10 Mistakes that can prevent your hair from growing in Nigeria

Talking of mistakes, we ALL make them. Here are the mistakes that can prevent your hair from growing in Nigeria and every part of the world.

Your hair is the crown of your glory as the Bible says, so why won’t you take care of it?

To be sincere, it is not so easy to keep your hair strong, healthy, intact, natural, and for that reason, we all have been making some silly mistakes that have been preventing our hair from growing strong and staying healthy.

To curb hair damage and loss, you and I seek an alternative that does not seem to work. Even watching tutorials on YouTube and Instagram seems like gibberish to you. Some could have visited a lot of websites searching for solutions to the damages caused to the hair but couldn’t get the long-lasting solution they hope for.

You might have been using different types of hair products and trying different types of solutions and you keep losing hair every now and then.


I will like to make this known to you, there are some things you need to stop doing to your hair if you don’t want to keep losing your hair and causing damage to it.

To be on top of your styling game, and give your hair the care it deserves, I will tell you some things you might have been doing wrong. If you ask, what are the mistakes that can prevent your hair from growing in Nigeria and every part of the world?

Let me tell you.

5 Mistakes that can prevent your hair from growing in Nigeria and every part of the world

1.You wash, wash and wash your hair

You have to wash your hair to keep it fresh and healthy but what happens to your hair when you start overdoing it? You lose essential oils that can help make your hair stay firm and healthy.

Mistakes that can prevent your hair from growing in Nigeria

Some people have made it a routine to wash their hair every day, it is important to wash your natural hair while in the shower but I will suggest that you don’t wash it with shampoo or any type of hair gel or wash.

What you should do is wet and soak your hair in water to remove dust and specks of dirt in it.

2.You brush your hair while it’s wet

Funny but so true, it is a mistake most of us make. Combing or brushing your hair while wet can be regarded as a double damage. The truth is that if you don’t brush your air while is dry and you brush it when wet, you have set the standard for hair damage.

Do you know that your hair is at its weakest point when wet? It can get damaged easily when you comb or brush it at that point in time.

So what should you do?

Quite simple. Before hopping into the shower make sure to untangle every tangle in the hair with your hand, apply a conditioner and comb it with a wide-tooth comb before jumping into the shower.

Doing this often will keep your hair intact and healthy.

3.Don’t pull on thin hair

We all want our hair to look longer and be longer and that is why you advise your hairdresser to pull on your thin hair to make it look longer. Do you know that you have been damaging your hair at your will?

In the quest of making the hair long and last longer, it is fond of hairdressers to tighten the weave by pulling at the front hair and it is not healthy to the hair. It is more damaging if you tend to have thin or sparse hair in the front.

Pulling on thin hair will make your hair break off and cause you to lose hair.

4.Not moisturizing your hair

The day could start stressful already with a lot of things on your morning routine list, and yet you must look all put together. While running to catch up with the daily activity you could forget to moisturize your hair and it is causing more harm to your hair.

When you leave your hair dry out, moisture won’t be able to penetrate the hair and could make them break off.

Mistakes that can prevent your hair from growing in Nigeria

I will suggest that you don’t slack on moisturizer every time you have a wash and more, make sure to wrap your hair at night to hold it in place.

5.Going overboard with conditioners

It is true to say that you should only apply your conditioner at the end of your hair to keep it healthy and intact and if you have fine lines, you should apply your conditioner to your hair root too so as not to break out.

But when you use conditioners too much, you’re doing your hair more harm than the intended good.

So what you should do is to apply a conditioner that prevents dullness and tangles sparingly.

To be on the safer side, use your conditioner to get rid of tangles and dullness, and once or twice a week go for deep conditioning.

6.You are using too much hair product

This is a mistake most of us are guilty of. Making use of different and numerous hair products can be of more harm than intend good to the hair follicles.

It is better to stick to your shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair intact.

7.Blow-drying every day

This is a no-no in the rules of having well-kempt and healthy hair. Why should you blow-dry your hair every day when it will make your hair break out and make your scalps weak?

Blow-drying every day will surely make you lose hair than any other mistake you have been making. I will suggest that you have a hair regimen that works fine in place and stick to it religiously, doing that will make you have days in the week that you will blow-dry your hair and avoid hair loss or damage.

8.Tying your hair tightly

We are all guilty of this, especially when we have those buns on. The funniest aspect is that buns are now the talk of the town and both men and women are rocking it now. The majority of us make the buns so tight that it often leads to unwanted hair breakage.

9.Stress, stress, stress

The world alone is full of stress and not to talk of the activities we indulge in every day just to make a living. stress is inevitable but should be at bay.

Stress can have a negative effect on hair health and can aid hair fall.

You and I should try to rest at least 2 hours during the day as it won’t only help to tackle hair loss, it will also help the overall health.

10.Touching too often

You are guilty of that and so I am, we tend to touch our hair every now and then which is by far one of the mistakes we make and which keeps our hair from growing.

It is better to rock protective styles like crochets, faux locks, spring twists, passion twists, and even wigs.

Mistakes that can prevent your hair from growing in Nigeria

These styles will protect your hair from falling and they can be carried for a long time even a month.

Mistakes that can prevent your hair from growing in Nigeria

Conclusion on 5 mistakes that can prevent your hair from growing in Nigeria

There are more mistakes we make that have been preventing our hair from growing and which will be updated soon. These mistakes can be avoided and with everyday practice, you and I will be able to do without making these mistakes when dealing with our hair.

Over to you

What mistake have you been making? What has been preventing your hair from growing the way you want? What do you have to say regarding this post on mistakes that can prevent your hair from growing in Nigeria?

Kindly put it in the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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