10 secrets to looking great in a T-shirt for men.

Let’s get to know the 10 secrets to looking great in a T-shirt for men today and see how dapper you will look after learning the hacks.

Almost every guy has it in the closet.

The piece is times less and the most humble piece in a man’s closet.

The better they come from the manufacturing company the better they are for you and me to rock.

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But the most painful aspect is that most men don’t know how to rock this timeless piece of clothing properly.

I have seen men rocking big, baggy, and faded tees on the street.

10 secrets to looking great in a T-shirt for men.

Many people have forgotten that the more simple tees are they are very powerful when it comes to projecting more relaxed casual days.

So why should you and I still wear it the wrong way?

I understand that most people never consider this piece as something that can become an important piece in a wardrobe.

It is considered the easiest fashion piece in every closet.

You want to get something down the street you rock it.

You want to do a quick visit to a friend you rock it.

And most guys never try to get more until the one they have fades away.

Why don’t we pay attention to the tees and let them help us make an unbeatable fashion statement?

Well, today is your lucky day. 

I am glad this blog post found you.

Let us get to see the 10 secrets to looking great in a T-shirt for men.

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10 secrets to looking great in a T-shirt for men

These are the ways to look amazing in T-shirts for you.

1. Know your T- size

I have seen guys rocking oversize tees on the street.

I understand that there are some baggy tees in the market now and it’s something great.

So far there are changes in fashion and that shows that every brand is evolving.

Who does not like to rock something cool and trendy?

But I can also tell when someone is rocking an oversize T-shirt.

Most of the time, ladies love to see guys rocking a T-shirt because it brings out the masculinity of a man.

10 secrets to looking great in a T-shirt for men.

If you’re the built type, I mean if you love hitting your body muscles by pushing and pulling some weights, a T-shirt will help to accentuate your broad shoulders and help you look cool.

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So I will suggest that you go for the right fit that will help to accentuate your body shape.

And try not to go for those that will look like skin-tight workout clothe.

Secrets to looking great in a T-shirt hack 2. Chose the right COLOR

The best thing having your tees in different colors like; white, grey, blue, black, and navy.

Get your tees in different colors and rock them as you like.

Having them in different colors and make won’t let them fade quickly.

Hack 3. Go for the right fabric.

Cotton like Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton are the best you can go for.

Most times the weight of your tee does not always mean quality.

Most times the lighter the better and quality.

So go for pure cotton and you will enjoy your tees.

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Hack 4. Know your body frame.

I try not to make this mistake, so you should try as well not to make the mistake of buying a shirt that’s not meant for your body frame.

It is just like knowing what fits you.

Make sure you go for the best tee for your body frame.

Be it inverted triangle shape, cone, or rectangular shape.

Hack 5. V neck shirt or crew neck

The truth is that v-neck tees look much better on men like Dwayne Johnson because he’s well built.

Because the v cut shows the built chest and make it seem like you’re taller and balance the out a short neck.

But if you’re not Dwayne Johnson, or have a thinner body frame, I will suggest that you go for a crew neck.

10 secrets to looking great in a T-shirt for men.

The tee style won’t expose your neck much and won’t draw attention to your upper torso.

I consider it a good thing if you are the type that does not go to the gym at all.

So I will let you decide the best type of tee for you.

All you have to do is check yourself once again and tell me what type of tee will look good more on you.

Hack 6. Buy an interchangeable piece.

You don’t want to go for something loud and more colorful.


It won’t be to ride along with every other piece in your closet.

Instead, go for a plain piece of the tee, or something with little design so that you will be able to rock it with everything in your wardrobe.

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Besides, rocking flashy and bright-colored tees will make you appear like a kid.

Just go your tees in a plain, little pattern and neutral versatile color.

Secrets to looking great in a T-shirt for men hack 7. Chest pocket tee or not?

If you have it in mind to build a bigger chest, then you should buy tees with a pocket.

But if you don’t have the thought of hitting the gym, then I will suggest you don’t give it a try.

Most of the time, the chest pocket slack and become baggy over time.

At times the tee might still look good but what can you do when the pocket has stretched and baggy?

So think it through before making a choice.

Hack 8. Get your tees tailored.

Really? James, what do you mean by that?

Relax my man, I understand that.

Most of the time, your tees might not come fitting perfectly from the store.

And sometimes the one that fits perfectly might not be quality or your choice.

I have been there before and I know how much disappointing it was.

So you can always get them tailored.

Find a nice tailor that is experienced.

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Give him that tee to work on.

Doing this will even make your tees fit you more than they will fit other men that wear them straight away as they buy them from the store.

Hack 9. Fold your tees.

I’m sure you want to keep your tees fresh and new.

So all you have to do always after washing is to fold them.

By doing that you will save your perfect tees from creases and strange bulges.

Hack 10. Don’t use your tees for gardening.

Gardening is work that requires you to wear old clothing.

If you wear your tees for gardening they can get torn.

You wouldn’t love to bid that tee you bought last week goodbye because of a hole caused on it by a stick.

So never try to do gardening with your tees.

Conclusion on the 10 secrets to looking great in a T-shirt for men.

Following those tips will help you make the right choice of your T-shirts.

Not only help you make a good choice, but it will also help you to rock them well and drive your outfit to a notch.

I am sure you have learned majorly the things you needed to know before making that tee shopping again.

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Don’t also protect your tees by not using them for any kind of work that will damage them.

Following these tips will help you in your T-shirts collection journey.

Over to you.

What are your thoughts on this blog post?

Do you find those tips helpful?

Do you have contributions to make?

Kindly put it in the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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