10 best skincare products in Nigeria 2021

Get to know the best skin care products in Nigeria as at 2021.

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The truth is that there are thousands of skin care products that are being produced in Nigeria alone and not to talk of the entire world.

If we are to talk about the whole world, then we will be talking about millions, if not billions of beauty products.

If you want to prove me wrong, type skin care products in Nigeria into the Google search box and see the different types of products and beauty brands that you may know, and some that you might have not heard of before popping up.

 This is what I found when I searched.

Google result for the best skin care products in Nigeria.

You see that the result is overwhelming.

There are different skin care brands in Nigeria that surprise people with different types of organic skincare products every week, and not to mention what the whole world at large will record.

 So, what am I trying to say here?

What I am trying to tell you is that there are a lot of skin pampering products in Nigeria that could get you confused when you think of buying a product especially when you are just starting.

The funniest aspect is that there are some brands you haven’t even heard about before and there are a lot more to be released tomorrow.

You may even want to narrow your choice down to your specific region by looking out for the best skin product in your state or vicinity.

For example, I live in Lagos and I can decide to search the internet for the best organic skin care products in Lagos thinking that I will be directed to few products.

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But the truth is that there are numerous skin care brands in Lagos alone and not to talk of Nigeria.

Here is what I found when I searched it on Google.

Google result for the best skin care products in Lagos.

The result, says about1,220.000. Wow! That’s much.

It can get you lost if you are a total beginner at a beauty products and it can make you make a bad choice of beauty brand when starting out.

And that is why I have made thorough research on skincare brands that will help your skin get blemish-free, radiant, supple, and glowing at all times.

And guess what, I came up with the best skin care products and there has not been any sign that these products will slow down at doing the beauty trick on people.

In this post, you will be able to know the best skin care products in Nigeria that will bring out the radiance of your skin, know the importance of taking care of your skin, know the common problems of the skin.


The skin as its part plays just as every part of the body as their role to play, the skin helps to prevent external attacks, so it is very vital to use skincare products on the skin to make it healthy.

Why should we use skin care products on our skin?

Your skin does a lot of work even more than you can ever imagine. The important aspect is that it serves as the body protector from outside attacks like unpleasant and unfriendly weather; it also helps to regulate the body temperature.

It is straightforward my dear friend. To achieve attractive and flawless skin even in this harsh weather, you must spend some amount of money to take good care of your skin.

I am not talking about taking a bath right now, I know it is mandatory to wash the body every day, but it is most important to use body care products.

The skin faces a lot of difficulties day by day and that is the major reason to care for it by using skin treating products to tackle the problems so that the skin will not get weak and lead to premature aging.Want to stay unique? Subscribe today

Problems of the skin

  • Pimples
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dark spots
  •  Rough skin
  • Hives
  •  Eczema      
  • Acne     
  • Irregular patches    
  • Varicose vein 

 To mention a few.

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Now you get what I am trying to say as it is important to use beauty products on the skin.

So many people do ask that when is the right time to start taking skincare care supplements?

In my opinion, you shouldn’t wait till you are 40 before you start using your skincare supplement. 

You should start using skincare supplements in your twenties so that you will remain radiant, glowing, and beautiful even after 70.

If you are not sure of the supplements you should start taking to bring out the best of your skin, then you should start with Vitamin C 1000mg and plus-skin first to see how they work by making you glow from within.

You can search online and read other people’s reviews to catch a glimpse of how they work.

To give you a comprehensive list of supplements to make the skin glow, I will write apost on the best supplement for glowing skin and get you updated when I post it.

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Here are the skin care products in Nigeria to try out

10 best skincare products in Nigeria 2021
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1.Hibiscus & pink salt facial scrub

A facial scrub that comes with the most essential oil
needed to bring out a dewy and glowing skin in a country like Nigeria, it helps to prevent irritations and is formulated with glycerin, Shea butter, honey, and little to mention.

Click here to buy on Jumia.

I love this product because it is formulated with aloe Vera
and cucumber that serves like SPF against UVR.

It gives naturally glowing skin.

And I will advise that you don’t use this product every day
to avoid unnecessary burnout.

You can use it 3 times a week.

2.Hibiskus naturals butter: Organic skincare brand in Nigeria.

This is a cream that comes with frankincense and vanilla.
You and I should know that frankincense is good to fade off stretch marks.

For those that are battling stretch marks, especially the
ones that come with birth, it will help you to fade out stretch marks in no time.

Click here to buy on Konga.

It is formulated with 98% natural and organic products.

The most interesting aspect of this product is that it
comes with a lightening and exfoliating soap called Papaya soap.

Papaya soap is natural and handmade which is formulated
with kojic acid, licorice, and papaya extracts.

