that could be the major reason why you have oily skin and acne in Nigeria and the world generally.

With a lot that has been said and listed above, I want you to take notice of some points.

  1. Not cleansing properly
  2. control your stress level
  3. get to know your skin before using any skin care product
  4. try to use sunscreen product with at least SPF 30
  5. try to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week
  6. lookout for what could be wrong with your skincare regimen.

those are what I want you to pay attention to, although, everything that has been talked about in this post is important and should be followed religiously.

the truth is that you can have a flawless skin tone without having to break your bank to look the way you want, it will only require dedication and discipline from you.

if you can be dedicated to making things work out the way they should, in a matter of time you will see how many results your effort will yield and you will be proud of your skin.

Over to you

Which of the reasons why you have oily skin and acne in Nigeria can you relate with? How do you keep the oil on your skin at bay? What do you think is missing that you think should be added?

Kindly put it in the comment box and let us rub minds together.

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