10 ways to make your nails grow faster and longer according to dermatologists

Are you tired of those short and sad-looking little nails that won’t grow? Do you wish your nails will grow faster than ever before? Do you want to leave the club of short nail guys? 

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10 ways to make your nails grow faster and longer.

Then I have the secrete you want. Just get ready to put in some little and scientifically proven tips that will make your nails grow healthily, faster and longer. 

Today, we will talk about 10 ways to make your nails grow faster and longer according to dermatologists.

Having a skincare routine in place is very awesome and sticking to it will work wonders on your skin. 

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What if you have a routine for your nails and sticking to it will surely transform your nails and give you sexy, long, and healthy nails.

 10 ways to make your nails grow faster and longer according to dermatologists.

The director of dermatologic surgery and laser cosmetic dermatology at the University of Texas Dell Medical Center, Tyler Holling stated that, if the appearance of a person’s skin is a window into a person’s internal health, the nails are at least a porthole.

Your fingernails determine your overall health. A healthy nail should be smooth hard, have consistent color, and be free of dents.

According to dermatologists, there are some ways to make your nails grow faster and longer in Nigeria and every part of the world and that is the secret of those fingernails you envy. 

Take note of this, to make them grow healthy, fast, and longer, you will need some nail products that will help with the quick and awesome transformation.

Don’t worry, I will put a link to them in this post. I will also state some home remedies that will make your nails grow faster and longer. 

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Before diving into the 10 ways to make your nails grow faster and longer in Nigeria according to dermatologists, I will like to show you some things that would be of help to you and your nails.

What makes the nails unhealthy and grow slower

You can’t get it wrong with what Dr. Holling stated on the reasons that make your nails unhealthy and grow slower. 

Having a dry and short nail have a lot of reasons for being short and unhealthy and it ranges from frequently biting your nails, having low iron level, slacking on vitamin B, not applying hand cream frequently ( at least twice a day ) increased stress level and using nail polish for too long.

Having fungal infections like eczema and internal health conditions like heart, liver, kidney, or lungs problem.

And doctor Holling made it known that nutrition deficiencies or major health stresses like fevers or chemotherapy medications can damage the nails.

If you are healthy, just as air dehydrates your body so does it dehydrate your nails and the same cells that make up your skin are also the same cells that form your nail as explained by Cynthia Bailey the CEO of Dr. Bailey skincare.

You should also be aware that your genes can play a big role in your nail growth as well as aging? Although it varies from person to person and does not envy one it’s not everyone that can grow longer nails, thanks to genetics.

10 ways to make your nails grow faster and longer in Nigeria according to dermatologists.

I can understand that this is the part you have been hoping for and it can be a patience-testing routine. 

Generally, it takes six months to grow a broken nail and approximately 365 days to regrow a broken toenail but with the proven ways that are backed up facts and tips from dermatologists, the nail growing process would be easier and faster when making a routine.

1.Do not break your nails

Yeah, you may have read this on every blog post, see it on every YouTube video and now you are seeing it again. 

It is the truth, to grow your nails longer and faster, you shouldn’t break them. It takes patient and time for this technique to work. 

I could have said you can grow your nail faster when I started this post, but the truth is, you can’t grow it faster and longer overnight or over a week. 

Science does not support that or else you see some kind of abracadabra. But you can still grow it faster than how slow it could be to grow your nails.

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The technique works fine if you can give it time to grow, I have seen a friend that has a long nail but the middle fingernail got broken in February 2019 and she glued the broken nail back because she couldn’t withstand having the middle fingernail gone. 

So, she left it for two months to keep growing and when the nail grows a bit, she removed the glued nail and filed down all the nails so that the middle fingernail won’t grow alone.

Then she started watching it grow for 4 months and it grew longer and stronger but it went overnight. 

At the fifth of the fifth month, she measured her nails with a ruler and she measured 2.2cm and that was awesome and to keep the name even, she filled it every month.

Just for you to know what to do with your nail whenever it got broken, you can take my friend’s growth tip.

How to not break your nails

We are all guilty of some things that keep getting our nails to break. These are things you shouldn’t do if you don’t want a broken nail.

  • Don’t open packages with your nails use knives instead
  • Don’t open cupboards with your nail use your knuckle
  • Don’t press your toilet button by your nails use an object to press it stationed in your toilet
  • Don’t open that Amstel malta can with your nail use a flat object instead
  • Don’t use your nails to separate keys from key holders( use another object instead)
  • Don’t have your hands underwater for long when doing dishes or washing your makeup products( wear water prove glove)
  • Don’t use your nails to press buttons( use knuckles instead)

Anything that could break your nails must be avoided and stick to proactive measures that will help your nails stay stronger, grow stronger, and unbroken.

2.Wear a nail polish

Wear nail polish to keeo your nails strong and grow.

Keeping a nail polish on will keep your nail from breaking because it offers layers of protection to the surface of the nails. You should try sally hansen luxe nail polish as it will effectively protect your nails from breaking.

Image source: Jumia.

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If your job or school does not allow it, you should opt for a clear nail polish that will make your nail strong and offer protection to it. You can try Avon nail wear as well.

Nail wear pro.
Image source: Jumia.

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3.Never shower naked

James are you serious? That does not sound like you are serious james. Oh really? You seem serious. 

The truth is when you shower naked your nails will get vulnerable and could break at any moment.

Do you still mean that james? Oh yes. I am serious about this.

Water makes your nails super weak when you have your shower naked. 

Your nails will be get soaked with water, weak, and break off.

So what is the solution james?

Very simple dear.