If you want to tone your skin a bit, you should give this
product a try.

Benefits of papaya soap

  • Brighten the skin     
  • Exfoliate the skin        
  • Fight and fade off acne       
  • Give an even skin tone

Papaya soap is rich in Shea butter and other essential
skincare natural ingredients.
It’s a soap that’s worth giving a try.

Click here to buy on Jumia.

3.Hibiscus natural papaya

It’s a face wash with a biochemical extract that fights
against every skin blemish like acne, pimples, and discoloration and even out
an uneven skin tone or redefines completion.

The interesting aspect about this product is that it can
work on every skin tone and formulate with 98% natural ingredients.

4.London glycerin rose water

This product is something I couldn’t help but tell you

It’s a toning and moisturizer that will make your skin glow
like you ever wanted.

It’s just so cool,refreshing, and serves as a
moisturizer to the skin.

Check it out on Jumia.

5.Dante extra virgin olive oil: organic skincare product.

This product can be used to make your skin a little oily
before applying every other essential skincare product.

This oil will help to smoothen out your skin and prep it
for the main deal.

You and I know that olive oil is very rich in organic
natural ingredients.

Check it out on Jumia.

This oil is formulated in Italy and worth a trial.

6.Lavender oil

Shea butter alone is very good for the skin. And most
people do not like using Shea butter because of its natural odors.

So if you are in this category too, thank goodness, there
is an option for you.

Just mix lavender oil with Shea butter and use it to rub
your skin then watch it make your skin glow.

Check it out on Jumia.

You can also try Argan oil if you don’t have access to
lavender oil. However, it’s a combo you should try out.

7.Vitamin c 1000mg: Supplement for glowing skin.

You need it, trust me. It will help to boost the radiance of your skin. 

Vitamin C does a lot to your body system.

It helps to boost the immune system, fight against wrinkles, strengthen the cartilage, heal wounds faster, and serves as the skin health protector. 

You can try puritan, puritan works best for me and you can also opt for nature’s field vitamin c. 

8.Plus skin: supplement for glowing skin.

Have you ever wondered why some people’s skin glow and look flawless? OK, wait, I will tell you why. 

I have seen a lot of people with radiant skin, so radiant and glowing in a way that if someone has told me about it, I would have to say that it’s a lie and I have been wondering how they got so hydrated and glowing till I learned that aside from eating a balanced diet, resting properly, drinking water and exercising often, there is more to it. 

Check it out on Jumia.

And, which is plus skin. If you ever heard the phrase “beauty from within” you will like to give the skincare supplement a shot as it will hydrate your skin and make your skin glow. 

So, my friend, give these supplements a try and see how flawless your skin will look like.

9.Varicose vein gel flattening cream

This vein flattening cream is very silky and absorbs quickly into the skin, it will make the skin feel cool and wonderful.

This skincare product does a lot more than just flattening the vein; it fights against itching and burning. It can give quick relief to pain, especially the one that comes with pregnancy.

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There is something I love about varicose vein flattening cream, is that it will give a radiant, glowing skin (leg) and it will clear all swollen green veins on the skin, especially for fair people).

10.Cream for anti-aging and wrinkles

This cream is a must for you if you want to tackle wrinkles, give it a try my friend. It has a very soft formula, subtle, and a nice fragrance; it works wonderfully at reducing aging effects and gives you glowing and wrinkle-free skin.

My mum is presently using this cream, the first time she bought it and started using it I thought it won’t work as she hyped it.

But when it got to the finish, a friend of my mum came visiting and she noticed that wrinkles on my mum’s face have been cleared.

Click here to buy it on Jumia.

She could not hide her observance, and she asked my mum what she used because she has radiant, wrinkles free skin.

So, trust me on this guys, this cream works wonderfully and as expected.

The final tip on skincare products in Nigeria to try out in 2021

You can as well consider going natural by using natural products to fight common skin

problems like acne, pimples, eczema, dark spots, and discoloration. 

So, what am I talking about? I am talking of African black soap for your bath, and Shea butter as a moisturizer to give you dewy skin. 

There is something I want to call your attention to, which is not to use a harsh body cream or body lotion in the name of trying to have fair skin. 

Some lotions or creams will lighten up your skin and still be gentle on your skin; you can try something like skinwhite papaya as it has SPF in it.

So that means that you may not need a sunscreen product.

You can also try Olay total effect 7 in 1, and Nivea to complement your skincare routine and make them work well. 

Over to you

It is a long post and I am glad you enjoy reading it. Now tell me, what do you have to say about my list of best skin care products in Nigeria? Which of the list have you given a try before and how does it work?

Kindly put it in the comment section and let us rub minds together.

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