15 Beard grooming tips every man should know

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If you have grown a full beard, here are the 15 beard grooming tips every man should know, and if you are just getting started you need to read my blog post on the beard oil that will enhance your beard growth.

The journey to becoming a man with a unique and uncommon beard is a tough one.

Before you start growing the beard at first is a tug of war and not to talk of taking care of the beard and make it look all groomed.

Being able to take care of your grown beard is something that is very important and should be at the back of your mind. 

Good enough there are beard grooming products that you can invest in to give your beard the treatment it deserves and better still, you can consult those that are specialized in beard maintenance every week to help you groom your beard.

In this post, we will talk about the disadvantages of not grooming the beards, the benefits of a well-groomed beard, How to groom the beard, the best beard oil to use on the beard, how to trim the beard in 2021 and beyond, and also the best beard grooming products in 2021that you should know and use for a better beard grooming.

15 beard grooming tips every man should know
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You just have to be seen often in the shop of a beard stylist every week if you want to have a professional-looking beard like that of praiz

It’s not a day job to have a well-groomed beard, consistency matters brother!

Before sharing the beard grooming tips with you, I will like to make something known to you to help you know why you should take your grooming routine religiously.

What is the downside of having an unkempt beard?

Having a beard that looks rough, unshaped, tacky, and dry is not something that defines a man of style and it will not speak well. So, here are the disadvantages of having an unkempt beard.

1.It draws unruly attention to your face

The truth is, no matter how well dressed you are, if your beard is not groomed or not properly groomed people will not credit you. There is a high chance of people not seeing your quality dress shoe, your new fitted shirt, and your fashion accessories and their attention will be on your beards.

2.Unruly beard means a low-level confidence

If you will agree with me on this, then you will understand that when your beard is not well nurtured, your confidence level will drop.

Let me make myself an example; whenever I have a new hair cut my confidence level does rise more than before, but when my hair gets growing longer and I don’t have my hair cut on time for a reason or other, my confidence level will go down drastically to the point that I wouldn’t like to go out without a face cap.

3. Un groomed beard may dent your personality

It just won’t speak well of you! Trust me on this, when you’re known as an organized man to the core and now, people are seeing you with an unkempt beard they will start to wonder what has changed with you and you will also see that you are going against your personality.

4.It shows that you can’t take care of yourself

You would not want to be regarded as a man that needs a babysitter or a man that needs someone that will do almost everything for him. Even bath him.

If you can’t take care of your grown beard, how will you even groom yourself to be regarded as a stylish man?

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5.It shows that you are not organized

If you cannot follow some simple grooming tips as a man, then it can make you seem to be an organized man.

Every stylish man must be organized in everything they do and most especially, must be organized in the bathroom.

It hurt me to see men going through a hard time that an un-groomed beard can cause when they can easily find some simple beard grooming tips online even at the comfort of their house.

And even if they tend to be very busy that they don’t have the time to go online searching or don’t want to do the grooming themselves, why not create at least 30 minutes every week (choose any day and time they are free and convenient) to meet with beard experts to help them with the grooming.

6.Unkempt beard is a big turn-off

It is even better not to have a strand of beard on the face than having a grown beard that is not well nurtured.

To men, seeing a fellow man with a dry, tacky and rough beard is a big turn-off and not to talk about ladies, some ladies won’t even reply to your greetings if you greet them.

The benefit of grooming your beard.

This is the gold pot. This is the part I so much love talking about and what I want you to witness and they are almost the opposite of the disadvantages. Here are the advantages of having a well-groomed beard.

1.A well-groomed beard gives instant confidence

When your facial hair is well nurtured and shaped, the moment you look into the mirror and the handsome you, your level of confidence will rise above normal.

This often happens to me, whenever I have a new cut and especially when my beard is well-groomed by my stylist “Rado” I immediately gain my once lost confidence two times over.

2.Ladies like a guy with a beard and love a guy with a groomed beard

If you want to prove me wrong, why not start by asking your sister or female friend and they will prove me right.

It’s no new thing that ladies melt when they see a handsome guy with a grown and well-groomed beard, that they can even woo the guy (LOL! Just kidding). However, you can still try to prove me wrong.

3.A well-groomed beard shows how well organize you are

Generally, men with well-treated and nurtured beards are always on top of their life. They are often organized men.

Considering the effort and sacrifices that go into keeping the beard well nurtured every week (some men groom their beard even three times a week) alone shows that grooming the whole body as a man is piece of cake.

4.It can add respect to your personality

Here is the thing, if your personality has been defined and people already weigh your personality in gold then, having a well-groomed beard will add respect to it.

Being a man with well-nourished facial hair will command respect to your sense of style and good reputation.

