11 Gorgeous hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women

Let us talk about the hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women.

As a woman, I will advise that you read this post to the end because, in this content, you will learn the hairdos that seem very appealing to men, especially Nigerian men.

And if you perfectly rock any of the hairstyles that I will discuss with you, there is a chance of your boyfriend, fiancé, and husband loving you ten times over.

Recently, I posted content on evergreen, and beautiful hairstyles in Nigeria that every woman must know about and rock as well. And if you haven’t read that post, I will highly suggest that you read it after this post.

And to burst your bubbles, I will recommend that you read it first before reading this post.

Nigerian men, including myself love it when we see our ladies rocking a decent, elegant, and appealing hairstyle; it makes us crush on you ladies over and over again.

But to make Nigerian men crush on you over and over again, you have to figure out the hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women.

As a woman, to make your husband, fiancé and boyfriend do your bidding and pay undiverted attention to you; you should have some surprises under your slips.

All men love surprises from their woman, it’s not only ladies that love surprises!

Surprise him (your man) every time you go for that new hairdo.

I made myself as an example in the post I linked to above on Nigerian hairstyles for ladies. I said that my lady will not let me follow her to the saloon simply because she always wants to surprise me with her hairdo.

And she never fails at surprising me.

It is true if I tell you that you look more appealing to your man when you have that new hairdo or adequately arrange your hair.

And for you in a relationship as a woman, the last thing you will want is that your man should not like your new hairstyle after making it. If that has happened to you before, here is how to tackle it.

The reasons why your man does not like your hairstyle

1. You don’t put your unique style into consideration

What do I mean by that? Don’t just go for any hairstyle because you see some celebrities rocking it or your friend is rocking it.

Everybody has their unique style and they rock it confidently and what fits into my style, individuality and personality may seem appalling to your style or way of doing things.

If you copy your friend or celebrity that rocks that hairstyle confidently because it fits into their style, you may end up not looking your best because you will not rock it confidently as they do.

It does not fit your unique style; you will look like you only want to tag along.

The key takeaway is that: before you decide on having a new hairdo, check to know if it will fit your style, individuality, and personality.

2. Is that hairstyle decent?

Your man will not give you the credit or praise you if your new hairdo is not decent.

It still boils down to your personality. Even though the style is one of the hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women, your man will still not like it if it does not fit your look and personality.

Your man will tag it with an un-decent hairstyle.

3. Do you rock that hairstyle confidently?

That is a question only you can answer. Now take a few seconds to answer this question: do you rock that/every hairstyle confidently? If it’s a no, you will feel it.

Only you cannot lie to yourself.

If you are convinced within yourself that you don’t rock those hairdos confidently then it’s a big problem.

Going forward, whenever you have that new hairstyle done, relax and take a deep breath before stepping out of the saloon, say silently to yourself that you are the most beautiful lady on the surface of the earth, let your shoulders be high (not arrogantly but confidently) and step out gallantly with your face up not looking down in a shy manner.

And to complement your new hairdo, wear a smile because smiling alone can reveal your real beauty and you can never know who you will uplift by just smiling.

What are the hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women?

1.      Nigerian hairstyle Braids

hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women: braid
Image source: Pexels

As a woman, you can never get it wrong when trying to impress your man with braided hairstyles.

Nigerian men go gaga whenever they see a woman rocking braids especially when it fits her perfectly.

Thank goodness, there are different braid styles for you to choose from on a weekly or monthly basis.

I am talking about Knotless braid, box braid, crown braid, and a lot more.

You should surprise your man always whenever you go for that new hairstyle and your man will never get bored.

2.      Cornrows

Image source: Pexels

Trust me, girl, cornrows are one of the hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women.

If you want to prove me wrong, ask any Hausa man about cornrows and you will see the joy with which he will answer you.

Ajumoke from buzznigeria even made it known that this Hausa or Fulani man prefers his wife betrothed to him in this hairstyle, that is, he sees and loves his wife just the way she is.

This hairstyle is one of the protective styles for short natural hair.

Cornrows are hairstyles that are very close to the natural hairdo that any woman can carry.

You can as-well prove me wrong by going to the saloon, get it done, and show your man and if he does not like it, call me out.

3.      Low cut

Low cuts are one of the hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women and that is why a lot of women in Nigeria are now rocking low cuts.

Low cut: one of the hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women
Source: Pexels

Even Nigerian celebrities like Chidinma, Shan George, Nancy Isime, Muna, and a lot more know the essence of this hairstyle and they have been rocking it beautifully for a while now.

To clear your doubt on this hairstyle, I will want you to look at the most popular models and see how this style helps them to look bold and confident.

