10 Things Women Notice First In A Man; things they notice in the 10 seconds of meeting you.

Women, how will the world look like without them?

Today, I am going to show you, gentlemen, the things women notice first in a man. I mean the things they notice in the 6-10 seconds of seeing you.

The truth is you cannot claim to be classic and well presented until you hear it from a woman.

They have that specific taste and way of describing a classic and well-dressed man.

So if you dress and feel like you have gotten the worldwide swag, think again bro.

You might miss out on some things.

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I would rather suggest you dress simple and ask your wife, girlfriend, or sister to take a look at you and tell you how you look sincerely.

If they tell you you look great, believe me, man, you do and if they tell you you need to make some amendment here or there, don’t argue and just do it.

Or else they are just old-fashioned.

So as a gentleman who wants to be the cute man around the block, I would suggest you stick around a bit and get to know the things women notice first in a man.

You can see this post as a guide to be a stylish and classic man.

Who does not like the sound of that? Nobody if I guess well.

Without further ado, let us get to know what it’s like to be a classic man.

10 Things Women Notice First In A Man

10. Your face

Trust me on this guys, women tend to notice your face first, from your head to your neck.

They want to know if you’re handsome if your light or dark and they want to know if you have those cute and masculine eyes.

They want to know if you have a defined jaw and lovely lips.

They want to love if you have facial hair if it is thick and rough if it is well-groomed and how fitting it is.

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So I will suggest that you take care of your face before stepping out of your house.

Make sure to have a nice and well-fitting haircut, groom your beard, and look all put together facially.

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2. Your smile

Nothing is more confidential like wearing a beautiful smile, it does not have to be a broad one but make sure you’re wearing your cutest smile always.

things women notice first in a man

Because ladies notice that every time they see a guy and you don’t want to appear scary and unfriendly to them.

If you appear scary to them, no matter how well-groomed and tall you are, you are not cute they will say.

I understand you are not dressing to please anyone, but don’t forget that you can brighten someone’s day with your smile alone.

3. your eyes

I know this may sound weird to you but it is true.

The first thing they do is to strike eye contact with you. I mean eye to eye.

For some men, it is just easy as peasy and some men find it hard to look at other people in the eye.

For women, they find it cool when you can strike eye contact with them, and that alone make you look confident.

It is not easy, yeah I know that but you have to do it.

Look them in the eye and the face whenever you are having a conversation with them and like that the conversation will be lively, flow smoothly and they might even have some crush on you.

So man, smile often.

4. Your body

I don’t mean your naked body, what I am trying to say here is your physique.

It doesn’t matter if you have a toned body or you don’t have a toned body, they just want you to be at the best of your body.

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In a recent study carried out about women, it is made known that women don’t want their men to be heavily toned. They want it to be moderate and spicy.

It was also made known that women don’t want their men to look more beautiful than they are.

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Funny but so true about them.

They just want you to be below them a bit.

But they just notice and love it when a guy cares about his body, his grooming routine, and his overall look.

5. your style

It does not matter how much you spend on your clothing, all that matters is if you have a unique style that oozes class and elegance.

things women notice first in a man

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Your ability to match does outfits in the wardrobe together to speak strong fashion tone.

This goes way beyond having a lot of clothing in the closet, it is if you understand the theory and practical aspect of clothing.

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It is about if you understand style and how clothing should fit on your body.

They notice that about you in the first 10 seconds of seeing you.

They can understand if you are a classic man and how much your taste is in fashion.

And most of the time, it is not necessary you go for so cheap clothing materials especially your fashion accessories because they can easily snive out the super cheap material you rock.

I will suggest that have a budget for less expensive things and quality than going for super cheap staples.

6. Your scent

This is a very important aspect about the things women notice first in a man and can decide everything for them.

No matter how well-groomed you are, how well-toned your body is, even being the tallest and coolest dude if your body scent is bad you’re a no-go area.

You don’t have to go for the most expensive cologne out there, you can try simple and powerful cologne like Blue jean.

Cologne for men; Versace blue jeans.things women notice first in a man
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Blue jean is a cologne that has been doing the trick from the onset and its scent if not common, it makes people especially women want to have a conversation with you just to have more of your scent.