5.It keeps you in the cycle of success

If you don’t know that having a beard free from tangles, tackiness, and dryness and have a well-nurtured beard can keep you in the cycle of great and successful men.

Like I said in one of my post concerning beard grooming tips that every successful man have something that people know them for and these people are always organized set of people,

As little and powerful the effort put into beard grooming continuously makes you organized and an organized person will do exploit.

6.Makes you look attractive and mature

Don’t even try to argue with me on this. Having a nurtured, silky and soft beard will attract people to you. Period!

And, it can make you look all grown up and mature. Don’t forget that people especially ladies like to hold conversations with cool, well-nurtured beaded, and mature guys. Even if you don’t know how to hold a mature conversation with them, they will still stick around because you look attractive and mature while rocking your well-groomed beard.

After knowing the advantages of grooming your beard and disadvantages of not grooming your beard now, let me show you the 15 beard grooming tips every man should know in 2021 and beyond.

How should I groom my beard in 2021?

Enough talk about beard grooming tips and let us get to see the faces of the tips I have been talking about.

 Here are the 15 beard grooming tips every man should know.

1.Invest in a Fogless mirror

My first and foremost tip for you is to buy a fogless shower mirror if you want to groom your beard perfectly.

A fogless mirror as the name implies is a type of mirror that has a pouch for holding your beard grooming accessories and it’s a kind of mirror that is no matter how hot and intense your shower is, its polycarbonate surface will not steam up.

A fogless mirror will make your beard grooming routine easier and done perfectly due to the crystal clear picture of you and your beard it will offer. 

Having a mirror-like that is a haven because you will be able to have better grooming and avoid cutting yourself.

Moreover, this mirror can also help you to avoid over-shaping. What do I mean by that? Let me make it clearer to you.

There was a time I was shaping my beard while looking at my face in a small handy mirror and I perfectly shaped the facial hair left side of my face but when it comes to shaping the right side, I made a very bad and uneven shape that I eventually went to the salon to have a new hair cut and shape my beard to fit the new style.

Beard grooming tip:Fogless mirror.
Image source: Pexels.

I was not willing to have that kind of haircut, but since I made a mistake with my beard shaping I had to barb that hairstyle just to make my beard style feel along and fit my style.

If I didn’t make that move of having a new haircut, I would have my beard shaved totally but I don’t want to wait for months again before re-growing my beards.

This is something that could have happen to you before and that is why I recommend to you this mirror if you want to get your beard grooming regimen right even before the actual grooming.

2.Keep your grooming materials in your shower

This is something some men fail to do. You should have your every-day grooming material ready in the shower for easier and faster beard grooming.

Having your grooming materials ready in the bathroom will make you groom your beard whenever it’s necessary and without being lazy.

You should start by having a small shelf in your bathroom where you will keep every grooming tool like your razor blade or shaving stick, scissors, beard oil, comb, shampoo, and clippers.

Doing this will make your life easy for you and you will be organized.

3.Keep your beard clean and soft

A dirty and tacky beard is a no-no. So, what should you do? The only thing you should do now is to keep it clean first. That is the first and one of the important beard grooming tips you should stick to.

First of all, wash your beard with shampoo to remove dirt that could be hiding in your beard, and then apply your conditioner to help soften it and prepare your beard for combing.

4.Comb it out

After washing off the shampoo from your beard, give it some time to dry.

Now that it’s dry, get your beard comb and comb it out to make it stand upright and out.

This process of combing your beard will help to straighten it and for easier trimming.

To make it easy and to make sure that you are doing it right, it is good if you have a Beard and Mustache Comb and brush kit. Investing in this grooming product will help to be aware of inconsistent beard length.

5.Trim it

Now is the perfect time to trim it. After combing it and have identified parts of the beard that are too long and needed to be trimmed to make it look even.

Then this is a question that I will ask myself you should also ask yourself how should I trim my beard in 2021?

How your beard look and how you want it to look is something you must put into consideration before you start your trimming.

Some people like to keep it short and even while some like a long and grown beard like “phyno” as for me I like keeping it short and simple. Like I said in one of my posts on beard grooming tips, I like to change my beard style anytime I have a new haircut.

You can decide to keep your beard short and even all around and, you may also want it to make it shorter at the sides and longer at the chin and you may also want to keep it fuller from the temples to the chin.

Either way, there is a technique for everybody’s want.

Don’t be worried, it’s not that hard. So how should you trim your beard?

After washing and combing your beard the next thing to do is to allow your clipperssafety razorshaving soap and bowlshaving brush, and beard oil to play their parts.

If you want a simple, short, and even looking beard then:

6.Trim it to look short, simple, and even

Bring out your clippers and gently start your trimming from the area that is grown and thick (I use to start my trimming from the chin because it’s the thick and grown area) to prevent bad or uneven trimming.