Nigerian men love it when their women look confident, unique, and bold every time and that is one of the numerous reasons Nigerian men love to see a low cut style on their women.

4.      Nigerian hairstyle Ghana weaving

Ghana weaving has come to stay in Nigeria and it has also gained the heart of almost every man and has become one of the gorgeous hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women.

Ghana weaving style for ladies
Image source: Pexels

Just make sure to find a good stylist and rock your weave to the fullest.

5.      Dreadlocks

As much as Nigerian men love to rock dreads, we also love to see our women rocking them.

Dreadlocks are now the talk of the town and everyone is rocking them in various styles that suit them.

The fact that it’s now in vogue shows that dreadlock is one of the hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women, and it will be good to surprise your man with this amazing hairstyle.

Dreadlocks for women
Image source: Pexels

I can bet that your man will love you over and over again for having that hairdo on.

We are not that hard to please lady, just know the basics and we will love you for it.

6.      Brazilian hair

As much as every man loves to see their woman rocking Brazilian hair, almost every Nigerian man hates to pay for it.

Brazilian hair: Hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women.
Image source: Instagram


Brazilian hair is now something almost every woman opts for because it makes them look appealing to their man and also look hot and chic.

7.      Nigerian bun hairstyle

Bun hairstyle is now the talk of the town and it looks beautiful on the wearer.

Nigerian bun hairstyle
Image source; Pexels

You can surprise your man with this style when you want to have your new hairdo and your man will love you more for it.

8.      Ponytail

Every Nigerian man dreams of getting married to a princess and a ponytail can always make you look like a princess if you are not born into a royal family.

Hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women; Ponytail
Source: Instagram
ponytail hairstyle for women
source: Instagram

Apart from the fact that your man will love it, it is also the fastest to do hairstyle in Nigeria, it fits almost every wearer, and it is very easy to maintain.

9.      Natural afro

Afro is one of the easy hairstyles for natural hair, as you only need to watch it grow, moisturize it, comb it, and don’t wash it too often.

Natural afro hairstyle for ladies
Source; Pexels

Although it takes time to achieve the classic natural afro level, if you can give it time and take good care of your hair, you will reap the labor of the hard work.

If you think you need some inspiration before opting for this style, then think of Rita Dominic and think of Omoni Oboli as they elegantly rock Afro.

Almost every man loves to see you go natural and that is why most women prefer to go natural with their hairstyle.

10. Wavy style

Who does not know that wavy styles are in vogue? If you do not have wavy hair naturally you can always get it done for you by a good hairstylist.

With the help of straighteners, curlers, and some hair products, you are ready to make your man do your bidding.

hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women: wavy hairstyle.
source: pexels

It is not Abracadabra stuff; it’s just that most men love to see this style on their women.

It can make any lady look hot, bold, and classic.

11. Short hairstyles

Short styles give the wearer a lot of styling opportunities, ranging from classic bob and layered hairstyles to many more.

Short hairstle for women
Image source: Pexels

You can never get it wrong with this hairstyle if you are ready to take on the challenge attached to keeping your hair short, then you will surely get a green light from your man.

Conclusion on 11 gorgeous hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women

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Pin hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women to Pinterest

Nigerian men are not that hard to get into and please as some women claim they are, it’s just about you as a lady to know how to make your man get more into you by starting with amazing hairdos every time you go to the saloon.

Don’t forget that we men love surprises so; surprise your man with different hairstyles on different occasions.

Men easily get bored with a thing that doesn’t change and that is why you should give him that chance he wants by changing your look every time you visit your hairstylist and see how he will go gaga for you.

The discussed hairstyles above are not just a random hairstyle that I choose to add to the list just because everyone is talking about them, they are chosen because I asked lots of guys about the hairstyles they love to see a woman rock and eventually made this post as per their response.

So, relax, your man will love you the more if you try any of the discussed styles.

The only reason your man may not fancy the style is that if your man likes seeing you rock the traditional styles like traditional clap hairstyle, shuku and base, and traditional rubber style.

And to be sincere with you, a hairstyle like shuku is one of the hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women, and they also love to see their women rock it.

Bottom line is that you should make yourself happy as you make your man love you the more because of how often you give in that hairstyle that makes him go gaga for you.

Don’t forget that if your man is happy with you, more opportunities will attach to it just to keep you happy too.

And that is why I say you should pick one of my 11 gorgeous hairstyles Nigerian men love to see on women and see how things will much more roll in your favor.

Over to you

What hairstyle do you rock best? How does your chosen hairstyle affect your confidence level? How does your man react when you rock that new hairstyle? Which hairstyle do you think should have made the list? what advice do you have for other readers?

Kindly put it in the comment section and, let us talk about it.

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