The truth is that as a guy that in a competition with another guy to win a lady’s heart; if you wear a good cologne and scent nice, you have a 200 and 75% higher chance of winning her over the other guy.

So find your signatory scent and rock it to the fullest.

But do not bathe in your signatory scent if you do not want to be a big turn-off.

I have seen guys that will almost finish a full bottle of cologne for just an outing and will later achieve the opposite of what they wanted to achieve.

It’s a brainer guy, just a little spritz to your armpit, collar, and body will do.

I will also suggest that you have different types of cologne in your wardrobe so that you will be unpredictable and ooze excellence, luxury, and power every time and every day.

Here is a link to Jumias cologne collection, read people’s feedback on them, check out the specification and make a choice or make some choice.

7. your posture

Women notice this the moment you stopped to talk to them or stop to do something, probably in a queue.

They want to know if you are standing nice and tall, shoulders up, chest out and straight or you are standing slouch and sloppy.

If you ask me what is best, I will tell you to stand straight, chest out, and shoulders up.

I don’t mean arrogantly, just the normal way a confident and classic man will stand.

That alone can make lots of ladies crush on you.

8. The way you walk

It is a brainer guy, the way you walk means a lot.

Do you walk in a confident and not arrogant manner? Or do you drag your feet on the ground when walking?

You have to decide that and make some changes if you want to be regarded as a stylish man.

You have to be agile, carry yourself in an elegant and masculine manner.

No woman will genuinely want a young guy that walks like an old man.

So walk in front of a mirror and see how you look.

If you love the way you walk and feel like you will trip for yourself if you saw yourself walking then you are good to go.

And if not, then you have some work to do.

9. Your voice

There was a time I went to a restaurant to have my lunch and a guy walked in.

Seriously, the guy was a tall, huge, well-groomed, well-toned body, and have an awesome scent.

But when he got in and saw a friend of his, he shouted the guy’s name and almost everybody said hurr.

I was surprised that I am not the only one tripping for this guy’s appearance.

Do you know what makes everyone made that hurr sound?

I am sure you guessed right already.

The guy’s voice is just like that of a lady.

Then I remember that no one is perfect.

It was a big turn-off even to the ladies in the restaurant.

If you have gotten that thick and rough voice, it’s a plus to you and if you sound like a girl, well it is not a plus to you.

If you’ve gotten a ladylike voice, sure you can work on t.

With practice and practice, you will be able to do something about it.

10. How you interact with others

There was a time that I don’t like socializing with people and not talking of interacting with them.

I was so scared then with thoughts of what will I say? How will I start a conversation? And how will I maintain a confident posture when among people? Will others enjoy having a conversation with me?

A lot of questions popping into my head that I couldn’t find an answer to staying at home.

 Although, I have never been shy to face a crowd and I have done that numerous times.

It was just that having a one on one conversation was a no-go area for me.

Not until I decided to step out and see how it is done.

Well, it’s easy peasy as I found out.

Having all the qualities that could land you a gig in James bond new edition and you don’t know how to interact with other people?

Come on man, she’s watching you or they are watching you.

And don’t forget that they love you more when you can confidently strike and maintain a conversation with people.

Especially if you are the type of guy everybody wants to speak with because you are confident, jovial, maintain eye contact, complimentary, and not rude.

They will come crushing on you like never before.

You just have to develop and master that skilled man.

You can start with your siblings at home, with your best friend and even a random person as the case may be.

Conclusion on 10 things women notice first in a man: things they notice in the 10 seconds of meeting you.

As a man, you can consider women as a mirror that looks through you to reflect on yourself and know what you are great at and your area of shortcomings.

They have the answer. Just ask.

When it comes to guiding and pushing you to be the best version of yourself, women are the number one genuine source.

At times it might come with insult and rejection, but who cares? Along as you’re allowed to learn to correct the things you’re doing wrong that seems good in your sight.

To be a classic man goes beyond the listed 10 things women first notice in a man at the first meeting and have much more like your teeth, your foot, and taste in fashion accessories.

But those are the most vital things you should get hold of, and if you can master those, you are on your way to being the most exceptional guy in your caucus.

Over to you

What is your thought on things women notice first in a man at the first meeting?

 What and which area do you disagree with? what other suggestions do you have for me and other readers and why?

Kindly put it in the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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