Never shower without wearing nail polish. That is that one thing that could help keep water out of your nails and make sure you have your nail polish wrap around your nail tip and by doing that, you will never bathe naked again.

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4.use nail oil frequently

The truth is that I cant guarantee that your nails won’t get broken when you use nail oil on them, but it can help reduce the risk of breakage.

There are some situations that you will expect your nails to break probably when you accidentally glide your nails through something.

When seeking a nail oil, I will recommend that you buy a nail oil that is formulated with jojoba oil or go for jojoba oil itself, as it has 100% pure jojoba.

10 ways to make your nails grow faster and longer according to dermatologists.
Image source: Jumia.
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Jojoba oil is the most similar oil to the one the body produces naturally and it only sits on top of your nails. 

Other oils like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and a lot more are very beneficial to the skin, but jojoba oil is the best for the nail.

To get the best of your jojoba oil, I will advise that you mix it with vitamin E gel to make it a bit thick and it will be more better and efficient.

And to make the process easier and better, you should get a blow pen to put the oil in your fingers.

Your blow pen will make the application less messy and easier.

To get the best of your oil, make sure to wear it 3 times a day for strong and long nails.

5.Avoid nail hardeners/strengtheners

Many people believe that nail hardener or strengtheners will make your nails grow faster and thicker naturally. But the truth is that they have no impact on your nail and do not contribute to your nail growth.

So I will suggest that you go easy on hardeners or strengtheners.

Using hardeners or strengtheners will only sit on nails and give only dead tissues. 

Since the nails grow from inside the body so why do you need hardeners on your nail?

Strengthening will only make your nails harder. For most people using hardeners and strengtheners will only serve as counterproductive to growing your nils because it can lead to snapping and breaking of your nails.

When your nails are too hard they will always snap and break at every slight chance it has.

Some people love using hardeners after a manicure and that also often makes the nail snap.

Stop using hardeners and stick to a regular base coat.

However, if you have a thin nail it will be better to wear a nail strengthener or hardener to keep your nail strong and give them the boost of hardness. 

If you plan to use a nail strengthener, I will suggest that you apply your nail oil.

6.Don’t bite your nails

This is easier said than done for most people and biting will cut short your journey to grow longer and stronger nails. 

So what should you do? Go for an anti-nail biting polish that will prevent you from biting your nail.

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It is more like a liquid that tastes poor and sour and it will prevent you from biting your nails once applied. You can also paint your nails holo because nobody would want to ruin a beautiful nail paint by bitting it.

But if you can’t resist bitting your nail, why not bite something else like your pen. Funny but so true.

As for me, most times I have the temptation to bite my nails, and what I do is chew gum to prevent myself from bitting my nail. You can borrow my tip also.

7.Eat a balanced diet

Do you want to promote steady nail growth? Then improve on your diet.

Though it is difficult to speed up your nail growth nut eating a balanced diet often will help boost the acceleration of your nail growth.

So what foods make nails grow longer

  • Cysteine like: chicken, turkey, yoghurtLegumes like beans and soya beans
  • Biotin like: egg yolk, salmon, nuts, spinach, and broccoli
  • Zinc like: beef, oysters, crab, nuts, and fortified cereals
  • Vitamin: carrots, sweet potatoes, mangoes, and pumpkin
  • Vitamin C: Citrus fruits, bell peppers, strawberries, Brussels sprout, and kiwi fruits.

8.Take supplements

Does taking supplements only work for the skin glow? Does it only boost skin radiancy and make it glow from within? Yes, supplement for the skin does a lot of wonders to the skin and health, but we are not talking about skincare supplements now. 

You and I are talking about nail care supplements.

As said by a dermatologist, and I quote “while certain vitamins and supplements help support and boost healthy nail growth, they should be used in addition to, not in place of a healthy diet.

Okay take biotin, a type of vitamin B. it has been proven and known to increase nail thickness by 25% in people with short nails and it can also help improve the thickness of the nails and support faster nail growth.

Biotin supplement for nail growth.
Image source: Jumia.

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To grow your nails faster with supplements I will suggest you go for a formula that continues Biotin and high-quality natural food.

9. Practice good grooming

Having a working nail care routine is something you should have in place if you are so serious about growing your nail to a perfect length. 

And make sure to not forget that there are something’s you should do and something’s you should not do to your nail to keep it growing perfectly and healthier.

That is why a beauty expert will be a great option for you. And they will help you draw a good nail grooming routine that will make your grooming routine more effective.

10. Consult a dermatologist.

If you are having difficulties growing your nails, I will do recommend seeing a dermatologist or a beauty and skincare expert to get some recommendations and guidance on your nail growing journey. 

Book an appointment with a beauty expert or dermatologist once or twice a week or month, and let them access your nail growth and also tell you things to do more of and things to cut off your daily routine.

To cap it, another important of consulting a dermatologist is that they can draw out a nail regimen that works fine for you and it will make your nail growing process easier.

Conclusion on 10 ways to make your nails grow faster and longer according to dermatologists

Growing longer, healthier, and thicker nails can be a tough one for those that don’t have a way around it. 

And with these tips, you should be able to grow a very healthy and longer nail faster than you could ever think. 

I do believe that it takes more than just sticking to a nail routine to grow your nails to your desired length. Most of the time it takes more discipline to achieve that nail growth state.

If you can be disciplined enough to avoid the don’ts and stick to the dos, you will be able to achieve the nail length you want without burning out.

Over to you

It is indeed a long and interesting post. I hope you learned some ways to grow your nails faster? So what do you think of this post? Which other way do you think can help promote longer and thicker nails?

Kindly put it in the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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