And I will trim it short and even with the side of my face.

To achieve this, just make sure to give it an even length all around.

7.Want to go longer and give it some shape

This type of beard trimming should be done gently and without rushing because it may look complicated and yet, simple.

You will want your beard to look shorter and even around the sides of your face and look fuller and longer at the chin.

What should you do now? Here is it.

Gently trim the sides to look even and short that the goatee area will look full, thick, and look visible.

Give the sides of your face a number 3 setting to make it look all even and short and give the goatee area a number 4 or 5 settings ( depending on how grown it is) when doing this, make sure you are looking at yourself in a mirror, a fogless mirror to be precise.

To check how well you did the trimming, look at yourself facing the mirror to see how you look. If it looks just fine then you did a great job and if it does not, you still have some adjustment to do (probably, to trim some sides to make it balanced).

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Look at the sides of your beard too just to make sure that they are evenly trimmed and balanced with your goatee area.

8.Move to your mustache area

A lot of bearded guys like to keep the mustache thick and long and it’s great. Take a look at phyno and praiz.

It fits them well and if you want your mustache to look like that, then give it a try as long as it fits you well.

To keep things simple, the mustache should be kept short and simple.

And this is when your scissors will come to play their part

Best beard oil to use on the beard

I have made a post on the top best beard oil in Nigeria and they can be found in every part of the world but to answer those that might be wondering what beard oil should they use to groom their beard.

Well, my number goes to beard oil any day and every day is “Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil”.

This beard oil as I will always recommend it to anyone that needs beard oil that will keep their beard soft, silky, nurtured, and conditioned deeply.

Honest Amish beard oil is one of the most trusted beard oil in the world and it is formulated with essentials that will help to transform the overall look of the beard in few drops used. Essentials like; Golden Jojoba oil, Organic Virgin Argan, and premium Hydrating oils are used to formulate it.

This beard oil is made in the USA and it’s made of natural and organic ingredients like the one I mentioned above.

If you want a perfect beard oil for your beard grooming, then you will want to try this beard oil and thank me later for recommending it.

Best beard grooming products in 2021

So, what beard grooming products should a man use to have a well-groomed beard?

Here are the lists of the best beard grooming products for you and me this year:

1.Beard shampoo

Not to forget that the first thing to do when you want to take care of your facial hair is to wash it with a beard shampoo to keep your beard soft and clean.

That is the reason why you should use be my beard shampoo as it will help to clean your beard as you could ever imagine.

2.Fogless mirror

To achieve flawless beard grooming, you are going to need this mirror.

No matter how hot your shower is, the coated polycarbonate surface won’t get steamed up.

It is true to say that a fogless shower mirror is a godsend for every man that wants to shave properly and perfectly.

The best type of fogless mirror is shower mirror for shaving as it also has a shower razor hook and which is super secure and fit easily

3.Beard conditioner

4.Beard trimmer

5.Safety razor

6.Shaving brush

7.Shaving soap and Bowl

8.Beard oil

I can’t recommend Honest classic Amish beard oil enough as it will make your soft, well-conditioned, give your beard a good scent, help to nourish your under the skin, and make your beard unique!

I am currently using this beard oil and it works great for me and for people that have bought and use this oil.

For now, I am rocking a short and simple tinny beard, but notwithstanding, I still have to keep my beard all nourished and groomed.

If you are still confused, or yet to invest in beard oil, it’s time to give Honest Amish a try and thank me later.

9.Dopp Kit

Dopp kit will help you get organized and make your grooming routine super easy.

You will only have to pack every material in your kit. So if you don’t have a kit for your grooming material already, it’s a must-have for every man.

Conclusion on beard grooming tips every man should know

Beard grooming is not very hard to do, you just have to love your beard enough to care for it and make it grow the right way.

Make sure to invest in some beard grooming products like beard oil, trimmer, and comb/brush to give your beard the best care it can ever get and make it look very attractive.

Don’t forget that your beard alone has a lot to say about you and in fact, the way you treat your facial hair is the way you will treat yourself. So love yourself enough to love everything about you even your beard.

Moreover, don’t forget that everyone likes a guy with a beard and ladies cherish and love guys with a well-groomed beard.

And your beard alone can define who you are.

Just try to have your entire beard grooming products organized in the shower, so that you will be able to make your beard grooming regimen a habit.

Over to you

I am glad and happy to write this piece just for you and I would love to hear from you too as much as you’ve heard from me. So, what do you think about my post on the 15 beard grooming tips every man should know and how has your beard grooming regimen been.

I will like to hear from you. 

Just make use of the comment box and let us rub minds together.

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